AN: I just wanted to try a hand at sci-fi and decided to take a shot with Naruto. Strange I know but I couldn't help it. Xenosaga and awesome music are to blame. XD. Naruto will be a tad more cynical and mature, Sakura will have a more likeable, tougher personality and Sasuke will be a little more hot tempered but won't have much adjustments done to him. Naruto and peers will be about 15.

Everything takes place in 'canon universe' but in a time that is far into the future. Natural born chakra users are rare and far between and the universe is suffering from civil wars and attacks from the Youkai and the Yuurei.

Vocabulary and Terms list will be at the end notes. Think of the Youkai and the Yuurei as the Tailed demons.


Year 765 GFE (Great Federation Era)

In an era of space travel and the formations of a Federation of star systems, what used to be a government run by lords and Kages of various shinobi villages; technology advanced and people began to enter the space age. After several thousand years of being in space, the shinobi descendants became adapted to space life when they suddenly encountered two races called the Youkai and the Yuurei. According to mythology they have had contact years before but it had been minor enough. However with humanity's continued exploration of space have provoked the interest of the Youkai and the Yuurei.

Even though it was proven that the Youkai and the Yuurei were long standing enemies to humanity; nothing much could be done to them technologically speaking due to the fact that most Youkai and Yuurei were in vaporous or rather 'spiritual' forms. The only difference between them was the fact that the Youkai could materialize into physical space.

In order to better combat the Youkai and the Yuurei, the Five Federations have teamed up to create a weapon that would effectively combat the Youkai and Yuurei.

Year 765 GFE (New Konoha Military Academy: Planet Inari on the Flare System)

"Haruno, Sakura…pass."

"Nara, Shikamaru…pass."

"Uchiha, Sasuke…pass."

A blonde haired boy dressed in the usual dark grey Academy uniform fidgeted in his seat trying his best not to adjust his uniform. It was a standard one for all cadets, consisting of a dark grey standard cadet jacket with a lapel, dark grey pants, black combat boots and a dark red tie, a long standing color of the Konoha Federation. Even though it was the formal uniform, they had no choice but to always wear it. The teachers claimed that it was for practice. The students thought that it was for their sick pleasure.

Uzumaki Naruto wasn't sure of which.

Most of the other cadets in his classroom came from old families with a pretty long history and an equally long reputation. He had neither. The only other person to have shared his first name had been from way back in the 'Golden Era' of Konoha when all Five Nations were still Hoshi-bound and didn't develop any space flight of any sort.

In other words- ancient history.

He had shrugged it off given that at most the name was connected with a novel written by a famous yet lecherous author with the nickname of the Hermit. The man had a standing for being one of the most powerful men known to the world back in the day. It had been rather unfortunate that the man died the way he did. The novel on the other hand became an instant success posthumously.

Naruto himself had to read it in literature class and a few of his classmates had snickered at the fact that his name had been in the text. The main reason had been due to the fact that he was an orphan

"Uzumaki, Naruto…pass."

It wasn't lost on the fact that Mizuki's voice held a faint trace of bitterness and spite towards him.

Naruto didn't mind the tone too much. He was used to the dislike thrown at his way more often than not. Most of the Konoha Federation was aware of his status. Though he was in the military academy and that helped him have some immunity against the wariness and dislike of the others…it was still obvious that they hated him.

The reason behind the dislike lie in fact that twelve years ago an attack by the Youkai and Yuurei fell upon Hoshi. A massive amount of damage was inflicted on Old Konoha, the capital of the Konoha Federation and the capital was completely destroyed. The other surrounding cities weren't touched, but it was more than enough to have the Federation move the capital to New Konoha located on Inari in the Flare system.

Apparently the only way to defeat the general who led the attack was through an archaic and ancient seal, relying once again on the shinobi teachings of thousands of years ago. Nanotechnology couldn't do anything, biological attacks didn't faze the creatures and other technological weapons couldn't do anything.

