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italics are still flashbacks

Once again, the nonchalant shout of his name ripped the blond out of thought. He turned around to see his uncle running towards him.

"Roxas! There you are! We've been worried, Larxene put half the town in danger!" he panted, leaning on his knees. Roxas looked up at him innocently.

"There's more than just that, isn't it?" Demyx nodded.

"C'mon, let's get you home and I'll tell you."

"No, tell me now." Roxas refused stubbornly. Demyx sighed, exhausted of these games.

"Fine, be like that. I was gonna tell ya slow and gentle, but you changed my mind. Marlurxia filed a restraining order against Axel." Demyx snapped at him, coming close to the kind of tone Larxene always had. Roxas was a little stunned for a moment, just glaring at Demyx, then he found his voice back.


"Do I have to spell it out for you?!" Demyx snapped again. Yes, even he can get pissed. Often the cause seemed to be Roxas.

"Why would he do that?"

"How should I know?! Now let's get back." But Roxas didn't move.

"Roxas! C'mon!" Demyx yelled at him. Roxas came back from dream world and followed his uncle to the car and finally home. When they arrived there, Demyx called Larxene off the hunt while Roxas got himself something to eat.

"So." Demyx said while slumping onto the chair opposite of Roxas. "So."

Roxas looked up. "And?"

"Alright, let's be clear about this: you're in deep shit this time, Roxas."

The younger blond sighed. "Ain't I always?" Demyx chuckled slightly.

"So true."

There was a silence between them. Demyx, being himself, tried to end it.

"So, Roxas... you got anything going on? Any trouble? Any new crushes?" Roxas choked.

"You're invading my privacy a little there, uncle." he said. Demyx pouted.

"I'm just being nice to you! Who else always listens to your moaning and loathing about your oh-so terrible life?" Demyx challenged a glare. Roxas accepted all to willingly. After a while, Roxas got bored. Demyx grinned victoriously.

"Fine! I'll tell you, if-"

"Oh no, beware the big, fat IF!" Demyx mocked, earning another death glare Roxas obviously inherited from his mother.

"-you help me."

"Well, you seem a little desperate. Don't tell me it's that girlfriend of your's again." Demyx teased. Roxas bit his lip.

"It is? Man, I'm psychic." Demyx raised an eyebrow. Roxas pulled out Namine's notebook and showed Demyx a certain page. The mullet hawk observed it carefully, then handed it back, grinning at Roxas wildly.

"I see. Well, it seems all clear to me. It's your turn, make a move, Rox."

Roxas blushed.


Larxene arrived at home. She leaned onto the steering wheel, exhausted of all the stress as of late. Adding to that, the dreams, memories that came flushing back. She hated reliving the past.

"Students, we have a new one among us from now on. Please make him feel more welcome than the last."

The blond looked up form her notebook, bored. Well, one could hope this one would be more attractive than others... She scanned the front where the teacher was standing, her pen that hung lazily between her lips, fell to the floor.

If she had to use one word to describe him, it would be fire.

The boy looked aflame with his bright red hair that was spiked backwards, truly giving the impression of him being on fire. His attire consisted of a rough black jacket, black shirt and some ripped jeans, not to mention the black dust and burned spots splattered all over the outfit. He was quite tall, and as far as she could see he had two upside down purple teardrops under his emerald blazing eyes, she didn't know if it was only make-up or actual tattoos, but hoped for the latter. That guy was a rebel. A hot rebel.

"Next to Larxene is a free spot, sit over there." The teacher gestured him next to the stunned blond. The class 'ooh'ed. No one who wanted to live sat next to her. Not having a clue what's going on, the red haired smirked and sat down, immediately swinging back on his chair and putting his feet up on the table. The teacher didn't notice, he was back at reading the most boring book to the class, intending to teach them about history. Larxene looked back to her notebook, thinking madly about what to do.

Of course she could just go and beat him up, like every other guy that came into a two meter range, but this time she didn't necessarily fancied that. Not with him anyway. No, he seemed special, he's gonna get the special menu. While she was doodling in her book again, lost in plans, the red head next to her etched over a little. He tried catching her attention, but she ignored him.

Finally, after he started poking her arm with his pen, she looked at him again, not feeling very comfortable about it.

"What?" she hissed. He shrugged and gave her another fox grin.

"What's your name?" he said, still smirking at her.

"Larxene." she snapped and turned back to her book. She didn't like his presence much for unknown reasons.

"Axel. A-X-E-L, got it memorized?" he touched his right temple with his index finger while saying that. The girl looked at him annoyed.

"Spelling Bee geek, huh? Haven't had that before." she dismissed his comment. The red haired frowned, yet keeping his smirk intact.

"Ow, that hurt. Now, aren't you gonna make it up to me?" The way he sat, his overconfident posture, the seductive act, it was slowly getting to her. Innerly, Larxene was fighting with herself. She didn't need no man to tell her what to do, she didn't need no one to move on her. And this guy would not change that.

"Let me think about it. No." She turned away again, not bothering to reply to him anymore.

This was a challenge. Axel was hard to resist.

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