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"Why do we work together?" Kate asked her partner out of the blue as she stared straight ahead out the windsheild of the car.

Nick's face squished up, like it usually does when she said something off track or just blurted things out. "Where did that come from?"

Kate shrugged her shoulders, still not looking at him. "I don't know. It's just something I've been wondering. You didn't want a partner after Julie," She paused, giving it some more thought, "actually, you were hell bent against it. I was just wondering why we worked together after the Gargoil case, that's all."

Nick gripped his steering wheel and shifted in his seat, uncomfortable in this new line of questioning. He never was good at conversations like these, which managed to come up every so often. Showing feelings were not his strong suit.

Sencing she wasn't going to get an answer unless she really pushed the issue, Kate continued. "Ya know, I was just thinking maybe Captain Page didn't give you a choice in it or something." She casually glanced his way.

Feeling her looking at him, he knew he had to answer her. When Kate got something in her head, she rarely stopped the interrogation until she got an answer.

"Captain Page didn't give me a choice."

Kate could tell by the way he was smiling, in addition to him avoiding her, that it was not the true answer. She frowned and turned her gaze out the windsheild again.

A few minutes of Kate pouting silently jouseled Nick into this time bringing up the subject.

With a sigh, Nick again shifted his weight and told her the story of how they came to be partners.

"After the case was closed, Page called me into his office. I kinda knew you were going to become a permenant fixture to the department, but Page wanted to make sure you could handle it. It's not regular police work. He told me he was requesting you be transfered from the city department to us, and asked my opinion on who you would be best paired up with. He named a few of the guys off, they didn't seem to fit. So I told him I'd work with you for awhile, ya know, until you got your bearings with everything."

"So why are we still partners?"

"We're here." Nick put the car in park and got out of his seat faster than usual. Avoiding certain topics was his strong suit.

Nick read through his menu as his stomach growled. Glancing over his menu, he realized Kate had set hers down and was staring intently on him. He laughed and set his down, glancing around for the waitress. "What?"

"Nothing." Kate said innocently. But Nick knew the conversation wasn't over. She was building up her argument. He could practically hear the gears grinding in her head. He waited to be tossed into the boiling pot of water again by her. It was only a matter of time.

Halfway through wolfing down his cheesburger, his shoulders fell as he looked over at her, picking at her chefs salad. "Your pouting." He informed her throught his half chewed burger.

Kate looked up, apparently shocked at his observation. "I am not!" She rebuttled.

Nick smiled ear to ear. He knew her too well to let this one slide. He loved the chance, any chance to remind her how well he could read her. "Yes you are!" He wiped his mouth and swallowed his food before continuing. "Anytime you don't get your way, or anytime you don't hear exactly what you want to hear, you pout, just like a child." He picked up his straw wrapper, crumpled it up into a small ball, and tossed it at her. "A spoiled rotton child!" He waited for her to retaliate.

The blonde picked the paper which had landed in her salad and set it on her napkin beside her. She cocked her head, biting her bottom lip, convincing herself she was not going to stoop to O'Malley's childish antics and begin a food fight in the middle of a crowded resturant. She took a deep breath in when, and she composed herself, she gave him a proud look, adding that she wasn't a spoiled child. Content with herself, she grabbed her spoon and reached across the table, stealing half of the whipped cream topping that was piled on top of his chocolate shake.

Nick lowered his eyebrows at her. "Hey, I was going to eat that. That's the best part." He quickly shoved the other half in his mouth before she could thieve the remainder of it.

"I left you half!" Kate said, defending her actions. "Besides, I don't have any."

"Well you would if you ordered a shake. And you took the bigger half."

"I didn't want one. And it was the smaller half."

"Bigger. If you didn't want one, why did you steal mine?" Nick was loving every minute of it the same way she was.

"I didn't steal it, you shared it. And I didn't want the shake, only one bite of the whip cream."

"Sharing is when you offer someone some. I didn't offer. You just reached over and stole..."

"Well you were going to offer."

"You ASSUMED I was going to offer."

"Well, you should have offered, and that's what matters. And who's the spoiled child now, huh? Won't even share one little bite of your shake with me. Good lord!"

