They'd spent some time on Earth, just a couple of days, to get reacquainted. Then they'd gone to the New Earth, and he was definitely getting warmer.

He'd taken her hand and pulled her along and she loved it. He was warm and kind, and seemed happier, more jovial than the last, this new new Doctor. He was cheeky and eager, more generally excited about everything. He just seemed to want to show it all to her.

He'd take her hand more playfully now. I was all a game. And they were winning.

But then they weren't, they were losing, and Cassandra was winning, and confusing them, the Doctor's hand, Cassandra's hand, Rose's hand and again Cassandra's hand. She'd only just decided he was the Doctor, but then she was Cassandra, and she was Cassandra, and everyone's hand was false, and she couldn't tell who was who anymore.

And now even she felt cold.