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AN: I was trying to write Rufus/Kadaj for my friend sphinxofthenile, however it morphed into Rufus/Sephiroth. Could be seen as shonen-ai if you squint. It works as an explanation of why i always write Rufus as slightly (or totally) evil. Please R R

So fragile. So beautiful. Even in this crippled state, Rufus was impressed by the youth who knelt before him.
"Surely you've noticed?" Of course he had. The eyes were the same ferocious, predatory green, but were touched by an innocence that Sephiroth had never possessed.

The nose was wrong, but the cheekbones brought back memories. Whispered deals. Butterfly kisses. Gentle touches until morning. The cold, callous general had found a side to Rufus he never knew he had, and it had been lost for ever in the silver-haired man's madness.

The eyes... he stared into them, lost. Recalling secret moments that never should have happened, but that he was eternally grateful for. The lips were thicker than he remembered. Fuller, more youthful. But the words they spoke took the same tone that haunted his daydreams.

The memories that surged in his brain swirled, disjointed. That first night. He shook his head, focussing on the situation in hand, the loss of his two best Turks, the uncomfortable pressure of the box on his lap. Not to think of that. He couldn't stop the memories. How old?

Six. Maybe seven. Curled up, playing with his silver blanket. The hair of a teenager who taught him about pain, but never made him suffer it. Two boys, hiding from their fathers' wrath. He had made another stupid suggestion for how to run the company and his friend... his friend just existed, and for his father that was enough of a reason to punish him. He wanted to be like is older friend, but it wasn't allowed. Sephiroth was just an experiment.

In the end they were right. He was mad, cruel. Heartless. Rufus' breath caught in his throat, perfect. So to was this clone, this attempt, who was everything Rufus desired and none of it. The boy brought back memories he hated, and so had to suffer.

Kadaj was trying to make his mother proud.

Rufus tightened his finger on the trigger, aimed at the falling box. Repaying a favour long overdue. It's what Sephiroth would have wanted.
"A good son would have known."