By having the Youkai general sealed in him, his chakra capacity more than doubled the capacity of a normal human being, or a human on nanotechnology enhancements. If it wasn't bad enough that he was the carrier of a fearsome Youkai general who led the attack on Old Konoha and the Senate didn't see him fitting enough to have any nanites.

"Hey Uzumaki, you gonna sit there all day or what?"

Snapping out of his thoughts he faced the two teachers Mizuki and Iruka before walking up to receive his badge that was in the shape of a stylized leaf. Back in the old days they would receive headbands but badges became more popular when they began to form a federation in space. He looked up to see the brown haired man give him a small smile.

Though he didn't return the smile, Naruto felt relief. It was a bit much that he had recently found out everything about himself and that Iruka genuinely cared for him. In spite of his oddities and why he could do the things he could do, he decided that he wasn't going to make a big fuss on it but to take it in stride.

He stepped back as the rest of the announcements were read.

"Teams will be formed to create a sense of comradeship..." Iruka stated before continuing, "I will list off the teams…"

They had all graduated and were to begin their careers as soldiers for Konoha.

As fate would have it he had managed to stick himself with Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto watched as Iruka and Mizuki left the classroom after the announcements. Since they had all received their badges, all that was left was to wait for their new mentors to show them the ropes. People found it funny that such a technologically advanced era would still train their soldiers to also know how to wield weapons such as kunai and other arts that were attributed with the ancient times of their ancestors. Truth be told, there were certain situations that called for the old ways.

Though technology answered most questions, it couldn't answer everything. So in the times that technology wouldn't work, they had ways to work around it.

As for him…he would have to fully understand what he was capable of given that everything had been put online once he found out about the truth. He was to be a living weapon to effectively combat the Youkai and Yuurei if the situation called for it.

He noted that besides himself, Sakura and Sasuke were the only ones in the classroom after ten minutes.

Time was always the first indication that he knew who their teacher would be.


Sasuke was the last of the Uchiha family that had been wiped out by Uchiha Itachi. How he had managed to systematically wipe out all of them from New Konoha was a mystery in and on itself. Naruto had a feeling that the elusive S Class criminal had used modified nanite implants and remotely detonated them or something of the similar effect.

While Naruto pulled his thoughts away from the Uchiha he was now most definitely sure that their mentor would be Hatake Kakashi. Only one man held such a reputation of tardiness among the higher ups. The only reason why Naruto even knew about it was thanks to Iruka who had cursed enough about the man to have a vague idea who Hatake was. Given his natural calling for curiosity, he looked the man up to find out some interesting information on him.

The man had fought in the Third War and possessed the Sharingan, if that eye-patch was any indication of it. He had grey hair that defied gravity with his lower face covered as if to mask his true self. How the man became a Jounin with his attendance record, Naruto had no clue. Jounin or not, Naruto was far from amused though it had been well worth knowing that the man had a tendency to also flunk all of his students during the freshman weed out.

"When is our good for nothing mentor going to come?!" Sakura demanded as she seated herself on a desk, her arms crossed over her chest. Her bubblegum pink hair swayed and rested against the dark grey of her uniform. It had been a running joke about Harunos and pink hair being a fashion trend until it was proven that it was genetic, as strange as that was. Naruto knew that a fair number of boys had a crush on the fiery but pretty pink haired girl. As a kid he too liked her but soon got over it when her eyes were only set on Sasuke.

What was the point?

"Will you shut up Haruno?"

Naruto refrained from rolling his eyes at the dark haired boy. Uchiha Sasuke was anything but calm and collected. In fact the broody boy was easy to rile up. The walking angst machine was funny to watch. He tried his best to come off as cool and aloof but utterly failed in that aspect. Of course he wasn't going to try it now.

"You don't have to be rude." Haruno retorted.

So the pink haired girl did have teeth and wasn't as love struck as he took her to be.

