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Summary : All their lives, Hunter and Blake thought they were regular people. Sure, Ninjas and Power Rangers, but human none-the-less. What happens when they find out differently, and what's this impending disaster?

Pairings : Blake/Tori and Hunter/OC

I could have gone Hunter/Kelly for this one, but since many of my readers liked my OC, Angie, I am going to work OCs again. Now, that's not to say it's going to be the same one, since it's a different story, but she'll be similar.

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Legend :





(Change of POV/Scenery)


(Hunter's POV)

Staring into the mirror, my eyes passed over the reflection staring back at me. Exhausted blue eyes with dark circles underneath, showing the lack of sleep, and a pale face. My hair was a mess; thankfully, I just got out of the shower, but still… It stuck up in every direction and I seriously thought about getting a haircut as I ran my hands through it absently.

No, I wasn't sick. It was horrible dreams I'd started having, shortly after becoming the Crimson Ranger.

Groaning a little, I closed my eyes and picked up my hair brush, running it through my hair in an attempt to tame it. Man, what's going on? I'd say these were just nightmares, but they're so vivid! I thought as I put my brush back.

It was the same, night after night. I can hear a woman's playful laughter, and somehow, it almost seems to draw me. But that's only the beginning…

Closing my eyes, I ran a hand along my neck and felt the chain I always wore. I didn't even open my eyes as my fingers drew along it, to the crimson, crystal figurine at the end, hanging at the center of my chest.

I'd had it for as long as I could remember. Somehow, just knowing it was still there soothed me. Grasping it lightly, I allowed myself to be drawn back and remember the most recent dream.


Looking around, I was standing in the center of a dark, dense forest, at night. I was alone, and in my Ninja Leathers. I didn't really know why I was there, or where I was, but I started wandering around, trying to find a path of some kind.

"Hello?" I called, hoping maybe I just wandered to a new area of the forest around Ops. I think a part of me was hoping one of my friends would answer. "Hey!"

My only response was a playful giggle.

Stopping cold, I looked around. The sound was close by and it sounded like a woman's voice. "Is someone there?" I called again, narrowing my eyes as I squinted at my surroundings. "Tori?"

It was a woman, so my logical conclusion was that it was Tori Hanson, a friend of mine and fellow Ninja. The resident female of our team, Water Ninja and quite obvious love interest of my younger, adopted brother, Blake. Still, I don't think I'd ever heard her 'giggle' like that.

Another giggle and a flash of movement ahead of me. Whoever it was, they were running off.

"Hey, wait!" I called, running after them. "Who are you?"

It's coming.

Stopping cold, I stared at the figure ahead of me. Dressed in a flowing black gown, was a woman with long black hair. Her back was to me, so I couldn't make out her face, but in the shining moonlight, her skin seemed pale.

What made me drop into a defensive stand was that on her back were two white wings. But, not angel wings. White scales glimmered in the bright moonlight, and silver webbing seemed to glitter softly.

You must hurry. It's coming.

A woman's voice. Soothing to me, but filled with fear, her words seemed to pull me to her. It wasn't me, but something inside me that I could feel fighting to get out.

Another giggle, but this one was different. It was almost insane, or maybe, desperate? The figure in front of me shivered violently as the giggle sounded.

If you don't….

The figure spun and I cried out as I was met with a skeletal face. The body began to burn and disintegrate right in front of me, and there was a flash of blinding light, making me shut my eyes and throw my hands up in front of me, as if it could protect me.

If you don't…the world…

The voice sounded broken and full of sorrow.

Opening my eyes, I felt them widen in horror as my heart skipped a beat at the sight in front of me. No longer was I in the forest, nor was it night.

The sky burned a foreboding red, the fiery sun beaming down on the almost barren landscape. The air was hot and humid, and I could feel myself becoming dehydrated quickly. The ground was void of plants, but for a few scraggly bushes, and littered with bones. Millions of bones, millions of bodies, human and not human alike.

There were the occasional trees, but they were dried up and burning on fire. The ground was parched and cracked, and pieces of clothing and other light materials fluttered by in the dry wind.

