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Hannah and Mike

"I can't believe you're leaving two weeks early for summer!"

Miley Stewart was sitting with her best friend Lilly Truscott as she finished packing her stuff as she prepared to leave tomorrow.

"Hey I had to take my finals early! You think that's cool?" she replied, closing her suitcase.

"No of course not. But you're my best friend and you're leaving me! You know I have several more Hannah things coming up don't you?"

"Yes, but luckily I can go to this last one. When I get back we can go to them together like old times."

Miley sighed. "Yeah but what am I supposed to do? You've always been there with me. What am I supposed to do? I need someone there with me!"

"You managed before I found out you were Hannah. What happened?"

"I guess I just got used to having a friend there to support me."

Lilly picked her suitcase up and carried it downstairs with the rest of the family's. She turned to look into the kitchen and shouted, "Mum! I'm all packed. Will you drive me to Miley's now?" After an affirmative reply, she turned back to Miley, "Well bring someone else then."


Lilly gave her a look then sarcastically replied, "Oh I don't know. Who else knows your secret? If only you had another friend you could take. Maybe… oh I don't know… Oliver?"

Miley shook her head sadly, "Oh Lilly, that's – brilliant!" she stated, a smile etched across her face now. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Yeah and now you two could spend some more time together," she said slyly, following her mum as she went through the front door to her car.

Miley froze, her eyes slightly large, at Lilly's words. Her eyes narrowed now, a suspicious look came to her face as she asked, "And what exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," she replied, smirking clearly this time. "Unless there's a problem. I mean, he is just your best guy friend right?"

"Of course!" she said, getting into the back of the car with Lilly following. "What are you talking about?"

"Exactly! Now you two can spend some quality time together. For weeks… alone…" she said trailing off.

Miley folded her arms and gave Lilly another look. Lilly turned back to her and held her hands up in defeat.

"Alright, alright geez. I was just kidding. Hey! Why don't you go and invite him tonight? A last night out for the three of us until I come back later in the summer," she said excitedly, turning back into her normal bubbly, naturally caffeinated, and sugar-crazed blonde self. "I mean it's been a while for… 'Mike Standley the III'," she said, scoffing at his name.

"That would be fun. I'll call him now," she said, grabbing her cell out of her pocket and speed dialing Oliver.

As Miley and Lilly were in the 'Hannah Closet' tossing around outfits, a slightly annoyed and bemused Oliver sat on Miley's bed, already disguised as 'Mike Standley the III.'

"Are you two anywhere near ready?" he called, ducking as a dress went flying past his head.

"NOO!!!" came two voices from the closet. Miley came out with a dress on, attaching a second earring on as she walked over to look in the mirror. "And we're not any closer then we were ten seconds ago!" She picked up a purse and hit him on the arm with it. Smiling, she stated "You should know us better than that by now, 'Mike'."

"Have I mentioned before what a stupid name that was that you came up with?" called Lilly from the closet, another dress flying by Oliver's head.

Oliver stood up and ducked yet another article of clothing and pulled down his shades.

"Don't be hatin' the sound of my name

When you're really hatin' the game.

You hate my fame

And you say it ain't fair when everyone thinks you're lame

But you know it ain't the same

Since your rhymes are trash

And mine are fricka-fricka-fresh.


Folding his arms across his chest ala 'Mike Standley the III,' Oliver struck a pose but had to duck, narrowly missing a shoe this time.

"Hey that was a heel," he said in shock, looking at Miley for support.

"And I have another one to match! I swear if I hear one more rap I'll chuck these lovely, but pointy heels I'm wearing at you!"

Miley was busy shaking her head in laughter and securing her blonde wig. "Did you rehearse that?" she asked, turning to Oliver.

"Just came to me," he replied, lifting up his shades again. "You guys done yet?"

Lilly came out of the closet, her orange wig already on and looked at herself in the mirror.


'Hannah' checked herself one more time, but frowned slightly. "I don't know, what do you guys think?" she asked, turning herself around for Lilly and Oliver.

"You look so cute!" 'Lola' exclaimed, just as hyper as Lilly.

"I think we need to get going!" Oliver said, rolling his eyes as Lilly and Miley examined herself in the mirror.

Lilly and Miley both turned to look at him. "We would move a lot faster if someone would stop asking every ten seconds! Would it kill you to give an opinion?"

"It might," he said quietly to the floor, but feeling Miley's gaze, looked up. "You look fine!"

"Fine?" she questioned, frowning slightly.

"You look pretty! Gorgeous! Beautiful! Can we go?" Noticing their matching frowns, he rolled his eyes and said, "You always look good… err… Hannah always looks good… I mean… to your fans… you know what I mean…" he said, looking down again. Miley stood looking at him with a slightly bemused, yet pleased look on her face. Looking back up he added quickly, "Can we just go? You're dad is going to yell any– "

"We need to go Bud!" came the voice of Robby Ray from downstairs.

"Coming!" called Oliver as he headed downstairs.

Lilly followed as Miley took one last look in the mirror and smiled shyly, then ran downstairs to her mustached and slightly annoyed father and joined the rest in the limo.