"Hey dead last, you're not saying anything which means that you know something."

Point one to Sherlock Holmes. Playing dumb had its merits.

"I'm surprised that you even asked." Naruto drawled with boredom dripping from his voice. He may have acted like an utterly lost case, Iruka knew otherwise. His written exams and his papers were more than enough proof of that. His work with computers was outstanding; his flight simulation tests beat those of the Uchiha prodigy's. As to actual combat aspects he made it a point that he wasn't going to put forth much effort in them. More often than not Iruka gave him a retest. Though Sasuke was publicly acknowledged as the prodigy, Naruto preferred biding his time in the shadows.

"Know something? Maybe. Does it matter? No. Even if you asked would I tell you? No. Figure it out on your own for once. We do have the resources to find the answers."

That said, Naruto took a seat at an empty desk and opened his UMPC to scan through the net to keep his mind occupied while waiting. His blue eyes scanned the holo screen in front of him as he purposely ignored the other two. Just for added effect he pulled out his headphones and began to listen to music.

If they were lucky they would be able to leave the Flare system to do some patrols.

The others weren't so thrilled about flying in the Swallow class ships, but Naruto loved the feeling of flight.

He supposed that it had something to do with the Youkai that was sealed away inside of him. They were beings of space after all.

Though it would seem as if he was surfing the net on his UMPC, he was just checking the sensors for the ever elusive Hatake. A small blip appeared and he smirked before logging off and closing his UMPC. Three…two…

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU THREE HOURS LATE?!" Sakura all but screamed at the top of her lungs.

Naruto popped off the wireless headphones, folded it up and stashed them away with his UMPC. From the corner of his eye he could see Sasuke flexing his fingers.

The grey haired man stared at them with a bored expression with his only revealed eye that was blacker than coal. Given the number of pins on the man's badge, Naruto surmised that the man had once been in the ANBU corps. Sure enough there was a colored bar indicating his participation in the Third War. There was a gold stripe on the man's Jounin armband. What it signified, Naruto had no idea but he would research it later.

Though Naruto could see the boredom, he could tell that beneath that false mask was wariness and uncertainty.

"My impression of you guys is…I don't like you."

All hell broke lose became the understatement of the year.

Naruto had more than enough first hand eyewitness accounts of Sakura's temper to know that the man's words weren't the wisest things to come out of his mouth. Hell even Uchiha Sasuke wasn't that suicidal. The dark haired boy knew that Sakura could tolerate his rudeness for so long before she went gung ho on him. If there was someone in their class that was a master of marksmanship it would be Sakura.

She was a natural when it came to using her laser and plasma guns. Hell any kind of gun was her specialty. Give one to her for her birthday and she would love you for it.

As he had expected, the pink haired girl had a gun pointed on up Hatake's chin with murder in her eyes.

"I dare you to say that again, because I'll give you something to not like about."

Yup, definitely popcorn and soda worthy.


It had taken about fifteen minutes to get Sakura away from the Jounin and another ten for the man to explain his conditions. There weren't any introductions and none were needed. The man's intro left a bad enough taste to ensure that much. Though his team was ragtag by best, he could see the potential in it. Sakura had all the book smarts, illusionary techniques down to a pat and a damned good aim with all kinds of guns. Sasuke was a pro with close combat and one hell of a pyrotechnican, oh and his wires were deadly. As for Naruto himself, he would rather consider himself in the grey area given what he had just recently found out.

A chirp shortly after the mentor left alerted Naruto to his UMPC. Fishing it out, he switched it to communications mode. A small projected screen popped up and the face of the Hokage appeared.


"Come by my office. We have a few things to discuss."

"Hai Hokage-sama." Naruto replied as he closed the line and shoved the UMPC back into its pouch before he assessed his surroundings before pumping chakra to his legs and jumped up into the air before making his way toward the Hokage Tower.

