Lana glanced outside the car's glass. A hint of smile flickered on her lips; it had stopped snowing.

The old Ford had just taken the, not so long after all, way back home.They would first drop Jimmy, who, in the meantime, had found part of his sober self back, at his place, before heading for Chloe's flat, which was not more than twenty minutes away. She would sleep at Chloe's tonight while Clark would continue driving to Smallville. It was already too late and too cold for her to follow him all the way back. Or at least this was what they had silently agreed to be the real reason.

Jimmy's complaints came muffled ever so often from the backseat.."How did I miss such scene?"...But Lana didn't really care. For, that night, she had found something she had once believed lost; for a moment, she had felt complete. And, now, she finally knew where to search for her long lost mirth. Earlier that night, when she had assumed that the key to hers and Clark's happiness had been stolen, she was wrong. It had never been stolen. They both had deliberately thrown it into the trash bin before burning everything down to its ashes.

She didn't even care when Clark seemed unwilling to accept the obvious.

"I still can't believe you actually kissed him." his choked voice came by her side.

Even then, she still smiled.

"Don't sweat it, Clark. It's not like you weren't crawling behind a black dress the whole night."

Clark tightened his grip on the wheel. For the rest of their ride, he would remain speechless.

Lana sighed content, before her eyes wavered back to the, still visible, residence at the end of the street, as the old Ford was drifting away.


Holding his last drink for the night, Lex stood in front of the glass door...The very same he had entered almost two hours ago on his way to meet his happiness. He had been standing there for the last twenty minutes, ever since they had left the house...watching them all the way till the lights of the old Ford disappeared from his sight.

From inside the house, somewhere among all those rooms, the angry voice of Lois Lane came echoing to his ears...preaching to Grant how she would not tolerate any jealous boyfriend. He looked at his drink and shook his head, feeling pity for his brother. Soon, Grant would be unlucky enough to witness himself at the same position Clark had been found tonight.

He glanced outside at the cold scenery again, amazed that it had actually stopped snowing. Something had changed tonight...he had smelled it in the air around him...he had sensed it in the world outside...he had seen it in her eyes...Lana's eyes...his wife...

A longing but steady hand, slowly reached the inner pocket of his suit in order to take out something he had, oh so dearly, been always carrying with him. His fingertips circled its plane , shining surface with affection just like he was doing every single night...only this night, it would take its right place.

"Soon.." Lex mentally whispered, before slipping his wedding ring on his finger.

...Twenty minutes away, in the darkness of her room, Lana Lang was opening again a well hidden , but never forgotten , small box that always carried in her purse...looking at it for a moment, she slipped the ring back to her finger...where it belonged.


That night wouldn't be easy for everyone.

Jimmy Olsen would find himself dizzy by the drunken debauch he had experienced, only to wake up in the morning with an awful headache, and still many questions about what was going on in that party...questions that would probably remain unanswered.

Chloe Sullivan would find herself unable to sleep properly. The events of the night would get crammed in her mind...She would look at the ceiling of her bedroom, not managing to realize when and how everything had taken this weird turn...feeling her duty to help her friends...not understanding they didn't need her to stand by them, but themselves to stand their own ground.

Grant Gabriel and Lois Lane would go to sleep...in separate beds...Grant would spend the night engulfed by jealousy over Lois and fear over his secret identity, that, lately , seemed to be more and more at risk. Lois, on the other hand, would find herself sinking in the maelstrom of her own actions, till the early morning hours...starting from tonight, she would spend the next days haunted by a single kiss under a different mistletoe...

Clark Kent would remain awake not only that night...but many nights...His mind would play over and over the single scene of Lex and Lana kissing under his petrified gaze...Reminding him that the end of what he and Lana once had, wasn't near anymore...the end had came.. and passed...only he had failed to notice it. And then, after all these thoughts...his mind would change the scenes flashing in front his eyes...His hand would disobey him and move below the waistband of his boxers, while a different , forbidden kiss would emerge from his memory to enslave him...and this would make him hate himself for a while.

But Lana and Lex Luthor, would peacefully sleep...for the first time in months.

That night , it stopped snowing. And it would never snow again for the rest days of those holidays. Oddly enough, the next days, and though the temperature wouldn't really rise much, the snow around would slowly start to melt...until every single surface of the city would abandon its white veil. And then, with the entrance of the new , promising year...it would rain...

The End