Ch 1

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The dark cloudy skies thundered as the cackling of lightning ceased. The howling winds stopped as quiet reigned upon the two figures. One laid lifeless on the floor as another struggled, leaning on to the large boulder from the battle field as his breathing became erratic. Coughing, he fell to his knees as his bloodied hand left a trail on the white smooth wall of the boulder, leaving a trail of blood to follow. He coughed up blood, signaling how his death was near as he stared at the cold body that lay in front of him.

"Heh, are you happy now Sasuke." He said as his weak grinned showed one of triumph. Sasuke, his friend, his teammate, and once upon ago...his brother, was now dead by his hands.

Slowly he could feel his life force failing, as the blood continued to spurt from the open chest wound where his heart once was.

'It's a surprise I lasted this long,' he leaned against the wall now, placing his back to the giant bolder, admiring how stubborn he was to dying. He became numb, the only reason he was still living was because of the oxygen or chakra that was left inside his body...or something like that, he figured.

The rushing of footsteps could be heard from the distance, other ninjas where arriving but all he could do now was stare at the body in front of him.

'In the end,' his eyes slowly closed, he couldn't speak as he saw Leaf ninjas rush to his side. 'It was you…Sasuke.'

More blood spilled all around him as he lost feeling to his body.

"NARUTO!" a few yelled out, those who knew him well.

"LORD HOKAGE!" the others who only served him called out to him.

Naruto gave a triumphant grin to his friends, and people who had served him loyally, trying to reassure him that the final threat was over. 'It was you Sasuke that killed me.'

He closed his eyes, the grin was firmly in place as he closed his eyes and waited for death, 'I wonder what death is like.' He thought as the voices around him ceased, he couldn't feel the person who started shaking him, or hear the yells that would have made any person deaf, instead, his eyes remained closed as his hands fell to the floor which splashed in the puddle of his blood. Naruto was dead.

Voices, yelling, the anger and annoyance he felt all around him. He opened his eyes, blinking away the bright light before finally focusing on a familiar figure in a heated argument.

"And I've said, I don't care," the voice was familiar, "I know what I've done and I want to change it."

"Yes, I know," Answered a feminine voice, "But this case is quite unique, you had control over yourself before and slightly after the curse seal. What you did was unworthy for another chance."

The figure sighed, "I tried to change but I couldn't tune out the cursed seal." He explained, speaking as if he truly meant it.

That perked his interest, 'The curse seal? Wait a minute.' Last thing he remembered was dying against….

"SASUKE!" He stood up and pointed at the figure, his eyes wide and alert.

Sasuke sighed, "Hello Naruto."

"Talk amongst yourselves, I will return." The Feminine figure disappeared.

"Sasuke!" Naruto grabbed the front of his shirt, "What did you do, what is going on here!" Naruto demanded.

"Naruto, now is not the time," He batted Naruto's hands away, "Listen, I couldn't control myself, the curse seal messed with my mind. At first it was tiny whispers I could control. The seal Kakashi placed on me only helped a little but I had a complete curse seal Naruto, not an incomplete one." Sasuke sighed as he walked away. "Listen, in the end, I couldn't stop. The curse seal influenced me and took control of my thoughts."

"Who was that just now?" Naruto asked pointing at the empty space she disappeared from.

"That just now, is someone who goes by many names, but is resigned to being called Fate. It seems she wanted to see me before Death collected us," He turned and pointed at Naruto, "You are here because you happen to die right next to me."

"Yeah, because you killed me Sasuke," Naruto stared hard at Sasuke before sighing again, "But I guess it doesn't matter now." Naruto waved it off hand.

They stood there in silence before Sasuke spoke again.

"Actually Naruto, there was a reason why Fate decided to see me."

Naruto looked at Sasuke curiously.

"I want to change my life and I have asked if this was possible," Sasuke said.

"You," Naruto scoffed, "I doubt that would do any good."

Sasuke sighed, "Yeah that was her same reaction."

"Besides, how fair is it to the people who died in this world. You can't go back in time." said Naruto.

"No, it's not like that," Sasuke continued, "Fate has told me of another world where I could take over 'that' Sasuke's body."

"What, then what will happen to that Sasuke?"

"Nothing, he is already dead," Anger appeared in his eyes, "The Itachi in that world killed everyone in the clan and used the Tsukyomi to leave that Sasuke, brain dead."

Naruto pondered over these words, "Wow, but I still say you wouldn't make a difference, you're still a selfish bastard."

"Hnn.." he shrugged, "Better if I tried something."

"Lovely reunion," A feminine voice spoke as a figure appeared near them.

"So Uchiha, what will we do as you certainly can't go." She spoke.

"No, I will change, I can make a difference!" Sasuke started to grow angry.

"See, it is that arrogant attitude of yours that I doubt will change anything in that silly clan of yours."


"Calm down Sasuke." Naruto spoke for the first time in the presence of Fate.

"Hn," Sasuke folded his arms in his chest.

"Listen Sasuke, get it in your head; WE ARE FREAKIN DEAD!" Naruto yelled out with his arms thrown up in the air.

Sasuke took a step back.