New Konoha was like the images of the Old Konoha, with limited traffic and mostly surrounded by lush greenery. It was something of an irony that the capital of the entire Konoha Federation would be minimalist in technology when the rest of the Federation wasn't. As much as he would have loved to hop from hover car to hover car, he didn't give into the indulgence and instead made his way up the sides of buildings made of titanium and glass. His wild blonde hair flew about his face as he raced across the downtown area before pulling up to climb up the side of the building that was closest to the Hokage Tower before launching himself away from the building and toward the Tower.

He twisted in midair and found purchase with his boots as he distributed his chakra to stay on the side of the Tower.

"Damn it Naruto! Stop showing off!"

Naruto looked up to see a window open and the face of a familiar six year old sticking out.

"Hey Konohamaru." The blonde saluted cheekily. "No worries! You'll learn this soon!"

That said he nonchalantly began to walk up the side of the building, passing the six year old boy who promptly gave him the death glare.

When he reached the final floor, Naruto popped the window open and entered the office.

"You know that the ANBU don't exactly appreciate your way of entering the Tower Naruto-kun."

Naruto pushed up his fake non-prescription glasses. "I needed the exercise to blow off some stress. Plus practice is good for something."

"Just use the front door next time."


"I called you for a reason. Though the Senate wasn't too happy with the decision, I approved for you to pilot an ACU of the Revanna Class.

A blonde brow rose as Naruto digested the information. Everyone knew of the ACUs given that they were used for all around combat. They also navigated better on certain planets than others. Ships could only go so far when it came to certain tactics and maneuverability in various battle fields. Especially forested areas. However he was only a genin straight from the Academy. They weren't assigned a unit until they were at least at Chuunin status.

Much less an ACU of the Revanna class. From what he knew there were only about seven in use at the time. Most of them were owned by wealthy corporations for their personal use and as a way of showing off to their competitors that they were above them or on equal standing. Created by Axis Industries, a powerhouse in creating machines of warfare, they were second to none and their headquarters constantly changed to suit their whims. However, as far as he knew there could be more out there.

"It would be yours to own and to use as long as it is for Konoha's interest."

"Understood but if I may ask, why would you trust such a powerful machine to me when I'm merely a genin? I understand that my circumstances are rather unusual, yet that doesn't warrant special treatment."

The older man's eyes bore into Naruto's ice blue ones and the boy could see the weariness in the Hokage's eyes.

"I understand that but it's the least I can do in the plight of your situation. See it as a gift from your parents and myself. As to the other matters regarding the unit…since you're situation is rather unique in and on itself, you will have an arsenal personally fit to your unique circumstance."

He couldn't help but smile at that. Sure it sucked having a whole entire system dislike you for having the enemy contained in you but the upside lie in the fact that he was immune to most of the Senate's whims given that the Hokage liked him enough to get the idiots off his back for the most part.

"These weapons will primarily be used in conjunction with the Ashram Wave."

"Ashram Wave?"

"It's a special frequency that can force the Youkai and Yuurei into physical form. The wave is at such a high frequency that our systems aren't affected by it. In the past we had no idea of what the Youkai and the Yuurei were but now, we have some sort of clue."

Naruto frowned before he asked his question. "If it forces the Youkai and the Yuurei to manifest…then won't the Youkai sealed in me also manifest?"

"No. The seal that was placed on you protects you from the Youkai's effects." Sarutobi said as he opened a drawer from his desk and pulled out a microdrive card that he slid across the surface of the desk to Naruto who picked it up. It was a tiny object in and of itself but could store so much data that it was best not to exactly think about it. "There are instructions on how to properly access the commands lines for activating the Ashram Wave and how to properly use your equipment. Your weapons and tools are with your mechanic for your RCACU."

The microdrive card was a one time use kind and Naruto had mind enough to memorize the information before it expired. He slipped it into his UMPC before storing it away.

"I'm sure you know where the hangars are. Your mechanic will meet you at the entrance before taking you to your unit."