It looked like hell on earth, literally.

Screams echoed n the air, but only faintly, and as I listened, they grew fainter, until they faded away entirely.

In front of me, I barely recognized the city of Blue Bay Harbor. It sat empty, burning and filled with death and decay. The buildings burned away, and were in ruin. Bodies littered the streets and sat in their cars, in the middle of the streets.

The streets themselves were filled with holes, the pavement having been torn up by some force. Street lamps were on their sides, bicycles were fallen across the street.

Nothing moved.

Nothing lived.

The world is doomed.

The voice cracked slightly and I looked around. "Who are you?!' I demanded as loud as I could, feeling my chest squeeze in pain. Looking back to the destruction, I felt my eyes widen when I was instead, in front of Storm Chargers, in the same condition as the rest of the city. "No…"

Your friends…

Running ahead, I tried to pull open the door, only to burn my hand on the metal knob and watch as the door fell inwards, no longer attached to the wall. "Guys!" I shouted, racing into the store.

Standing behind the counter was Kelly Holloway, the owner of Storm Chargers and my boss. Her red hair was down her back, and she wore a red vest and blue jeans. Her back was to me, and I sighed in relief to see that she was alright.

It meant there was hope for the others.

"Kel!" I called slightly as I jogged up behind her. Glancing briefly down at myself, I wondered how I would explain the leather. Until I realized I was clothed in jeans and a crimson t-shirt. Weird. I thought briefly, before shrugging. I was just too relieved to see someone alright, to pay any attention to anything else, at the moment.

Looking back up, I reached out and tapped Kelly's shoulder, tugging slightly to get her to turn around. "You wouldn't believe….." My voice trailed off in shock as I choked on the humid air.

Instead of turning, her arm fell off, right before her body fell sideways and shattered like glass.

Your friends will die…

It wasn't threatening, but fact.

Everything darkened, and I spun to find a navy-clad body on the ground. Shaking my head, I felt tears come to my eyes as my mouth hung open limply. No. No, no, no… I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I wouldn't believe what I was seeing!

"Blake…" I swallowed heavily as my voice came out in nothing but a weak whimper. Hot tears trailed down my cheeks as I stared in horror. My only family left, my baby brother…

He was lying face down on the ground, his suit hanging loosely off his decayed body. I felt ready to throw up at the sight of the black spear sticking out of his back. It looked like it was made from bones or something, and was caked with dried blood. I also noticed a piece of light blue material on it that I recognized as a part of Tori's Ranger uniform.

I can't do this myself… Help me.

Suddenly, I cried out in pain as my chest seemed to tighten unbearably tight. There was a powerful burning sensation against it and I lifted my shirt and looked down at the crystal figurine I'd had for as long as I could remember.

Images fluttered in my mind. Flashes of ruby scales and blue eyes. Claws and fangs and webbed wings, like on the girl.

Looking up, I was surrounded in flames. They were hot, but didn't burn me. If nothing else, I felt my body strengthen from them, felt drawn to them. Beyond them, I could see ice crystals floating around the decayed body of my little brother.


The figurine I wore was a dragon. A small, elegantly carved crystal dragon. Not much was known about the necklace, but that it was the last thing my birth mother left me before I was adopted. The crystal was a mysterious, natural crystal of an almost blood red color.

But now, as I stared in shock at it, it was glowing brightly.

Feeling stabbing pains in my back, I cried out again and dropped my shirt back over my body, curling up in a ball as my legs gave out and I collapsed on the ground.

End Flashback/Dream

Frowning deeply, I shuddered at the memory, recalling how I woke up to find Blake hovering over me with terror in his eyes.

Opening my eyes, I stared at the crystal dragon, hanging from my neck like it normally did. For a moment, I debated on telling Cam about all this, and seeing what he had to say, but I quickly dismissed the thought.

It's just a dream. I insisted firmly, mentally, as I walked out of the bathroom to get dressed for the day. I can handle a dream.

As I went into my room, I closed my hand into a fist, and winced at the pain that shot from my palm.


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"Help us, Blake."


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