Title: Let it Rain

Author: Helena

Characters: Lex/Lana, Jimmy, Clark, Chloe, Lois, Grant

Disclaimer: I own nothing but te idea for this story

Spoilers: Before Gemini, but some stuff might have been skipped.

A/N: This is the second fic I 'm writing. I'm a beta of myself, and since English ain't my mother language, I hope you' ll show understanding in any errors you find.The fic was originally written for the Holidays Fanfiction Challenge in the Lexana forum of DTS, Christmas 2007. Feedback is always welcomed.


Soft , flaky, crystalline...the snow was drifting down so delicately you could barely hear it, as the old Ford turned around the street's corner and smoothly made its way down the wide road , through naked trees dressed in white and expensive residences dressed in vanity. Lana's eyes were aimlessly wavering before the winter scenery that was quietly unfolding outside the cold glass.Her stare was almost blank, as if the whole capacity of her essence was occupied by her running thoughts, leaving no soul for her eyes to reflect. There was something unplaced about this snow. Everyone thought it was white, almost alabaster, but this was just the weather's facade. If someone watched closely, they would realize, much to their surprise , that Metropolis' snow had this grey shade in reality, a shade that not everyone could notice or understand, unless their souls had been once touched by this city's murk...and survived. Metropolis snow was almost as impure as its citizens. Lana's porcelain face seemed like cracking as she lightly frowned at that revealing thought. Besides, she never really liked snow. Why all stood amazed before the falling of the first flake, was still a mystery to her.What was that obvious detail about it that everyone admired and she was always , miserably missing? Could it be because , for her, those white snowy days were bringing back to her memory a little girl, sitting alone in front of her bedroom window, quietly staring with those wide, hungry eyes the world outside?...A world full of affectionate parents playing around with their children...full of genuine motherly smiles, warm hugs and children's laughter around the snowman...full of happy families insatiably enjoying the white Christmas before going home to gather around the festive dinner table...A world that was not her own. No,she hated snow. She preferred the rain.In rainy days, the world would discard its immaculate mask and reveal, in all their glory, its true colors; all shades of grey ...down to its core. Parents would hastily grab their children and lead them away from the rain, into their cages' safeness. There would be no laughter, no careless games, no soul out in the streets masking its misery with joy. The few passers by that would be caught off guard, would rush to hide their cheerless faces beneath their colorful umbrellas, letting them instead reflect all those hollow emotions that once lied in their now exposed souls. But for the lonely girl of the past, the grown up woman of the present, the rain would be an ally, for she could feel what this buzzing mob around her kept failing to even suspect. The damp soil would playfully tease her nostrils with that unmatchable, familiar freshness, the teardrops of sky would make the whole nature surrounding her, glisten in a way that people had never time to stand and appreciate, and then, surprisingly, it wouldn't hurt that much to stare life behind a window. Cause for once , the happiness around would match her own. And the only ones standing in the rain, letting it christening every inch of their skin, would be the fool, the madman and the honest. Yes, Lana Lang loved the rain.

The speedometer slowly dropped down to zero as the old Ford entered the parking area of a festively lightened, multi-leveled house that imposingly stood at the end of the street, successfully closing this parade of wealthy, suburban residences.The pause of the engine dragged Lana back to the cold, snowy reality of Metropolis. In particular, the "on velvet" side of that reality. Feeling a sudden shift on her left , she sighed as Clark leaned over her smaller frame to inspect the rather expensive residence from her window.

"Uhm...Chloe, hasn't Grant been hired in Daily Planet like...3 months ago or something?" he said as his green orbs questionably took in every detail of the house's exterior.

Lana followed his dashing gaze , faintly shaking her head as her own eyes settled on the wonder in question. But, unlikely Clark, the thoughts that filled her mind weren't favoring any conspiracy theory. They were merely twirling around her own presence right then and there.When she had returned from her short stay in China, feeling her tail between her legs, she had hoped to find home once again where she used to treasure it. She dreaded the potential change in everything, the fear of Clark denying her, the possibility of her friends having moved on with their lives, forgetting to invite her for the ride...However, home was found where it had always been, with every dear person of her life longing for her at its imaginary threshold.To her blissful relief, she was allowed to believe for a while that actually nothing and no one had ever changed, that she could pick up her life from where she had forgotten it...until the veil of denial was abruptly lifted from her eyes and she found herself looking through the mirror at the real stranger. And what had haunted her was the wonder if, ever since she realized that her old self had been tombed forever in her long lost past, she had found herself living a nightmare, or, most likely a dream again. The forbidden dream she had hesitantly tasted among the ebony walls of a certain mansion.

Now, after all this newfound drama that had shadowed the whole fall, admitting that her relationship with Clark was close to reach the bottom of the pit for the umpteenth time during their short lives, would be an understatement. She could see the doubt and disappointment in his eyes, and he could sense the disdain in hers, she knew it. The key to their happiness had been once again stolen from them. Lana glanced back at Clark's smooth facial features. At least he seemed willing to try and find it back. Sensing her attention focused on him due to their closeness as he was leaning over, he slightly tilted his head and , through darks eye-lashes, locked his eyes with hers.An uncertain smile started forming on his face which she rewarded with a ghost of what her own beaming smile had once been. That was what their smiles had alienated to nowadays...a crack on their face.