"Yes Hokage-sama."

With that said he saluted to the older man and made a point to leave through the front door. He walked through the near empty hall to the elevators where he pushed the button for the bottom floor and felt a slight lurch as the platform beneath his feet began to descend. As he passed levels he could see people working through the glass doors that flashed by him. The lift came to a smooth halt as the glass doors opened and he exited.

"You're a real pain you know?"

He didn't turn around to know that it was the Hokage's grandson.

"Yeah I've been told that a lot. Work hard kiddo, I may just teach you a few tricks."

Naruto left the building and a fuming six year old boy who was wearing the Academy uniform. Speaking of uniforms…he would wear the official Konoha uniform starting tomorrow. Waving down a cab, he entered the hover car and gave the driver his destination as he leaned back against the synthetic leather seats. Leaning his head against the glass he watched buildings and other hover craft pass by. It was a well kept city but Naruto didn't feel any connection to it. It didn't matter that he lived here his whole entire life; he just couldn't feel any connection with it whatsoever.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that there wasn't anyone to anchor him with this place besides the Hokage and Iruka.

He stepped out of the cab when the familiar form of the military hangars appeared before him. Already there was a military hover craft waiting for him at the gates with a brown haired man with fairly tanned skin, wearing a mechanic's uniform behind the wheel. His black beret was lopsided on his head reminiscent of a stereotypical artist of the past. Naruto paid the cab driver who swiped his card before handing it back to him. Gingerly Narto took the card and put it back into his wallet. Sure having the card and the wallet was outdated but he preferred it over scanning. Information was always easily stolen and with a card at least it destroyed itself if it ever was in the hands of someone besides the owner for more than five minutes.

Even then they would have to go through the password encryption.

Besides the card system was still more widely used and more stable than the DNA scans since samples could easily be stolen and applied.

The gates to the hangars opened as Naruto stepped through.

"Are you Uzumaki Naruto?" The mechanic asked as Naruto eyed him for a moment before pushing up his false glasses.

The man's face seemed generally friendly and open but looks were deceiving.

"Yes." Naruto answered.

"Nice to meet you. Hop on in. I'm Hitoshi, the mechanic for your RC."

Once Naruto climbed onboard the craft, he was about to seat himself behind the man, when Hitoshi motioned him to sit in shot gun. After a moment of debating, he finally complied. As he slid the seat belt across his chest he kept his focus on what was ahead of him as Hitoshi turned the vehicle around to head back to the hangars.

"You know you're pretty solemn for an Academy kid."

"So I've been told a few times." Naruto replied with a touch of amusement in his voice.

"Oh that's good, you can joke. I was worried there that you were a complete stiff no offense."

"None taken."

The ACU hangars were enormous and spanned for what seemed like forever. There were also smaller space craft around the ACU hangars for the transport of pilots that flew in on the occasion. Naruto had seen holos of the place and knew where to go to find it but never stepped foot in it. Sasuke on the other hand had the privilege since he was the last Uchiha and not to mention owned a few ACUs since they were his relatives'.

However he was mildly surprised that the ACUs weren't from Axis Industries.

"Those aren't Axis Industries ACUs." Naruto said when they passed through the hangars. He knew because the designs were vastly different than the slightly more bulky and more human-like machines by Axis Industries.

"Nope. The ones at the Academy that they train you in are Axis made but most of Konoha Federation's ACUs are home made. We produce our own because it's cheaper that way not to mention gives us room to be more creative. The Uchiha Sector on the other hand is Axis made but Konoha customized a few things on their units."

The Uchiha ACUs weren't hard to miss given that they had the clan crest painted on them and relatively looked alike.

Naruto knew that there had been a lot of ACUs but not this sheer amount. Everywhere he looked were rows of ACUs and mechanics working on them. A few of them had pilots in them with their mechanics reading off details and whatnot. A few wore white lab coats meaning that they were the engineers.

