Chapter 26: At all times

Lucius' and Harry's gazes met, meaning and intent exchanged by the smallest gestures of head and eyes. Lord Malfoy turned back to his son, while Harry silently marvelled that he could still read and be read so well.

"Excellent idea, son, why don't you invite Granger and the attached Weasley over?"

"… Invite them… to the Manor?" Draco repeated blankly.

"Yes." Draco made an effort to pull himself together and nodded, glancing a little suspiciously at Harry, as if he had done something, before leaving.

"A muggleborn and a Weasley…?" Harry began leadingly. Lucius looked at him sharply, startling the younger man.

"My own prejudices aside, they are your friends and have been worried about you." Harry ducked his head, feeling chagrined at Lucius' tone and uncertain how he should react to his student being angry at him. A finger under his chin made him look up. "Forgive me, I have been without you too long." Lucius looked genuinely contrite.

"You sounded-" '-like the old Lucius' Harry bit off the last words. Lucius sighed.

"I want this to be a relationship of equals. Our past positions, our ages shouldn't matter, but it will take time for us to learn to be together again." Harry nodded in agreement. He knew he wouldn't be able to treat the man as he had his student, but also that it would take time to get used to this older version of his lover. Lucius stepped closer, as if an unseen force had pulled him. He bent his head to steal the kiss he simply couldn't resist-.

Another knock on the door stopped him an inch from Harry's lips.

"Ahem," Draco cleared his throat. He received two annoyed glances. "Granger and Weasley are here. I put them in the west wing's main salon." Meaning he had had the house-elf lead the guests to the largest, most expensive and intimidating-looking room in the Manor, complete with a family tapestry similar to, but much larger than, the Black tapestry at Grimmauld Place.

"Have you informed them of Harry's return?"

"Eh, no, I don't much fancy being in the same room when Granger hears the news." With that Draco disappeared, leaving Lucius slightly puzzled and Harry suppressing a snicker. The older man took his lover's hand in his, leading the way. Harry allowed the show of possessiveness, mostly because it gave him a thrilling fluttering in his gut. He suddenly realised he couldn't wait to see his friends again, and that he was also nervous as hell for some reason.


Hermione and Ron sat nervously on the edge of the ridiculously expensive furniture, glancing curiously and apprehensively at the very high far wall, which was completely covered in a gigantic tapestry. At the very top the name Malfoy blazed in front of the coat of arms. Draco's name appeared at about head-level, leaving room for several more generations.

Both Hermione and Ron whipped their heads around when the doors slid open. They gaped when Lucius Malfoy entered swiftly, with Harry.

"Harry!" Hermione exclaimed first, not even noticing the pair's joined hands. She rushed over and engulfed her friend in a fierce hug. Harry remained stiff, but returned the embrace wholeheartedly. The moment Hermione let go she started in on the questions: "Where have you been? When did you get back? Why are you at Malfoy Manor? How could you leave like that without informing us?!"

"Slow down, 'Mione," Harry begged. He looked over her shoulder at Ron, who remained at a cautious distance. He nodded at Harry at least, keeping an eye on Lucius. "Why don't we all sit down and I'll explain."

"Alright," Hermione agreed. "But where's Draco?" All of Harry's friends knew about their relationship, though not all (read Ron) were too thrilled about it. They had all accepted it, however.

"Eh, he's around," Harry said evasively, glancing at Lucius.

"Do sit down," Lord Malfoy urged, prompting the three Gryffindors to take a seat, Ron and Hermione on one sofa, and Lucius and Harry on another, only an ornate antique table between them.

"First I should probably tell you that Draco and I broke up," Harry blurted out before he lost his nerve.

"You dumped him?" Ron's first words held obvious hope.


"That's why you left, isn't it?" Hermione cut in sympathetically, looking every bit the concerned mother. "You wanted to be alone."

"Well, not exactly-"

"If the ferret hurt you-"

"Ron!" Hermione admonished, sending a glare at her husband and a pointed look at Lucius. Ron grumbled, folding his arms across his chest.

"Perhaps you should both listen to what Harry has to tell you," Lucius advised. The couple blinked in unison at the man's use of Harry's first name. Hermione snapped out of it first.

"Of course, Harry, go ahead." With a conflicted glance at Lucius, Harry slowly began his tale, beginning with the break-up and working his way forwards – or rather backwards – in time. Lucius had to tell his guests to be quiet countless times, especially Hermione, who in the end seemed to bite her tongue to keep from asking questions. Harry left out a few details, about Snape and his mother, about some of his own recklessness (so he would be spared some of Hermione's wrath), but he did tell them how he got over Draco and fell in love with Lucius (again leaving out how far they went as teacher and student). Finally, he explained about Voldemort, the Time-Turner, and Lucius' spy work.

