This is part of a story I'm still in the process of writing.

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Set Pre-Series so not very AU.

Lilly never slept with Aaron and Lamb is sheriff because Keith lost the last election.

Lilly isn't dead.

Veronica, Keith and Lianne live in their "crappy" apartment.

Keith is a PI and Veronica helps out.

Lianne will leave sooner or later.

Logan and Veronica weren't big talkers. Well, Logan was a big talker, just not about the serious stuff. Veronica just wasn't a talker. She only opened her mouth when she had something to say. She rarely spit out the same kind of crap Logan did. But somehow, she was the only person he would talk to. She was a listener, he figured. And a damn good one too. She never judged, didn't interrupt, she was just there to help, to be a shoulder to lean on. But if you asked him, he would deny vehemently that any leaning had taken place.

They had met when he was twelve and had just moved to Neptune. He had been invited over by the Kanes. That's when he first saw her. She and Duncan had just come from soccer practice according to Lilly. Everyone thought that he was just a snobby, spoiled little rich boy who had everything handed down to him. No one knew what went on behind closed doors. How Aaron had beat him for the first time when he was ten. He still did it. Everyone thought Logan was acting like a brat when he sniped at his dad. Everyone except Veronica. She saw the hatred in Logan's eyes when he looked at his dad. She knew there was something going on. No one, not even Logan, would have that much hatred in their eyes just from being grounded. Her thoughts never strayed to abuse until later. But she chose not to confront Logan about it. They had developed a peculiar relationship. He was the talker, she was the listener. On occasion they switched roles.

They kind of had a thing for each other, they grew closer, but the Kanes had unknowingly stopped them from admitting their feelings. Duncan had started to try and sweep Veronica off her feet and Veronica, unknown to Logan's feelings had let him. She had given up on Logan. Logan knew Duncan was trying to win over Veronica and if Veronica hadn't seemed to return Duncan's feelings, he might have fought for her. But she seemed to return them. So when Lilly came along, and offered him a ride, he bought a first class ticket. It was a case of mixed signals. He had stopped talking and she had stopped listening.

"Hey, Veronica."

"My, my, Logan Echolls, not drunk for a change. What brings this about?"

He nodded his head in her direction. She turned around and saw Lilly flirting with another guy. And another one, and another one, and another one. Veronica sighed.

"You'd think that would be the perfect excuse to get wasted." She said, motioning him to scoot over so she could sit next to him.

"Single, and hung over. Or single and having fun." Logan raised both hands, palm facing the ceiling and weighed his options. "I think I'll take the fun." He replied. He turned to look at Veronica. "Speaking of having fun, shouldn't you be having it with Duncan?"

Veronica sighed." He's talking to Meg about his platform for Student Body President."

"Ah, yes, our Mr. Kane. Ever the diplomat." Veronica nodded. She hadn't been alone, really alone, with Logan in a while. They were sixteen now, the last time they had actually hung out just the two of them, planned, had been two years ago. "Well, what better way to start making up than the present. Right?" She thought to herself.

"So, Logan, what's up?" She asked.

"You mean other than my girlfriend dumping me and then flirting with five guys the next day? Why, Veronica, everything's peachy." The sarcasm didn't go unnoticed. Veronica knew Logan well, despite the lack of communication for the past two years.

"Sarcasm doesn't work here." She told him. He just stared in front of him. Veronica looked around. Lilly was busy, Duncan was busy. They weren't needed.

"Why don't we go take a walk?" She suggested. Logan looked outside. "It's raining." He stated as if just telling her, not using it as an excuse.

"I like walking in the rain." Veronica said. She continued to look at him. Logan had been trying to stare in front of him, willing himself not to look in Veronica's eyes. He knew that if he did, he would be lost and agree to anything she said. After that statement though, he couldn't help himself.

"Since when?" He asked incredulously. Veronica took his hand, pulled him up and started walking towards the door. "Since I have someone to walk with."

That night Veronica learned to listen again and Logan learned to talk again.