A/N: This has got to be the oddest pairing I've ever come up with--and that's saying something. XD Anyway, these are fifty sentences for the pairing Escad/Rachel. YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. I haven't been approved over at LJ yet, but it's been like two months since I've submited my claim and they STILL haven't replied, so I'm damning it to hell and posting the first ten anyway.

I'm writing these to try and grasp Escad's character a little better, so anyone if anyone who writes him regularly ( and who hasn't already been scared away ) would like to help with that in their reviews, I'd be greatful.

CAUTION: many run on sentences and semi-colons and hyphens ahead, you have been warned.


the difference.


1. Cinnamon

She was yelling at him and he was snapping at her and people were staring; mouth open in a retort, she steps forward to poke one pale, purposeful finger in his face, and for one odd moment he is distracted solidly by the green of her eyes and the cinnamon-sweet fragrance her sudden proximity brings.

2. Bittersweet

For the most part, he was an arrogant git who annoyed the hell out of her; but there were times—rare occasions when the nights were long and her heart was heavy—when all she wanted was a hand to stroke her hair and a shoulder for her to lean on . . . and he was there, always, his soft breath and gentle fingertips infusing her with a strength that made her body warm and her petulance shrink and her sadness melt away.

3. Technology

"What . . . is this?" Escad asked one day while they were shopping, puzzling over an apparently modern object he was holding in his hand that was completely foreign to him; Rachel stared at him queerly as she asked, "Just how long were you stuck in the Underworld for?"

4. "What was that for?"

One minute her eyes were on fire as she stared at him, angry and hurt and relieved all at once, and the next she was flinging herself at him, with her arms wrapped around his neck and her mouth pressed to his stubbly cheek and her tears warming his skin, and as she pulled away to look at him with luminous teal eyes he grunted dazedly, "What was that for?"

5. Rumors

'There are rumors all through town about you now, sweetheart,' her father's voice echoed through her head, and she couldn't help but roll her eyes and let out a sharp bark of laughter as he remarked, 'and of some blonde fellow accompanying you—of course we were concerned at first, until I heard that he ran around in a skirt.'

6. Sacrifice

"SHIT," he had yelped, ducking just in time as Rachel's wayward Dryad spell cut through the place his neck had just occupied ( "HOLY MANA, I'm so sorry, are you okay—?!" ); unfortunately, his long hair wasn't so lucky, and Escad watched with a ridiculously copious amount of horror as a thick chunk of his smooth, silvery hair drifted to the ground in front of him.

7. Reunion

"Duelle!" she cried happily, running towards her old friend on light feet and shimmering wings, and Escad stared incredulously as she embraced the small warrior tightly; "Wait—you actually know the onion?"

8. Sword & Shield

He was a Gato knight, proud and noble, and it was his unspoken duty to defend the weak and shield them from unjust wrath, sword in hand; so imagine his surprise when it was he who was being protected by her—with her arms outstretched and the tingle of concentrated mana in the air, the enemy's attack was suddenly stopped short by a glowing sheild of energy as she stood over him, murmuring lowly in a tongue that was familiar yet all at once strange to his human ears.

9. My happy ending

"You're so naïve,"he told her harshly, his eyes so heavy with anathema and anger that she flinched.

10. Windows of the soul

They were pale and blue and usually filled with a quiet sort of arrogance that was subtle but nevertheless annoying—however, that one moment when she was close enough see the even softer specks of gold that dusted the surface of his eyes was one in which she was able to glimpse his soul, and suddenly she found herself face-to-face with a man who had lost everything except the past that still haunted him.