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When I was just a child my mother used to tell me all sorts of stories of all her expeditions, she would tell me about the clients, the trip, the problems, everything that would happen, but there was one expedition that she never once mentioned and that was her expedition in Antarctica. The first time I asked her I was only seven and at that time she said I wasn't old enough to hear about it, the second and last time I asked was when I was twelve. I remember coming down the stairs and watching as my mother sat on the coach rubbing some old coke bottle top, she once told me it belonged to a very good friend who had died in a horrible accident. As I began to question her we ended up in a huge argument…it would be the last time I ever saw or talked to my mother.



"You are not ol…"


"Scarlett please I don't want to talk about it." Snarling in frustration I turned and stormed towards the stairs.

"It's no wonder father left you."


"That's fine by me." I growled out as I ran up the steps and stormed into my room, making sure to slam the door.

End Flashback

The next morning I found out that her car had been run off the side of the rode and that she had slammed straight into a tree…she died on impact. The day of her funeral as I stood by my mothers coffin I noticed how in certain areas around us the air seemed to shift looking around at everybody else I realized that nobody else noticed the disturbance so I merely ignored it, after the funeral as every one said their condolences I remained by my mothers grave. I stood there for more then two hours ignoring everything and everyone, I recalled everything from the night before and I regretted it all. I wanted to go back in time and to erase every bad thing and every argument that had happened between us, I wanted to go back to last night and tell her how much I truly did love her and that no matter what I would always love her, but I would never get the chance to tell her. The day after her funeral I left the states and moved to England with my dad, he said it was for my best interest but it was all a bunch of crap. He left me with my grandparents and went back to the states, to his new wife, the new wife I never even knew existed. I was beyond furious when I found out the truth but after a week or so I accepted the fact and I lived a semi happy life with my grandparents, they loved me and did everything they could for me, I finished my schooling and graduated from college at the mere age of 16 as a Bio-Chemist. I worked for the government for about two years before I decided to take a year vacation and do some things I had been wanting to do, so here I am now standing at my mother's grave, wishing things had been different…wishing that I had one more chance to tell her that I loved her.

"Staring at her grave isn't going to make her come back Lette."

"I know but I can dream can't I Grandma Kia?" Smiling sadly Kia wrapped her arm around Lette's shoulder.

"Dreams are always free sweetie, but this is one dream that you know will never come true."

"I just hope she knew how much I truly did love her." Lette whispered as she placed her hand upon the headstone.

"She knew sweetie." Nodding her head Lette turned around and looked back over at her Grandpa Jay who was sitting inside the truck waiting patiently for them.

"Well, I guess we had better get going," Lette stated as she started walking back towards her truck Kia walking along side her, "you know Grandma Kia had it not been for you and Grandpa Jay supporting me through everything, I don't think I would have ever made it this far."

Smiling softly at her only grandchild Kia shook her head, "Yes, but it was your determination and you courage also. You could had stopped and given up so many times, but you never did." Grinning lightly Lette shook her head.

"And what are you grinning about young lady." A mocking voice asked. Looking up Lette found herself staring into her Grandpa's teal green eyes.

"Nothing Grandpa Jay, it's nothing."

"If you say so my dear, now why don't we get going and head out to the cabin house so I can get my afternoon nap." Chuckling Lette shook her head and opened the cab door to the truck to let Kia in.

"We're going, we're going."

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