"It was a big bite, and you could have asked."

"Next time, order extra."

Nick resorted to another sigh as he watched her take a drink of her diet pepsi, smiling to herself in her own private victory. She was getting better at bantering, he was in need of more material and faster comebacks next time.

Nick's eyes averted from Jonathan, who was rambling on about something the medical lab came up with, to Carl, who was paying more attention to where people were looking, than anything else. Nick knew better than to know it was anything else. He watched the gnome take small steps backwards, until his back touched Kate's desk. His arm snaked behind him, reaching. Even though his grubby little paws were not in sight, Nick's eyes narrowed, knowing fully well what he was doing. Without saying anything, Nick passed through the crowd of officers and detectives unnoticed. Kate, in her carelessness, had tossed her purse across her desk and forgot about it. By the time Nick reached the gnome, he had his hand inside the maroon velvet handbag, rummaging around for loose change, anything he could grasp.

"Need some help?" Nick whispered, not wanting to attract anyones attention, especially his partners.

Carl jumped at the voice behind him. His hand recoiled from the purse with lightning fast speed, but to a trained detective like O'Malley, there was no hiding the fact that the thief had gotten something and was now holding it behind his back.

"Hand it over." Nick demanded, still keeping his voice low.

"Hand what over, O'Malley?" The gnome smiled sweetly at the detective, knowing an ass beating was just around the corner.

Nick leaned down, level with the gnome's face. "Hand it over or the next time Kate picks up her purse, it's going to be heavier than normal, because I'm going to shove you in it and zip it closed. We all know how you love small confined places." Nick smiled broadly at the gnome.

Carl rolled his eyes and revealed the item stolen, getting only a quick glance at it. It was an envelope, the back closed only by being folded inside, not licked shut. Nick put the envelope in his inside jacket pocket, close to his chest, and picked up Kate's purse. He than grabbed Carl by the hair with both hands. The gnome shrieked, forcing everyone to turn around. O'Malley paused as his audience looked on. ''Just seeing if it's a wig he's wearing." The audience seemed unimpressed and put their attention back to Jonathan. Apparently, in SU2 headquarters, seeing a detective carrying a very feminine purse and hauling around a gnome wasn't anything unusual or eye opening. They simply turned away, leaving the detective to dish out as much punishment as he wanted. His partner, although seeing Carl being picked up, never saw her purse under Nick's arm.

Seven minutes later, Nick joined the group, taking his place by Kate's side, smirking throughout the debriefing. When the officers and detectives were dismissed by a very unhappy sounding Captain, everyone realized what the dark haired man was so proud of.

Tied upside down, from one of the ceiling beams, yet eye level to any human, was a swinging and upside down Carl. Lipstick in a very unflattering-for-Carl shade of red, was smeared over his lips. Blush was caked on his cheeks, making them very rosey indeed. Tammy Faye herself would have been envious of the eyeshadow job O'Malley gave him, and the word "Klepto," was written in black eye liner across his face. Carl struggled against the rope which held his feet as Kate recognized the make-up shades as her own. O'Malley just smiled at his work. Kate's mouth formed an "O" as she hurried to her purse, yanking out her make-up compacts.

"Damn it, Nick!" She scolded. "My lipstick is ruined! Not only does it have Carl's lips on it, it's smushed! You cracked my blush pad, and what is this?" She held up her eyeshadow to show him how he mixed the colors together in his game of gnome make-over.

Nick considered the possiblities. He raised his eyebrows and stated very matter of factly, "Blending?"

Kate rolled her eyes, throwing the make-up back in her purse and this time, locking it up in her bottom drawer. She flounced in her chair and whipped her hair back out of her face, casting Nick one last irritated look. Nick on the other hand was completely unscathed by it all. He gave the gnome a good shove, sending him swinging again, and took his place across from Kate at his own desk. Kate continued to mumble to herself the rest of the day about the cost of make-up and selfish shake drinkers. Nick, amused by it all, paid close attention to what she complained about, not trying to hard to stiffel his chuckles at both his partner, and the ever swinging gnome.

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