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"Eh heh heh... looks like you're cornered, Kei-chan," Mion said, grinning wildly.

"Sh-shut up!" came Keiichi's retort. He was in a bad situation. He knew it well. That damn tomboy was beating him again. And the stakes were pretty high this time... damnit.

"Hauu... Keiichi-kun's in trouble," said Rena as she watched the situation. "What will he do, what will he do?"

"Oh-hohoho, Keiichi-san stands no chance against our fearless club leader!" shouted Satoko.

"Poor, poor Keiichi," mumbled Rika, as she moved over to pat Keiichi on the head. "Mii is being rough on him."

"Don't worry! Kei-chan's a man!" said Mion as she waved them off. "He can take this sorta thing. He'll be totally fine!"

Yeah, thought Keiichi. Suuuure I'll be fine. Damnit! I can't help but think this all could've been avoided if I hadn't opened up my big mouth. Well, it's too late now. Shit... gotta think. Gotta keep cool. Mion is a master of this game, I have to be careful, I can't lost anymore! Think, Maebara Keiichi. Where is she hiding at?

He gulped and got ready.

"E... 4," he said, voice shaking, eyes shut tight.

"Miss," said Mion, calmly. "I'm afraid this is it, Kei-chan. B-8."

"DAMNIT MION!" shouted Keiichi as he stood up from his chair. "You knew I wouldn't be good at this game! You should've picked a---"

"Hang on," she said. "If I heard you correctly earlier, didn't you say you could quote unquote, 'beat me anytime, anywhere, at any game?' Correct me if I'm wrong, please."

Keiichi grumbled and sat down.

"You know," he said. "I've never even heard of this before."

"Battleship," she said. "King of simulated sea warfare! Didn't I explain this all to you earlier? Geeeez."

"Shut up," he said. "Damn foreign games. F-7."

"Miss again, Kei-chan," said Mion, grinning happily.

"Wow, Keiichi-san," said Satoko, butting in. "You really are bad at this, aintcha?"

I just said that two seconds ago you little brat! he thought angrily. No need to point it out!

"Now now Satoko," said Mion. "You never know, he could make a comeback. But I doubt it. B-7."

"Miss," said Keiichi. "That's right, I still have one ship left, I can turn this all around!"

"Not likely," said Satoko. "Mion-san still has all of her ships. You haven't even hit ONE, and by the looks of things, she's gonna take down that last ship in no time."

"Shut up," said Keiichi. "I don't need your commentary. B-4"

"Miss," said Mion, an evil smile growing on her face. "Eh heh heh, say goodbye, Kei-chan. A-8."

"Crap," said Keiichi in disbelief. "Crapcrapcrap craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!"

"Oh-hohohoho, nice one Mion-san," said Satoko.

"Poor poor Keiichi," said Rika. "I can't stand to watch."

"Keiichi-kun, what're you going to do, going to do?" said Rena. "The punishment game this time is---"

That's right! he remembered. Goddamnit, Now I have to---

"Wahahahahahahahaha, better luck next time Kei-chan," Mion said. "Now, the punishment game we agreed on was 'the loser must serve the winner as a slave for a week,' correct?"

"Correct," grumbled Keiichi.

"That mean's you're my slave now, Kei-chan," said Mion, the grin still not off her face. "And guess what your first task is?"


Keiichi's arms were growing tired from all the extra weight. He had a schoolbag in each hand, and another on his back. As he walked, he leaned from side to side, struggling to keep his balance.

"Mii-chan," said Rena, sadly. "I can understand making him carry your bag, but mine as well? Don't you think you're being rough on Keiichi-kun?"

"Wahahahaha, like I said earlier Rena, Kei-chan's a man," replied Mion. "He can handle it."

That's what you think Mion, thought Keiichi angrily. I'm going to get you back for this, I swear. Argh, my back, I can feel it collapsing! Rena, help me out here! Please!

"I suppose so," said Rena softly. "As long as Keiichi-kun has no problems with it."

"Nope, no problem," said Keiichi, clenching his teeth. "Anything to bring a smile to your face."

"Ha-Hauu... Keiichi-kun..." squeaked Rena.

Man, she is too easy sometimes, thought Keiichi. Eh heh heh, at least one thing brought a smile to my face. Now I only have... Her, to deal with.

He looked at Mion, who certainly looked very pleased with herself as she strode along, hands on the back of her head. He clicked his mouth, and looked over at Rena, who stared back with a look of worry in her eyes.

"Say, Kei-chan," said Mion, still not looking back at him. "Ya know what this old man would like?"

Keiichi grumbled. "What?"

"A nice healthy lunch," she said. "You would be nice to enough to make me one tomorrow, right?"

Goddamnit, he thought. I swear I'll get you back for this, Mion!

"Fine fine," he said, still clenching his teeth. "Don't blame me if it turns out bad though. I'm not a very good cook."

