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the difference.

#31 - Book

"I think you'll like this," she said, and held out for him a leather-bound tome.

#32 - Eye

"OW," Rachel cried, "How the hell do women manage put this stuff on their eyes EVERY DAY?"

#33 – Never

"Have you ever considered cutting your—" Rachel shut her mouth as Escad fixed her with a withering glare, and she swore that his blonde head began shining prettier than usual for emphasis.

#34 - Sing

"Lips, red as the berries in June; Red the rose, red the rose…Skin, pale as the light of the moon, gently as she goes…"

#35 - Sudden

"And so I took my sword and bore it down upon—why are you staring at me like that?" he asked suddenly, and with a start Rachel cast her eyes away, red-faced as she fumbled for an excuse.

#36 – Stop

"STOP," Rachel snapped loudly; Escad froze, wondering dimly if he should be fearing for his life.

#37 - Time

"Heh," Rachel croaked brokenly, and Escad swore that he heard something inside of him break with it; "I guess I have all of eternity to figure it out, right?"

#38 – Wash

Escad offered a kind of sheepish, somewhat apologetic shrug as he watched Rachel hold up his soiled shirt with a curled lip; "Ugh," she said.

#39 - Torn

"I don't know," he told her—her hard eyes, her trembling lips, her tear-streaked cheeks; "I don't know what I want."

#40 - History

"Come on," she whispered, cupping his dirty cheek; "Let's make history."