"Your Uchiha status has no affect here, stop acting like a spoiled brat. Even in the real world, you expected everyone to give you what you want." Naruto glared at Sasuke before walking away and settling in a spot.

"Anyways, hurry it up; I want to die in peace or whatever." He laid down away from them.

"Hmm…"hummed the feminine voice of Fate as her eyes twinkled with a thought, "Uchiha, you are deemed unworthy for this chance."

Before another argument could start, power fluctuated off of her, meaning her words were not to be argued with.

"But, I can offer you an alternative solution." She turned to Naruto who had a large bubble over his nose as he was currently snoozing.

'How can he fall asleep so fast?' Sasuke thought before he remembered Fate and what she said, "What?" Sasuke asked as he looked at Naruto then back at Fate.

She winked at him as realization struck. Staring wide eyed at her he yelled. "There is no way, I rather die…" Okay maybe a better term should be used.

"No he just can't," Sasuke was frantic, "It won't work."

"And why is that, Uchiha?" She stared back at him, "Is it because he is everything you're not, has the right quality, and has everything a person needs to love him."

He stayed quiet. 'It is true,' he thought, 'Naruto understands me, even though I hate it. He can do it.'

"Finally Uchiha, showing a bit of humbleness," she walked to him, "Wake him, and tell him. We will start soon and I will answer any questions he has."

Sasuke walked towards Naruto's prone body. "Wake up," he stood there and stared, "Idiot," he added as an afterthought.

If there was any hint he heard, it didn't show as Naruto continued snoring.

'Fine, you asked for it,' he smirked as he kicked Naruto rather hard in his ribs.

"Gah," Naruto stood up holding his side, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR, STUPID!"

"Believe it or not we made a decision, and why are you sleeping any ways you idiot!?"

Naruto shrugged, "Hey, you guys were boring, what else is there to do before you go where ever it is you go after death anyways?"

'Sigh, I can't believe this.' The Uchiha thought.

"Believe it." Fate answered.

Somehow that sentence seemed to perk Naruto up as he looked at them with confusion.

"She can read minds." Sasuke answered the unasked question.

His mouth formed an O shape as he understood. "So, what's going on?"

"We've decided," Fate answered while staring at Naruto, "to send you in place of Sasuke in his body."

Naruto's eyes grew wide, "WHAT!? NO WAY IN HELL I'M DOING THAT!" Naruto looked at each of them.

Sasuke stood in front of him, "Look, I don't like this either but it is either you help our friends…"

Naruto scoffed but Sasuke ignored this, "Or no one does."

"Your friends Sasuke, the ones you killed?" Naruto looked at him skeptically.

He looked away, "Yeah."

"You…are…twisted and sick in the head." Sasuke glared at him as Naruto turned to face Fate.

"So why me and why do I have to go in Sasuke's body?"

She looked at him warmly as a mother would to any of her children. "Well Naruto, look at how you lived your life. You placed your friends and family above yourself and tried to save everyone, even though people were against you."

He started to blush, "That was what I thought anyone would do; besides it was not if I planned doing all that, it just happened."

She smiled, "Because it is in you to do it. You have what it takes to set things right in that clan, to make things better."

"But still, why Sasuke's body?"

"I do not create worlds Naruto, Lord Kami does that. I look over each one, each dimension, I am the weaver of destiny, I determine who will succeed and who will fail. In this one, you have never existed, your parents never had a child," she looked at him seriously as Naruto paid rapt attention, "if you decide to do this, you will have to find out yourself the similarities and differences of that one world with yours."

"So, why this world?"

"This is the only world in which Sasuke does die or as close as I can find, but the boy will have echoes of its former shell. Some personality, thoughts, and dreams the boy had while he was alive might be passed on to you as your thoughts will merge together." Naruto threw her a panic look as she signaled Naruto to let her finish, "Don't worry though, you will still have your own mind, just subtle changes will appear which will help 

you think more like an Uchiha. You can decide what to do; you will have every memory of your former self, and the rest you will have to find out for yourself."

She looked at each one of them, "Basically I am telling you either take it or leave it as I rarely offer this."

Naruto contemplated for a moment as he sat down Indian style as his hand covered the lower half of his face in a thinking position. Sasuke stood beside him as Fate waited patiently for an answer.

Sighing, he stood up and answered, "Yes, I accept."

Fate's eyes changed to an upwards U shape as she smiled at Naruto, "Excellent, We'll begin at once."

She started crafting energies in the air as yellow energy like chakra appeared around Naruto.

"Listen idiot," Sasuke spoke to an irritated Naruto who couldn't move, "Remember, you're in my body, an Uchiha's body, the head of the clan actually. Don't mess this up and don't act like a goof (he stressed this part) everyone will be watching you."

They stared at each other for a few minutes before Naruto gave a slight nod.

"Alright then, say your final goodbyes," She told them as the energies nearly finished swirling around Naruto.

"Good luck Naruto and keep them safe." Sasuke told him as he stood by Fate's side.

A bright flash blinded Sasuke and suddenly, Naruto was gone.

Despite his Death, Fate had made him an offer…and with this offer came a twist.