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Jack felt like his entire line of vision just zoomed in on Carter's father when he asked him the question. Feeling like he was a sixteen year old on his first date and took her home several hours after curfew Jack just stood staring at him mutely.

"Well I'm waiting Colonel." Oh great he's using RANK Jack thought.

"Well you see Sir; we went to a planet and Daniel miss-translated—"

"Don't pass the buck in front of me Colonel. You have a rank of power and of Team Leader everything you do should reflect to the benefit of your team,you are supposed to ensure that nothing can harm them in anyway… yes missions go wrong but you are the one who must ensure they run as smooth as possible." Jacob reprimanded him before walking into his daughter's office.

"Hey what's this no hug?" Jacob asked with his hands out raised next to his waist Sam spun round to face her father.

"Dad! What are you doing here? I didn't hear the sirens of gate activation." Sam said giving her dad a hug. Jack had to admit this was one of the very few times that he had seen the Carter's show emotion to each other, unless it's Mark and his family but that's because their not military.

"What a father can't see his daughter?" Jacob asked this made Sam look at him

"That's two questions with no statement, what's wrong?" Sam asked skeptically Jacob rolled his eyes.

"Salmek's complaining that I haven't de-stressed since the last mission we were on and talked to the Tok'ra high council and convinced them that it would be a good idea to visit you until I err we were needed again." Jacob answered.

"I missed you too dad, and you as well Salmek." Sam answered she stepped back from her father.

"So what are you working on there?" Jacob asked Jack was still hanging around in the background hoping not to get noticed and demoted by Jacob who even though he didn't live on Earth anymore was still a highly decorated and respected General.

"Oh this was bought through the 'gate by another SG team I was trying to work out what it does. Daniel and his team couldn't make heads or tails of the writing and I can't make heads or tails of the programming. If I didn't know any better I would have betted money that Mark's friend Barry made this to annoy me again." Sam replied Jacob grinned at the reference.

"I'm sure Barry then and now didn't mean to re-wire your science project and de-commission it." Jacob said

"You're kidding? He was my competition if I had the globe entered I would have won not his stupid metallic pet." Sam said sourly it was many years ago but it was only yesterday to Sam, was the only science fair she couldn't enter since she was eligible to enter one. And she managed to make the globe of the world that would light up the cities that would have been in night. Took her many, many months to create as it was when they had to move and her spare time was taken up by moving. The Air Force would always send a team in to the house to pack but her mother wanted things packed her way.

"C'mon Sammy that was a long time ago," Jacob said sounding like he was tired of this conversation.

"Sorry dad…so how long are you here for?" Sam asked

"How ever long it takes for…Salmek to decide I am no longer stressed." Jacob replied

"Hmm that may be awhile." Sam said grinning only to get a glare from her father.

"Well I'll leave you two alone to catch up…if anyone wants me I'll be with T." Jack said as he left Sam and her father alone in Sam's lab.

Sam waited till she was certain that the Colonel had left till she faced her father.

"Why don't we go grab a cup of coffee and you tell me the real reason why you're here." Sam suggested.

"Wish I could Sam but I was told you are on a no liquid/food diet for your health." Jacob replied before he could keep the secret covered. Way to go Mr. General of Earth he who can convince a high system lord that your completely devoted to him without raising any concern. Salmek taunted

Shut up it wasn't my fault. You have too high a honesty streak that really aggravates me. Jacob replied

Oh so it's my fault? I was trying to work out something completely different than to intrude on a father-daughter discussion. Salmek replied

Yeah you believe that Jacob replied sarcastically. Sam just looked at him dumbfounded.

"Why? I'm perfectly fine." Sam said sitting on the bench not noticing the conversation between host and symbiote.

"Sam…something happened on your last mission, you remember when you had to drink all that water? Well it appears there was more to the water than Daniel rapidly translated…you drank alcohol and it's not like the vodka you get here…this stuff stays in your system. The more you eat or drink the further you get intoxicated. Dr. Frasier didn't put it on your record incase someone breaks into the files and slanders your name later on…after all who would believe that there is alcohol on another planet?" Jacob filled her in. He new there was going to be trouble as Sam's face was held neutrally. For the first time in Sam's life he couldn't see what Sam was thinking.

"So even now I'm drunk?" Sam asked

"We don't know. We are erring on the side of caution at the moment." Jacob honestly filled her in Sam looked at her hands clasped between her knees a pose she held often after her mum died. With out warning Sam shot her father a scathing look.

"So you're hear out of…pity? There was no "Needing to de-stress" is there?" Sam rounded on her father. Jacob raised his hands and backed away from his approaching daughter.

"Sam. Calm down." Jacob said putting his hands on her shoulders when he reached the wall he noticed that Sam was trying to calm down.

"It wasn't anyone's fault and I came here because George thought I should know and I came to help you…not out of pity." Jacob said.

"Yeah right. See Dad I'm fine go back to the Tok'ra council I'm sure they will need you and Salmek." Sam said slipping from her father's hold and walking out of her office.

I believe this would be the appropriate time to use to Tauri saying 'oops' Salmek replied

I can't wait till—oh you don't make children dammit Jacob replied as he tried to follow Sam who seemed to disappear from sight.

"Sam you learnt concealment too well." Jacob muttered to himself he then headed left to see if she went to yell at Daniel…after all that's what he feels like doing.

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