Chapter 4 - Suggestion

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Seifer stood outside Squall's room and paced back and forth. He was sure to keep quiet as his thoughts raged through his mind savagely. 'What am I going to do? I can't leave him like this. I've got to see him. Things are never going to be the same. Why do I love him? Invite him for a match.'

He stopped. That was the answer - he would invite Squall for a match. Pulling his gunblade from it's sheath behind him he raised it up before him in a knightly fashion and knocked ever so lightly on the door.

Squall answered it. His face was tired; blazened with a red glow and he had traces of ice cream about his lips. His shirt remained slighlty askew, revealing one rose coloured nipple to the inquisitive blue eyes. Everything in Seifer's body resisted the urge to move forwards and kiss the brown haired boy. And thankfully for Seifer's pride his body did manage to resist - but not completely. Already he felt himself if only a little aroused and he lowered his arms and blade to carefully conceal it.

'What do you want, Seifer? You can't possibly have anything to say to me.'

'How about asking you for a spar?'

Squall growled ever so lightly and then moved back to close the door in Seifer's face, but Seifer stepped forwards and stopped it with his foot.

'Let me finish,' growled the blonde. 'If you win then I'll apologise...and if I win...well I haven' decided yet - but you won't like it...'

'Is that right...well - so long as you apologise in the way I want...'

Seifer nodded eagerly. He hoped he'd win this fight - it could be rather interesting.

* * *

Squall had returned to dress himself, clean up and finally find his abandoned Griever. He was now standing opposite the blonde man, quite confident and once again stoic. But he was distracted.

With every motion the blonde made he let out a small gasp and his reaction times were a little shot up. It took him twice as long to parry or dodge than it normally would. And already he had lost twice.

They were playing best out of five - after Squall had delayed it already once.

Squall parryed again, slow as Seifer flicked his head back sexily, fixed his blue eyes on the chocolate haired boy and then leapt forwards, flicking his sword savagely as the other remained caught in his eyes.

Tripping over the edge of the pit Squall fell to the ground and Seifer moved down after him, pinning him to the ground with the sharp edge of his gunblade curved neatly over his throat.

'Look like I win again, eh?'

'Best out of seven?' Asked the brown eyed youth softly and Seifer shook his head slowly.

'Nope...that's it - you lose...which means that I get to ask you to do anything that I want you to...'

Squall growled. How could this have happened? Seifer was going to ask him to leave...or to not see him or look at him again. But how could that be. The way Seifer had been flirting - playing with his emotions during the last half an hour had been unconvinceable...and the fact that they had to led to his downfall led to only one thing. Seifer must like him - physically.

Squall gulped and then hid his humour of the situation perfectly.

Seifer purred quietly now and Squall picked it up easily. He hadn't been purring a second ago - had he?

Seifer had been ready to say it. He had been ready to command Squall to leave. But feeling the heat of the other under him - how perfectly their bodies fit together. It was all too perfect.

Unnaturally for him and without any kind of forethought he'd began to purr. It was new to him - he'd never purred before but it all came so perfectly naturally that he had allowed it to come. Gasping quietly in his shock then resuming the purr.

Seifer slowly leaned closer, sweeping the blade of the weapon away safely and placing it at his side. His breath lasy close on Squall's cheek and the chocolate one showed his surprise at the other's sudden closeness; felt the beginnings of a blonde haired arousal.

'Are you...?' He asked.

'Yes...Your punishment is...'

Squall watched Seifer as the blonde paused and then ever so briefly he felt the unexplainable touch of lips against his own. Seifer's point of view had definately changed in the last few days...Hell...a week ago he was calling him a faggot and then ran away to ignore him.

Now this?

Now Seifer was completely turned. If that's the right words? Some say people are born with those kind of tendancies...but with Seifer either he hadn't noticed thm - or he had actually been turned by the thought of it...

For all intents and purposes - Squall was a very sexy young man.

'It's what...?' breathed the chocolatey one?

'Kiss me...' returned the blonde and Squall complied.

Seifer was shocked. Squall tasted like chocolate with a hint of banana. Ah...after thinking for a moment he recognised the brand of ice cream - which would explain the beautiful trails of cream which had fell over his desired's lips earlier.

Squall - who was all too pleased to oblige was too drowned in his pleasure to taste anything but Seifer - was more thinking of what would happen next...he was hoping it would be good.