"I can't believe it. I go out looking for a good kill and all I find is a stupid genin."

Cheyenne crawled on the ground, trying to avoid a killing blow that the rogue ninja was about to deliver. She backed up against a tree and braced herself. Just as the ninja was about to bring his kunai down, Cheyenne heard a loud chirping. The Rain ninja screamed for mere seconds before he was silenced.

Cheyenne opened her eyes to see three Leaf jonin standing above her. She tried to move, but a sharp pain shot across her chest and she collapsed onto her stomach. Her eyes were open only long enough to see a silver-haired male kneel in front of her.

A little while later-

"You're finally awake, huh?"

Cheyenne's eyes opened slightly, the white fluorescent lights hanging above blinding her. She turned her head to see a woman looking over some paperwork. The woman looked up and smiled. Cheyenne groaned as she tried to sit up, only managing to fall on her back again.

"Easy now, you're still recovering."

"Who are you?"


Tsunade walked to the doorway and began murmuring to someone outside. Tsunade turned back to Cheyenne, stepping aside to allow the others in. She recognized them as the three who were in the forest. They walked up to the bed and began to speak to her.

"Are you feeling better?" asked a dark-haired female.

"Yes. Who are you three?"

"My name is Kurenai Yuhi. These other two are Might Gai and Kakashi Hatake."

Cheyenne looked over at the three and blushed lightly.

"Thank you for saving me."

Kakashi stepped forward.

"Are you a rock shinobi?"


"Why are you in the land of Fire? Sure, things have settled between out two lands, but you can't cross borders without being a liaison between villages. Plus, seeing what happened in the forest, you're still of genin level. Why are you here?"

Cheyenne, luckily, still remembered why she had come to the village.

"The Tsuchikage…!"

Everyone in the room looked confused.

"I need to speak to the Hokage!"

"What is it?" Tsunade spoke up, "I'm the fifth Hokage. Tell me what has happened.

Cheyenne turned to Tsunade, looking frantic.

"Lord Tsuchikage is dead! He was murdered by two rogue ninja!"

The four were shocked.

"That's why I'm here. I'm supposed to alert you, since the Leaf Village has the most military power."

"Who sent you? It's dangerous sending a genin on such an important mission. This is a S-rank mission."

"I sent myself. Lord Tsuchikage was my uncle, the only family I had. I did this to hunt down his killers and avenge him."

"That's very brave. You don't seem to be any ordinary genin." Kurenai smiled.

Cheyenne wasn't able to smile back. Kurenai's compliment wasn't enough to ease her nerves.

"Does your village need help with security? We could offer a few of out ANBU to help curb villagers concerns."

"My village should be fine for now. Our strongest ninja have been deployed to the perimeters of the village. We'll be safe for now. The only problem that could arise is if the people riot because we have no leader. Right now, I don't think any other shinobi are strong enough to take the title of Tsuchikage. My uncle was going to pass the title on to another soon. He already had a guy in mind. His name was Deidara, but unfortunately before he could hear he was accepted, he ran away to join the Akatsuki. Since then, no one else has been deemed worthy."

Silence doused the room like water being poured over a campfire. Nobody knew what to say.

The quiet was extinguished by a knock on the door. Tsunade opened it to see a boy standing there. He was wearing the same green suit as Gai.

"Lee, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see Gai-sensei. He's late for training."

Lee looked into the room, finding it weird that three jonin and the Hokage were gathered around a bed. He stepped into the room and walked to the bed.

"Who is this, Gai-sensei? Her headband says she's a rock shinobi. Why would you be in the room of a foreigner?"

"Because, she came to report that the Tsuchikage has been killed."

Lee was shocked, even though he didn't know much about the Tsuchikage.

"What rank are you?"


"They sent a genin on such a crucial mission? You must really be strong. Care to spar with me?"

"Lee," Gai sternly addressed his pupil, "This is not a great time. Also, can't you see what kind of condition this girl is in?"

"Actually," interrupted Cheyenne. "I can't stay locked up in the hospital like this. I would like to leave for a while, if that's okay, Lord Hokage."

Tsunade looked at her for a minute, thinking of anything that could go wrong.

"I suppose, but no fighting. Go for a walk or something. When you're done, report back here. I'll know if you're not back because I personally check on all patients."

"Thank you."

Cheyenne was helped out of bed and left the room, following Lee.

"Are you sure that it was safe letting Cheyenne out? There are most likely enemy shinobi on her tail."

Tsunade turned and looked out of the window, staring at the mountain-side monument. She sighed.

"I wouldn't worry about that girl. I sense something very special about her."

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