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Chapter Two: Second Thoughts

Three weeks.

It's been three damn weeks since that encounter, and Jinx hasn't seen been happy during any of the 30716 minutes that it's been since she's last seen Kid Flash.

Not that she's been counting.

Three weeks, and Jinx's thought on every single one of the last moments before she fell asleep (usually in drenching, freezing rain) was: What have I done? More importantly, what did he do to me?

"Let's be fair to him," Jinx says to herself out loud, finally verbalizing her turbulent thoughts. "It was an accident. And he did only touch one of them."

But you enjoyed it, a little voice inside her head whispers with a strange thick bluntness and a bit of an accent to it that freakishly reminds her of Madam Rouge, and don't pretend you didn't. Don't try not to believe that you didn't invite him to, didn't expect him to cave in and—

"You're lying!" Jinx snaps, screams and turns over, face down onto her mattress salvaged from a truck crash that was quite a bit of bad luck, if you catch her drift.

You know I'm not.

"Why should I believe you? Why do I have to trust you?"
"Well, you don't. Have to, I mean. Although I thought you hadn't noticed me yet. And it doesn't make very much sense that you would be questioning me before I even said anything to-"

"Oh, just shut up." Does Jinx even need to recognize the voice suddenly behind her? Need she acknowledge the arms around her abdomen or the warm breath on her cheek? She doesn't want to by any means, but… but she's painfully aware that it's necessary. So she fidgets and weaves back and forth halfheartedly in what might pass for an attempt at escape. Or at least, it would in the dead of night from a speeding car if the two of them were beneath an overpass.

Which they're not.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Kid Flash asks hopefully.

Her head whips around, and she hisses an acidic (and false):

"Why can't you just leave me a-"

And Jinx has misestimated the distance between his head and her own, so (would you have predicted anything else?) her lips brush against his.

Oh. God.

Before either can blink, she's trying to move backwards as quickly as possible, but, damnit, he's getting excited now and leaning forward, pressing his mouth against her, and god does this feel good, but… but…

"-lone…" Jinx manages to get out falteringly, finally away from him. The shivering is back now, making her look almost convulsive, and she tries to convince herself that it's just the cold.

She's failing miserably. Come to think of it, Jinx hasn't conquered the problem of getting out of his arms, either, but that's not exactly a bad thing…

"How about a nickel, then?"

"A nickel. For your thoughts. Since you objected to the penny and all…"

"My; that's probably the cleverest thing I've ever heard you say. If only it was at all clever…" She ends her sentence with a cold, deliberate sigh, but allows a tiny smile to cross her face.

"But that's not what I came here to say, Jinx."
His arms make some kind of oscillation or something, and a little flutter of heat blossoms inside her ribcage. Jinx tries to ignore it and focus on not liking it, but that's a bit difficult, considering that she does. Like it. Like that, mmmmmmmm, yes, that does feel good, especially what his arms are doing to her—

"Um, Jinx?"


She was saying that out loud.


"So what did you come here to say, then?" The icy edge to her voice is back, sharp and cold and crystalline.

"Well, it was that… that… that I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" she snaps, whipping her head around (and not kinda-sorta-technically kissing him this time, thank the gods) and actually moving away from him (finally!) to have her back against the wall of the alleyway. "You know you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed it, and we both know that if we had the opportunity to do it over, we would to the same damn thing. Don't say you're sorry." The last words of Jinx's harsh little diatribe come out in a bit of a hiss, and a roll of thunder punctuates her statement.
"You enjoyed not seeing me for three weeks?" Shock is clearly spelled out all over Kid Flash's face.

"…No," Jinx responds immediately, compulsively. She forgets that she's supposed to have liked it without him; forgets for a moment that she wasn't counting those 30716 minutes.

And now being out of his embrace is making her cold again. The rain hasn't let up during this entire scene, but she hasn't noticed it ever since he arrived, until now.

"Jinx, look at me." He picks up one of her hands and focuses a little, so suddenly a wave of warmth rushes through her arm. Jinx looks perplexed; she knows he gives her frisson (although she won't admit it) but didn't think it was that strong. Looking a bit closer at Kid Flash's hand, she can see that it's vibrating very rapidly, blurring the lines between where his hand ends and hers begin. It's kind of cool, actually.

Not that she's going to tell him that.

"Look, I'm sorry."
She makes the mistake of allowing her eyes to travel to his, and then her heart flips over when she sees how earnest he is. There's trust there, and she could easily shatter it all with just a twitch of the hand—

Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, comes from the town clock. Kid Flash reels at the noise, and looks around shiftily before coming back to Jinx.

"Sorry, babe, we'll have to finish this some other time. I've got supervillian butt to kick. See you later!"
And before she can object, he quickly presses his lips to her forehead and, whoooooooooooooooosh, he's gone in a lightening flash.

An electric current runs through Jinx, and she surreptitiously looks for another rose. After a while, she manages to find it in the corner of the alleyway, very charred and the glass deformed.

Oh, my. The mentions of lightening and electricity were actually deliberate word choices. Jinx's hair is probably going to be standing up on end by now.

But Jinx ignores these thoughts and picks up the rose, smiles at the sight of a tiny speck of yellow beneath the ash, and settles down to sleep. After her eyes are closed and Jinx is clearly off in dreamland, a very close observation would reveal that every minute or so, her lips form a word… "One hundred sixteen…" "One hundred seventeen…"
Not that she's counting.