(A/N: Oh god, my first published Teen Titans fic. Gosh, so scared, just terrified…

Inspired heavily by another oneshot of similar by Meiriona. Between Lightspeed and Titans Together, and I'm planning a longfic of the same time period. Anyway… enjoy.)

Jinx is cold.

She's shivering, and the demin jacket around her shoulders is not helping a bit. Wintertime's not a happy time for Jinx; she's been thinking most of the season about how it has been six weeks since she'd abandoned the H.I.V.E. five and how long it's been since she'd gotten some decent indoor heating (thirty-two hours – the library had been closed on Sunday, so Jinx hadn't been able to escape there during that day, and now it was Monday morning).
Oh, there's another one of those robbers. With a nearly lethargic snap of her fingers, the crook trips and breaks his nose, allowing Jinx to hop over and pick up his stolen jewels. Absently, she fingers a diamond necklace near the top of the sack. It's beautiful, and the light shines through the amethyst pendant in a brilliant crystalline beam.

"You know, that jewel would look much prettier around your neck than it does when you're stealing it, babe."

Jinx doesn't need to even turn around to recognize the voice behind her. It was one she's been hearing with even more frequency than the annoying door-opening chimes that some dumb librarian had installed upon her sanctuary (and that was a lot).
"What is it, Flash? Out of witty quips? Oops, I forgot: You've never had any."

"Hey, cool your heels, Jinx. I just want to return these things-"

"To their rightful owners? Don't make me laugh!" A quick blast from her hand accompanies this remark, makes him step back for a second; but he's good as new before Jinx can blink, and closer to her than before.

"You always say it's fairer the way you do it. So what's with all those trinkets you've got on? Is that fair?"
"What trinkets?" Jinx lies, her hand (the one with an emerald bracelet) jumping to her ruby earrings.

"The one's you've gotten from your 'charitable' work. That whole 'giving them to random passers-by' thing. Yeah, that's fair."
"You know, you could have grabbed the goods at lightspeed, put them back, and rushed off without anybody ever having to know."
"Ah, bad luck would strike me and I'd trip or something. I know how you operate."
Jinx curses under her breath, but soon recovers herself. "Too bad, 'cause I've got another plan in mind."

Quick as a wink, the diamonds and whatnot are in her hands and she's stuffing them down her shirt. Kid Flash blinks, genuinely confused.

"What's going to stop me from grabbing them back?"
Jinx rolls her eyes. "Doing so would entail sticking your hand down my shirt."

"That would involve touching my breasts!"

Outside, a young woman screams, crosses a black cat's path, and proceeds to get run over by a car, but neither notices. All that Kid Flash can do is look extremely embarrassed and confused over the entire situation.

"Oh. Er…. Um… ah… erm…"

"So, the criminal's getting away now, hmm?" Jinx turned on her heel, but before she could take a step, she feels his arm come around her.

"Not so fast."

He's clinging her stomach tightly and there's a warm patch on the small of her back now, and for a second the thought crosses Jinx's mind that that could be… be… Ew. No. That idea's just too –

"I never said I wouldn't try."

His hand is snaking around her shoulder now, a hairwidth's away from caressing her neck, and now it's about to go down her – yes – it seems like he just might get that sweet spot right in the middle where it's no skin and all diamonds and –

And then his hand slips.

It could have been sweat, could have been nerves, perhaps even it isn't an accident, but all that matters right now is that Kid Flash's hand is cupping her right breast.

An electric shiver-shock goes through Jinx, and she's deriving this insane pleasure from this very feeling of being violated. She wants him to leave her alone and never let go at the same time. She feels like she could scream, and, yes, she's about to, just one more instant and –

His hand realizes exactly what it's doing now and drops to his side. Kid Flash does, too, and she can just see the blank, miserable shock on his face without even looking.

"Oh," he whispers.

What he leaves unsaid says more than it would if he had said it. "I'm sorry;" "I didn't mean to;" "(Insert fitting joke here, probably containing the phrase 'booby trap');" "I have to go now." She knows he means to say that, and he knows she knows, and that's enough for now, and the moment'll survive in harried breathing and silence for at least a couple moments longer.

"I-I-I have to go now."

She knows that in another half-second he'll be off like a shot again, and whips around and claps her hand on his shoulder before he can.

"So you're willing to touch my breasts but not to kiss me? How heroic is that?"

He's grinning now; this is his kind of territory.

"Much obliged."

And before she can take the words back and say she didn't mean them, his finger's tilting up her chin and, oh yes, he's kissing her. She can't think, hardly even breathe, and barely has the presence of mind to make some incredibly weak movement of her mouth that must have constituted opening because, oh god, his tongue is in her mouth now and ah, yes, yes, she doesn't want this to end but she knows it has to and he does too and—

And he's gone. Off like a shot into the wind. Jinx looks at the ground, almost expecting burn marks, but sees a single perfect yellow rose in a glass vase.

Odd. He's only done red before.

Jinx picks it up, inhales the amazing scent, and heaves a sigh.

A thought bursts into her mind, diamond sharp and crystal clear:
She's going to see him again.