Ron and Hermione were left gaping once more. Hermione haltingly tried to speak, and then that same sympathetic look spread across her face. Harry could guess what was coming.

"Harry," she said carefully. "You don't think that maybe you just substituted-"

"I understand your concern," Harry interrupted, finding his 'professor' tone easily, but not noticing how his friends reacted to it. "I will always love Draco, as a friend, but Lucius is nothing like him. I fell in love with him on different terms. And before you mention it: I know that this Lucius Malfoy isn't exactly the same, but he's closer to the one I had as my student than the one you two know." Harry couldn't help turning his head and looking into his lover's eyes when he said his last words on the subject: "Besides, I know I'll fall in love with this Lucius without any difficulty." Only Lucius caught his guests exchanging a shocked glance out of the corner of his eye. He addressed them cordially.

"You are both welcome to come visit Harry as often as you like, to make sure I haven't done anything nefarious to your Hero. Draco will most likely be over frequently as well. Right now, however, Harry and I require a moment of peace to discuss a few things." Hermione reluctantly accepted the dismissal and dragged Ron to the Floo after a long-winded goodbye.

Harry and Lucius remained staring at each other in the entrance hall, a small smile playing on the younger man's lips.

"You speak as though it's a given that I'm moving in." Lucius smirked and then quick as a snitch pulled Harry against him, holding the smaller man firmly.

"I'm afraid once you stepped foot in my Manor, you were mine, and mine alone." Harry shivered at the words, feeling his arousal from before return with a vengeance.

"Aren't we suppose to be taking things slow?" he said without much enthusiasm. "You know, talk first?"

"Considering how much trouble it was to get you into bed the first time," Lucius drawled, "I don't feel up to talking much," he growled the last, pressing closer and showing Harry what he was up for. In truth Lucius had become aroused at hearing Harry's professor tone. Memories had threatened to drown him, making him almost throw his guests out without so much as a goodbye. Only his Slytherin control made him make an excuse. Harry groaned and buried his face in the taller man's neck.

"If you'd done this the first time I don't think I would have resisted as long." He suddenly realised there was a lot of pale, delectable, and warm skin right before his eyes. He started in on it like a man dying of hunger, licking and kissing, delighting in every breathy moan he produced in his lover.

Suddenly Harry's whole body was squeezed tighter than any man could do, and his ears popped. He looked up to find himself in a large bedroom. Lucius waved a hand and candles lit, floating up to hover in the air. Harry took in the green covers on the bed, looking luxurious enough for a king, and a consort or two. Green eyes, matching the room perfectly, found grey eyes sparkling with anticipation and lust. Harry couldn't imagine what he would do if he had been separated from Lucius for twenty-seven years. The thought left him breathless and a little afraid of what Lucius might do, but a good afraid, like the type he got when he was flying at full speed towards the ground.

"Will you let me," Lucius whispered, leaning in and pressing his face to Harry's head, breathing in the scent, "take you, pleasure you, kiss, taste, touch…", he kissed his lover's temple, his ear flip, and down Harry's neck, "have you completely…?" Harry tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck and letting his eyes drift close in pleasure.

"Yes, you can have me," he hissed. After what Harry knew Lucius had been through all these years, he didn't hesitate to let the man do whatever he wanted, even though Harry himself wanted to do a little taking of his own. This time, however, he gave this to Lucius, perhaps subconsciously as a sort of apology for making the man wait so long, even though that was hardly Harry's fault.

"Yesss," Lucius breathed back, his crafty hands divesting Harry of his robes efficiently, letting them fall carelessly to the floor. For the boxers Lucius smirked, waving his wand, having drawn it so fast Harry hardly noticed it, and let the last offending garment be ripped to shreds, leaving Harry naked, his skin glowing in the soft candlelight. The blood had soaked through onto Harry's thigh when he had knelt by James' side to try and stop the bleeding. His face and hands were also dirty, having spent Merlin knew how long unconscious in Voldemort's dungeon.

"A bath," Lucius proclaimed, holding out his hand, still fully clothed. Harry took it, feeling somehow transported farther back in time than he had ever been as they stepped into a bathroom, if something so grand could have such a common name. Surely the Romans wouldn't have made it as breathtaking as what Harry found himself in.

The room was obviously in wizardspace, for such a large pool of water could surely not be held by the old house, as they were on the second floor. Large stone pillars stood all around it, save where the front steps led down into its turquoise depths. Steam rose up, smelling of something Harry could not identify. To the side there was a stone corridor leading to another room, one which held showers and other more modern amenities. Statues and large plants stood between the pillars and by the side of the steps, filling the room with an outdoor feel and scent. A white sofa and glass table were there for people to relax on, with glasses and a carafe of pink water of all things. Another higher table stood by the steps, holding large, fluffy towels.