"Then the RC isn't Axis. How in the world were able to create an RC level machine. I thought Axis had a fierce monopoly over the blueprints."

Hitoshi flashed Naruto a cheeky grin. "Smart deduction. It would so happen that Axis did not come up with the blue prints for the RC. Two siblings did in fact and one of them works for us while the other for Axis. However the sibling that works for us is more into creativity and customization to suit the pilot's needs which is why all of our units are unique with the exception of the Uchiha ones. You'll get to meet the creator soon."

Finally they arrived to what seemed to be empty space in the hangar. Both males dismounted from the hovercraft and Naruto followed Hitoshi to the wall of the hangar only to find out that it wasn't a wall but a door to a platform that went down. Stepping in with the man, Naruto felt the platform lurch as they descended.

"The RC units are rather unique and so far we have been able to only create one using the unique components that we have." Hitoshi said once they reached the lowest level.

The doors hissed open as Naruto stepped into near darkness.

"Ah so here's our pilot."

All of a sudden lights flashed on and Naruto covered his eyes momentarily before they adjusted to the brightness.

Standing before him was a woman with bright red hair. Her face was rather distinct with high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes that were hazel in color. She wore jeans and a nondescript green tee with a white lab coat over the whole ensemble, her hair was up in a messy bun. It was a rather down to earth attitude that she carried herself with.

He noticed the large black RC in front of him in its sleek glory. It looked nothing like the other ACU's or RC's that he had ever seen. Whereas they seemed more humanoid, his seemed rather abstract in design. However his eyes soon drifted from the unit when he caught the woman circling him around clucking.

"Kid's pretty developed for his age."

Naruto fought the urge to blush at her words.

"You didn't seem THAT tall when I saw the photos." She continued.

Naruto glanced over at Hitoshi who gave him a nervous smile. Whoever this woman was, she gave Hitoshi enough willies for him to keep his distance.

"I can't help it." Naruto defended as she continued her circling.

"Oh I know there but still, you're only 15 and you're already this tall…it's rather unusual. In case you haven't noticed most of your peers aren't even at your height. I presume that it has to do with your guest there." She said as she tapped his abdominal area. "Cause nanites don't make people grow taller and last I checked you don't have any. Be a tad stronger and heal faster yes, but taller? No. Genetics wise sure you're supposed to be tall but not that tall. "

It was constantly at the butt end of every conversation. He knew that he was unnaturally tall but he didn't want to face that fact. He knew that boys started puberty later than girls. His male classmates were 5'7 at best now and he was already hitting six feet. Kakashi was only two inches taller than him and Kakashi was taller than the average person, at 6'2. Sasuke was 5'8 so it was rather amusing to see the black haired boy stand shorter than him.

"I blame the milk. Can we move on?"

The woman stopped circling before attacking Him. Before he knew it she was on top of him and he couldn't move. His eyes widened when he realized that he couldn't move.

"You're rather impatient aren't you? Name's Kanna by the way. Now let's see."

Naruto swallowed when she gave him an evil smile before she began to undo his uniform jacket.

"What are you doing?!" He yelped as her hands began to undo his tie and his white button down shirt.

"Stop being so childish Naruto-kun." Kanna said as she poked his abs with a stylus. "It's interesting that your seal is visible. I thought that it wasn't supposed to be seen in the naked eye."

Naruto looked down to his abs to see that the woman was right. He saw a pitch black spiral with spikes coming from it. For as long as he could remember, that mark had been on him and he never knew where it had come from. "It's always been there." He wheezed.

"There's more…" She muttered as she poked his arm.

Yes, he knew, so what. It wasn't her business to know of such things. He yanked his arm away from her as he focused his chakra to dispel whatever jutsu she used on him and snatch his clothes before donning them once again.

"I hardly think that you're here to disrobe and assault me." Naruto said rather gruffly as he straightened his glasses that had been knocked askew when Kanna assaulted him.

