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The sound of music made the blond boy jump out of bed. It wasn't just normal music, it was ear busting rock. And it was 9.00 am. Way too early for the teen. He got up and shuffled his already bed headed hair. His mother didn't approve much of his taste for style and bickered about it. Her brother had a similar hair style, that's why she she didn't like it. Every time when she had another rant about it, he would go to his room, smiling to himself. Siblings. Too bad he didn't have any. He would have loved to have a younger sister. Though his only aunt was a sort of sister to him. She was younger but only by a few months. The boy stumbled sleepily over to his uncle's room, the exact place where the music was coming from. He was already deaf so he opened the door without ear protection. Inside, his not so old uncle was dancing around, playing air guitar and mainly looking stupid. He noticed his nephew and turned the volume down a bit.

"Hey Rox, watcha doing up so early?" the dirty blond asked asked oblivious.

"You woke me. I thought mum said she'd throw you out when you turn the music up so loud." Roxas answered. He yawned. "She's not here then?"

"Nope. Look, I'm sorry but, c'mon, you know me! Can't live without music!" the man with half a mullet, half a Mohawk, said. Roxas could only smile at him.

"Got anything to eat, Demyx? Cause I'm starving." he yawned again, changing the subject. He never bothered calling his uncle 'Uncle Demyx', it would just sound wrong and Demyx agreed, the punk that he was. Same was for his other uncle from his mother's side, Cloud. That's the uncle whom he got the hair from. But they barely saw each other. Roxas' mum and Cloud were twins, to be exact, but he rather lived in Radiant Garden while she took their father's home in Twilight Town. But Roxas would live there in two years, after he graduates. There was no high school in Radiant Garden, only a college. But the thing Roxas absolutely can not await is that he was gonna live with his father. Roxas had occasionally seen his dad, even stayed with him for a week, but he never really knew his father. He had asked his mother a few times but she always snapped at him or told him his father was an ass from hell. Same went for his dad. So all Roxas knew was that they had hated each other since life was created. Which Roxas puzzled so much, in frustration he sought aid from his best friends Riku and Sora a few years back.

"All I know is that they hate each other. And always have been hating each other." thirteen year old Roxas said at lunch time. Sora asked first.

"They couldn't always have hated each other, right? I mean, you're their son!"

"Well there could be only two ways Roxas is here." Riku said meaningful. Roxas and Sora looked at him in curiosity.

"Either Roxas' mum was raped by his dad, or both were really drunk when they 'created' him." Riku explained. Both Sora and Riku looked at him disgusted, so Riku continued.

"Either way, Roxas was definitely a mistake." All Roxas did that day was stare into empty space with an expressionless face.

Snapping back to reality, he followed Demyx downstairs. He sat down at the kitchen table, closed his eyes sleepily and waited for Demyx to put food in front of Roxas. Five minutes passed, the blond opened his eyes to see still no food. He looked at his uncle who was enjoying a large pile of pancakes.

"Mhat?" Demyx asked with a full mouth the starring teen. Roxas blinked and tilted his head to the left, looking like a dog trying to understand his master. Demyx went back to his food.

"If you wanna eat something, get it yourself. Gee, Rox, I'm not your servant." he said before taking another bite. Roxas put his chin and hands on the table and pouted like a puppy. Demyx eyed him evilly, then got up and placed some cereal, milk and a bowl in front of his nephew. He immediately dug into his food, literally. Demyx observed Roxas odd looking.

"Roxas, use a spoon! And stop acting like a dog!" he yelled at the teen. Roxas looked up, his face dripping with milky cornflakes. He grinned at Demyx then got up to look for a towel. After he wiped his face he went back and ate his cereal properly. Demyx was already finished and took care of the dishes. He turned again to see the blond boy sitting there, innocently.

"Rox, Larxene said she won't be home till about 4 pm but I gotta go somewhere before she returns. I'll drop you off at Riku's, you good with that?" the mullet hawk said. Roxas looked up from his breakfast.

"Why can't I just stay home, like last time?" he asked pleading.

"Cause last time you nearly burned down the house, drowned the neighbor's dog and your 'friends' crashed through the front door with a stolen motor bike." Demyx answered calm but menacing. He had to pay for the damage done by Roxas because he was meant to look over him. And the dirty blond had already been short on money. Ever since he never let the 'devil's son' out of his eyes. Roxas began pouting again but Demyx cut him off.

"Be ready in 30 minutes. And wash your hair, you got cornflakes sticking out of it." the boy obeyed without comment. Demyx sighed deeply when he was alone in the kitchen. He always wondered how Larxene could have raised Roxas if he wouldn't have been here. First it felt a bit weird looking out for him but he got used to it over the years. He almost felt like a substitute father for the kid. That thought made him wonder where Axel was. The man was never found, always traveling. He did have a house in Radiant Gardens but he left that place and traveled around. And the few times he was around to see his son, Larxene would kick him right back where he came from. Demyx had always wondered how the two of them got a child for he never remembered them ever liking each other. The dirty blond was always wondering about a lot of things. As he thought more and eventually became lost in thought, Roxas came back into the kitchen, wearing a black hoodie with red stripes and dark blue jeans. His hair was wet and hanging flat down, a rare sight for it was usually gravity defying. He looked reasonably good. They got into the car and Demyx started a conversation to break the silence.

"Soooo, Roxas, how's this girlfriend of your's? What's her name again, was it Nemina?"

Roxas started blushing a bit when Demyx said "his girlfriend".

"She's not my girlfriend! I barely know her. And it's Namine."

"But you like her, don't you?" Demyx said smirking.

"No but she's kinda hot, you know." came the answer from outside. Demyx noticed his relative hanging his head out the window and pulled him in by his hood.

"Roxas don't do that! If you wanna blow dry your hair, use your mother's blow dryer, not my window!"

The teen sighed. His hair was again in his 'normal' hair style. The window trick always worked for Roxas. Demyx parked in front of Riku's house. Roxas got out of the car but leaned on the frame to talk with his uncle a last time before parting.

"Hey, can you tell mum that I'm staying here tonight?" the fifth teen year old said.

"No, Larxene's gonna pick you up later, you know how she is ever since you got kidnapped." Demyx sighed.

"I didn't got kidnapped! How many times do I have to tell you two? I willingly went with dad!" Roxas replied annoyed. "Just because she doesn't like him, doesn't mean I have to hate him too!" he yelled then stormed off towards Riku's house. Demyx shouted after him.

"She'll be her at around eight!" then he drove off.

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