"It's amazing," Harry concluded, taking in the beautiful tiles and mosaic images in the ceiling.

"This is the pride and joy of the Lord Malfoy, a secret place where one can get rid of all the tensions from the day," Lucius murmured as he stepped up behind Harry, taking in the body instead of the room, every naked inch of it. "Not even Draco knows about it, or he would be in here all day." A small laugh escaped Harry. "When in here I was able to let go and think of you without fearing someone would see me and read my thoughts or expressions…" Harry turned around, finding Lucius close.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that," he whispered.

"You are not to blame," Lucius reminded him. "Go into the water." Harry turned back and looked into the inviting pool. He walked over and down the steps, feeling the water's calming effects the moment his toes were in. The water was at about waist height when he reached the bottom, but he could tell it got deeper at the far end. He looked back and his eyes became riveted on the form of his lover undressing, Lucius' meticulous manner making Harry wish the man would just throw the garments off. Lucius watched Harry's reaction with silent delight, knowing his older body wouldn't be a problem for his 'old' professor.

Once stripped, every item having been laid gently over the sofa, he stepped into the water, the familiar feeling of calm washing over him, only this time the added arousal at Harry's proximity made him feel more awake than he had since his last duel.

He stretched out his hand and murmured something. From a small bowl by one of the pillars a big natural sponge flew into his hand. "Come here," he said, backing away as Harry followed until he found the stone bench that ran the length of the pool. It was wide enough for him to seat himself and spread his legs, Harry taking the hint and sitting with his back to Lucius.

Harry's eyes drifted shut again as Lucius started bathing him. Obviously, he had died and gone to paradise. He felt Lucius' hard cock against his rear, but pushed his excitement down, drinking in the water's effects instead.

"Is there anything you want to ask?" Lucius inquired softly. "About what happened between you leaving then and arriving now? I will answer all your questions." Harry thought hard and then simply asked Lucius to tell the story, so the man did. Harry let the words and images they produced flow over him as he was worshipped, handled as delicately as if he was a relic from the past. The pain from Lucius' darker experiences was softened by the atmosphere, neither man dwelled too long on them, but Harry still felt his lover's grief from the long wait.

Lucius told him of his role as Lord Malfoy, and Harry gradually came to understand the intricacies of being a powerful political force, the right-hand man for a controversial Dark wizard, and a spy for the leader of the Light, all at the same time. As Lucius' tale came to an end Harry found himself being turned around, straddling the taller man, grey eyes intent in their scrutiny.

"I hope you don't think I have manipulated you by telling you all this here." Harry furrowed his eyebrows, not understanding right away.

"You mean the calming water? You think I would be angry with you?"

"I think you are the most morally right person I know, so how could you not object to some of the things I have had to do?" Harry shook his head, lifting his arms and holding Lucius by the shoulders.

"We all do things we aren't proud of. How could you think a professor who sleeps with his student the most morally right person?" Harry was still amazed he was speaking coherently when so much naked skin was involved.

"Ah, but that worked in my favour, so it doesn't count," Lucius smirked. Harry shook his head ruefully, smiling at his lover, letting it widen further when Lucius smiled back.

"You're sexy when you smile," Harry announced. "And I think we both know enough about our pasts to let it go." He leaned in, inwardly smirking at the slight surprise in Lucius' eyes, and kissed him. His breath hitched when Lucius' strong arms wound around him. Abruptly, the man stood, lifting the smaller man with him. Harry automatically locked his legs around Lucius' waist.

"Now I will have you," Lucius proclaimed, and Harry thought 'finally, enough talking.' Lord Malfoy carried his lover right out of the pool, grabbing his wand from the high table, and went back into the Master bedroom, placing Harry on the silken bedcovers, shimmering green, ever since the day Lucius had moved into this room. Not Slytherin green, though, but emerald…

"Remember what you promised," Harry breathed, reaching out to the other man. "Endeavour to pleasure me or something like that, just like before." Lucius smirked, casting thorough drying charms before lowering himself on top of his lover, sliding against him. Their wholly cleansed and fresh-smelling skin felt like heaven with the fire of hell between them. Both gasped into each other's mouths as their lips were drawn forcefully together.

In Lucius' mind only one thought seemed to prevail, as if the Lord Malfoy had been reduced to this one basic instinct: 'I have him, I have him, I have him.' But he had not lost all control. He had been very patient, all things considered, with containing his boundless desire. He had taken his time, making sure Harry's friends knew he was safe, cleaning Harry, talking everything through. Sure, he had come close to jumping the man once or twice, like that scene in the entrance hall, but he had regained his control. Now, however, he was losing it again and this time, he didn't care.