"I forgot to tell you that she likes young boys." Hitoshi commented nervously.

Naruto bit back the urge to groan in half frustration and disgust. "Now that we're done, can we get to the core of the issue?" He asked as he gestured to the large machine before him. Somehow something about it was off and rather disturbing a certain aspect. He couldn't help but have the feeling that there was some sentience in the large behemoth. Naruto refrained from shuddering at the suddenly malicious looking RC.

Kanna saw his glance at the RC and smirked at him. "I was one of the few scientists who created the RC over there and now I'm your assigned doctor and the RC's fine tuner. As you've noticed the RC is rather different from what you've seen and heard of and you're right about that. In fact it would be better to give it its own category and class than with the other RC units. For one thing the main computer of the unit is vastly different than what the RCs and the regular ACUs use." Here she pulled out a smoke stick, a cigarette in essence save for the fact that it was completely safe to smoke with artificial tobacco flavoring.

She blew out a cloud of smoke before continuing. "The major difference lies in the fact that we're using Yuurei technology to act as the central core of the system."

"That's bleeding crazy. You expect me to pilot in a machine that uses Yuurei technology?"

"Who better to pilot one than one who has a Youkai sealed in them?"

Who indeed.

Naruto glanced back at the large black giant that stood before him in silence.



Youkai: Lower beings in comparison to Yuurei. They can only stay vaporous for a limited time and can only take form of animals. With the creation of the Ashram Wave, they have no choice but to manifest. More details in Chapter Four to clear up confusion

Yuurei: Higher beings that rank about the Youkai. They can stay in 'vaporous' forms for as long as they wish and prefer human forms. Yuurei are susceptible to the Ashram Wave. More details in Chapter Four to clear up confusion

UMPC: Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

ACU: All-Around Combat Unit

RCACU: Revanna Class All-Around Combat Unit

Nanite(s): Nano machines that help enhance a normal human being, such as speeding up healing and helping in the understanding of a vast majority of languages. Naruto doesn't have any due to the Senate's ruling. Normally all children are given nanites at the age of three.

Ashram Wave: A special wave frequency that can force Youkai and Yuurei alike into their manifested forms and thus susceptible to physical attack. Not much is known about the creator who invented it however it has been field tested to a certain degree and has proven to work.

Old Konoha: Nothing more than ruins and the previous capital of the Konoha Federation. It is a popular tourist attraction and a field trip spot for people of all ages.

New Konoha: The capital of Konoha Federation, located on Inari in the Flare System. It's clean and free of normal city clutter.

Houshi: The motherland of all shinobi.

Dei Domine: God Dominates- A Yuurei relic that is used as a central power unit and core for Naruto's RCACU.

Axis Inc: A conglomerate who dabbles in everything as long as it will make profit. However they are well known for creating war ships, ACUs, and RCACUs.

Nanite Clone: A humanoid that is more a cyborg than a human. Normally used as cannon fodder in the front lines of battle, they have limited emotions in comparison to normal humans. Due to controversy in the past; production for Nanite Clones have stopped and all remaining models serve as lower class citizens, though in the Konoha Federation, they are given equal status as anyone else.

New Konoha Military Academy: Produces some of the best soldiers for the Federation. Only 10 of those in the Academy can naturally tap and use chakra. The rest rely on their nanites to create and form attacks that are similar to jutsus but not as effective. Younger cadets wear white while the senior ones wear dark grey.

Microdrive: An extremely small hard drive that can store a lot of data. Though UMPCs have a lot of storage, Microdrives are good for handling documentary and books that otherwise could clutter up on the UMPC hard drive.

Oracle: Is a series of supercomputers that run a large number of functions for Konoha Federation. There are four others and altogether they make up the Five Sisters network that spans the greater five nations. Her AI is highly complex and gives her limited sentience. Ophelia is but one of her many counterparts.