"Oh, is that so?" said Mion, tauntingly. "Then I suppose I could settle for your mother's cooking instead, wahahaha."

"Hey!" Keiichi shouted. "I'm not going to ask my mom to make lunch for you!"

"Then don't," she replied. "Say it's for you."

"Tch. Fine. I hope you enjoy it," he said bitterly.

"Mii-chan, don't you think you should let Keiichi-kun eat?" asked Rena, quietly.

"How many times do I have to say it, Kei-chan's a man," replied Mion proudly. "He can handle it."

I'm a growing boy, I need all the food I can get, Keiichi thought at her. I don't need this from you, tch, damnit.

Soon enough they approached the windmill, still turning like it did everyday. An uninteresting sight. Keiichi heaved, and handed Rena's bag over to her.

"Here... you... go... phew," he panted.

"Th-thank you... Keiichi-kun," she said softly.

"Oi oi!" said Mion, butting in. "You have to carry my bag all the way to my house, so don't you go anywhere."

"D-damnit Mion!" he said as he turned to her. "I gotta get home, ya know!"

"Go home later then," she replied quickly. "You can explain it all to your parents, can't you?"

"Damn you," he said. "Damn you so much."


Keiichi dropped Mion's bag on the floor before kneeling over and panting. This was the second time he went round to Mion's house, and it was certainly still as impressive as last time.

"Huuu... Huu... there we... go..." he said, wiping his forehead. "Can I, can I go home now?"

"Nope," Mion said dismissively. "You've got a buttload of chores to do, Kei-chan."

"Wh-wh-what?" he said, standing up straight. "But I have to---"

"Go home? Too bad," she interrupted. "You're still my slave. You can call home to say you'll be late if you want."

Keiichi clenched his fists angrily, before calming down.

"Fine," he said. "You know I'm going to get you back for all this, right?"

"Oh, I'm sure," she replied, smiling brightly. "Come on."


Grumbling, Keiichi finished washing the last of the dishes. He sighed and dried off his hands before wandering around the room.

This place is huge, he thought to himself. Why on earth do they make a deal out of my house being big, compared to this colossal place?

He eventually stopped in front of a shelf with a lot of plates on it. Curious, he picked one up and looked at it, turning it over in his hands occasionally. Satisfied, he put it back and continued pacing aimlessly.

I wonder where Mion is. he eventually began to wonder. Well, so long as she isn't bossing me around, I'm glad, I guess. Nice place she has here, I wonder why she doesn't invite me round more often? Last time I was here, I didn't get to see much, cause of that whole business with Rika.

He straightened out his shoulders and started to wait.

Tch. What is that girl up to?


Mion was sitting on her bed with her knees hugged to her face. She had been like this for several minutes, trying to take in the situation she was in.

I can't believe I did it, she thought to herself. I have Kei-chan right where I want him. I can make him do anything. Anything. He is completely under my control.

She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling.

And yet, she continued. I'm too scared to go back there. He's the one that should be scared of me! Damn. This is what I've wanted for weeks now, and now that I finally got it, I can't do a thing! Damnit! Damn damn damn...

She slapped her face, and sat up.

Okay, she thought. This is it, Sonozaki Mion. You're going to go down there right now, and show him whose boss. Don't let anything stop you. Go! Go! Go!

She tore out of her bed and marched through her house over to the kitchen, where Keiichi was standing, looking dumbfounded at something on the floor. He looked over at her with a scared look on his face when he heard her coming.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I broke one of your plates. I was just looking at it, and---"

"Kei-chan," she said, disappointed. "How can I trust you to be a good servant when you go and do something like this? Honestly."

"I'm sorry!" he said quickly. "I'll pay for it! I swear!"

"You better," she said. "Those are grandma's favourites. She's gonna be pissed when she hears about this."

He bowed quickly. "Sorry!"

"Geez, I get it Kei-chan," she said. "You don't need to apologise that much."

"Well I," he started. "I didn't think it would--- I mean it just slipped and I---"

She gave a big pat on the back. "Don't worry about it! Just pay up tomorrow and everything will be okay, got it?"

"Y-yeah, okay," he said. "Uh, how much was it, may I ask?"


Keiichi finally started to leave for home, giving a wave back as he walked off.

"Don't forgot!" shouted Mion. "Lunch and money for the plate tomorrow!"

"I won't!" he shouted back. "Geez!"

"Just checking!" she replied, before disappearing back into her house.

Well, thought Keiichi as he continued to walk down the path. That wasn't too bad. I might actually end up enjoying this, hahaha.

He kicked the dirt as soon as that thought entered his mind,

What on earth are you thinking, Maebara Keiichi? he scolded himself. She's gonna work you like a dog! She's the enemy! And you need to get her back someday!

He straightened up, a determined look in his eyes.

Alright! Time to get ready, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow!


Mion lay down on her bed, thinking.

Tomorrow... what can I make Kei-chan do for me? she thought. Anything I want him to... anything...