"I want you," Lucius mouthed out as he licked his way to Harry's ear, taking the man's stiff prick in hand at the same time, pulling moan after moan from his lover. "Twenty-seven years and every time I felt pleasure I imagined it was you. Only you have ever been real to me."

"Yes," Harry gasped as Lucius' fingers found their way under his cock. "Gah, fuck me already!"

"I will," Lucius growled, forcing himself to prepare his lover properly. "Of that you can be sure." He cast lubrication charms on his fingers and cock, then threw his wand over his shoulder, finished with magic for the night. Now it was only the two of them.

Harry was sure Lucius must have grown in other areas since last time, but maybe that was only his imagination. He felt hot and cold, on fire and completely at peace, as Lucius slid inside him.

"More, fast, hard," were the only words he got out, clinging to the man and pulling him down for more wet kisses. He lifted his legs and Lucius immediately shoved them over his shoulders, bending Harry almost double.

The better angle had them both panting and sweating in no time, Lucius' steady, unrelenting rhythm driving Harry to new heights of pleasure. It went on endlessly in Harry's mind, later he would remember actually coming long before Lucius, but the feeling of being fucked was too good all on its own.

When Lucius' control shattered and he reached his climax, he practically howled Harry's name. That alone almost made Harry hard again, but they soon felt too lethargic to do anything more than mumble goodnights, clinging to each other as if unconsciously afraid one would disappear at any moment.


Morning came with a sharp intake of fresh air and sunlight warming Harry's face. He opened his eyes to the magnificent bedroom, feeling absolutely content and incredibly soft, as if on a cloud. He stretched and looked around for Lucius, smiling widely when he realised the blond was still in bed with him, but had rolled away during the night, no doubt used to sleeping alone all these years.

Harry studied the blond head for a long moment, realising he was already deeply in love with this Lucius, after everything he had heard and seen from both Dumbledore and Lucius himself. The man was truly amazing…

A soft tapping was heard and Harry turned towards the window to find an owl seated outside. He got up, feeling free at the thought that they didn't have to worry about sneaking Lucius downstairs before classes began, and went to the window without bothering about clothes. The owl had a letter addressed to Harry, in Hermione's handwriting.

Dear Harry,

I hope everything is fine with you, and that you and Lucius have talked things through properly. I truly wish you all happiness. I hope there is a possibility that I can come by later this week? Ron too, if he promises to behave? I got a letter from Draco last night. We met and he explained how sorry he was about what had happened between you, but that he was hopeful you would be friends. I think that's really big of you, Harry.

Now to the reason for my letter. We had to tell the Weasleys about your return, but not much else. We are keeping it strictly within the family because something occurred to me when we were telling them: the rest of the wizarding world doesn't know where you are Harry… maybe you and Lucius want a little long vacation, if you catch my drift?

Owl me or come to the Burrow and we'll talk!


Harry read the letter with a sense of possibility opening up before him. A wicked smile spread across his face. This was his chance.

He ran to the bed and jumped on it, waking Lucius abruptly in the process. The man blinked and focused on Harry, who sat like an imp who had a very bright idea indeed.

"What have you been doing?" Lucius asked curiously. Harry grinned.

"I want you to take me out… of the country."


Daily Prophet:

Front page: One year since Harry Potter's disappearance – people gather for memorial around Godric's hollow, by Rita Skeeter.

Society pages: Lucius Malfoy sets up permanent residence in France after world tour – rumours of wedding with unknown bride.

Exclusive: Draco Malfoy's account of the numerous scandals. Did he really 'bag' the Minister's son? Hot details of a fast-paced life from the man himself.


Harry read the paper with the small smile that had become his trademark this last year spent with his lover, the first year of complete happiness, unspoiled by Dark Lords, Time-Travel or anything else. A hand crept up his shoulder and stared rubbing his neck and back. He sighed and let the paper go, tilting his head back to see Lucius standing over him.

"You shouldn't read such trash."

"Your son's given another interview," Harry replied.

"When he's out prowling for new scandals, he's your friend, not my son," Lucius retorted without any heat. "Hopefully, he will contain himself at the wedding. There won't be any women or men there who don't know him." Harry smirked, liking the thought of Draco being turned away for once.

"What about the bachelor party he's throwing for us with the locals?"

"He draws the line at muggles… I think," Lucius said with a frown. Harry laughed at his slightly worried look.

"I'm sure he'll find someone eventually, someone he won't be able to let go." Lucius' eyes softened, the way they always did when he looked at Harry and saw only him in all the world.

"A fitting end for him, and for all Malfoys."

"You don't hear me complaining." Harry closed his eyes when Lucius leaned down and planted the softest of kisses on his slightly parted lips. He opened them to find Lucius very close, eyes hard and intense… the way they always were when he looked at Harry and saw only him in all the world… for all times.

The End.

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