This story deals with abuse and rape. If these subjects are uncomfortable for you, either please do not read the story (I love criticism, but there is a line between criticism and blatant hatred) or watch for the warning at the beginning of the rape chapter and skip it. This is your warning, I'm putting it here so you can't say I didn't warn you.

This is a rewrite of Support, It's actually a lot different from the original in the writing style and in the path I'm going to take to the ending. Some of the chapters might be identical because I loved them, but I've literally started writing it from scratch with just the skeleton plot plan. I'm hoping this will tie up loose ends and confusion with who people were and what their roles are.

I'd really appreciate your patience while I do this. I promise it will make more sense and won't leave such an open ending!

Thanks, Management.

There were very few rules in the life of seventeen-year-old James Potter, regardless of his position as Head Boy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He liked his life that way, carefree, and indifferent. But there were three core rules he lived by:

1) All Slytherins deserve to be ruthlessly and mercilessly pranked,

2) Homework and shameless flirting will give you a passing grade,

3) Preying on those weaker than you is cowardly, and

4) Unique women deserved to be loved, respected and cherished, not used and thrown away.

It was the skeleton of his code of honour, the one he followed as best he possibly could. Thus, when Head Girl Lily Evans came tumbling through the portrait hole, effectively interrupting a brilliant thought for his latest transfiguration essay, he had to do a double take, for Lily was one of those unique women and she definitely didn't look like she'd been loved, respected and cherished.

She looked like she'd been destroyed.