"Isn't kinda the wrong time to start being suspicious, Clark?" Chloe chuckled from the back seat before exiting the car. Lana reached for the doorknob herself and without any more words, she stepped out of the car and into the cold, covered in snow, front yard.

The winter evening breeze, smacked gently her face , which would have been a refreshing stand-alone moment for her weary mind, if the snowflakes hadn't rushed to escort it. She clang on her coat tightly when a sudden thud and giggles made her turn around.


"Yeah yeah, very funny Chloe."

Lana stared at her friends as a smiley Clark was wiping his face off the snow with Chloe laughing heartily a few meters away from him, her black gloves full of white evidence of her guilt.If there was a moment in her life she had felt miles away from them, then that was it. At some unnoticed point, during the last days, the constant thoughts of where her relationship with Clark was heading for, had been transmuted into cynic doubts on the future of their common life. Doubts that had enlaced her mind and were constantly clenching it like an invisible bench vice.That was when she had said "yes" to Chloe's suggestion to come to Grant's party, a party her blond friend was specially invited to, as a member of Daily Planet's workforce. Cause somewhere between her fears and her insecurities, she had stood her ground against herself and had appeared willing to change everything and give it a last try with Clark. But if she was as ready and willing as she thought she was, then why those doubts kept coming back the most unbelievable moments?

"Lana are you alright? Are you getting cold?" Clark's concerned voice broke the chain of her thoughts.

"Uhm...sorry...what did you say?" Lana frowned, her previous distraction not helping in following him.

"I asked if you were getting cold" he cleared his throat, "i saw you standing here, clinging on your coat and thought..."

"It is winter , Clark." she cynically interrupted, "It is freezing and it is snowing. I am already cold."

Chloe's eyes swayed between her two dearest friends as she approached them from behind. Smiling, she patted their backs, giving them a gentle push towards the house's porch.

"Then why don't we get in? And don't forget to put your happy faces on, everyone...it's Christmas."


Lex Luthor drifted unnoticeably through the well dressed people filling all the main rooms of the ground floor, silently making his way to the wide glass door that lead to the even wider, and slightly elevated, glowing balcony. Tonight's Christmas party at Grant's new asset - which he had generously...supported nonetheless - was turning rather dull for his fine taste, although he had to admit that a certain Lane's wide stare, when she had driven in hours ago,only to find him, out of all people, comfortably settled on a leather couch, had highly entertained his spirits. However, now, all he could think of, was if there was somewhere a switch off button for that buzzing beehive behind his back, which seemed to increase in bees as the time was passing. Journalists in Daily Planet and their escorts, lawyers, businessmen, a couple of senators...and a few other boresome and familiar faces... Maybe the only interesting difference between this Christmas and all the previous ones of his life, was the fact that instead of having a party at the mansion or at the Luthorcorp, he was attending the one his brother had decided to hold at his house in the suburbs of Metropolis, celebrating much or less his own addition to the DP team.

Lex brought the glass to his nostrils, experiencing the inviting smell of his finest scotch.He couldn't suppress a devious smirk. For if he was right about this night, this drink would be the first of many. His eyes were left to wander outside the glass, watching the view that was expanding in front of him. Although, the weather wasn't as frightful as Vaughn Monroe was singing at the party, however, the city had indeed been covered again with that sparkling, alabaster carpet...a carpet he had learned to despise. The trance everyone seemed to live in everytime it was snowing, always left him coldly apathetic. If he actually had to pick an emotion to describe his feelings towards snow, that could dangerously range close to hate. Maybe because , this was the only time of year, that the frozen and still world outside was reminding him too much of his own place. Every single time, it felt like the frost emanating from his house succeeded in captivating every inch of the world, using snow to mark its territory, erasing his hope for better days from his horizon. And somehow , this was bringing back to his memory a young boy that couldn't always bear so much cold. Lex's lips turned to a firm, thin line. No, snow had always been his enemy.Unlikely rain.Because, if you thought about it, there was something purifying about rain. Unexpectedly it came, sneaking its way to every dusty and grey corner around, caressing every surface that it could reach, leaving a shiny trail behind, forcing people and objects to show their true selves. In the end, the rain was here to wash the dirt away from this world. That is why the only ones daring to turn their faces to the sky and let the rain pour gracefully down on them, were the fool, the madman and the honest. Long time ago, he had failed to specify whom exactly he was.

Taking a sip from his scotch, his gaze caught an old Ford going through the front gates and entering the parking area. As soon as its passengers stepped out and started approaching the porch, his previous smirk, turned to a smug smile.He had been right for this night after all ; the runaway bee-queen was about to come back to her beehive.