Hey everyone!

Sorry about the years since I last updated this story, or the author's note about the sequel. I've had people ask me if there's going to be a sequel and where it is... Well, I'm not writing it.

I tried, but my muse for Power Rangers has up and died on me. Completely. I'm completely out of writing for Power Rangers and have been for a while.

On the subject of the sequel... I had one started a long time ago, and posted, but lost the muse for it and never finished it. Since I hate incomplete stories on my profiles, I deleted it from here, but never from my computer. I managed to get a little more written, but between every day life, lack of muse, and other stories coming out the wazoo, it's been back burner for me. Not to mention, my writing style has changed a bit, and I don't feel right when I look back on the story. Looking it over, I want to rewrite the whole thing, but again...no muse.

On the up note, another author has volunteered to give it a shot, writing the sequel. They have what I wrote, and are going to do what they can with it. The author's name is Aurora528, and the title of the story is...


So check out what they've got written. If they haven't posted already, they should be doing so very soon. I'm sure they'll do a great job, and I'm looking forward to reading it myself. :)

Again I apologize for never actually getting my sequel done and leaving you all hanging. I honestly never expected that to happen. I'm experiencing deja vu as it is, because I've got a Twilight fanfiction (one of my best so far it seems) that is nearing completion, but I've been asked to write an extension for it, and my muse is slowly dying on Twilight. -.-' At least that story had a happy ending.

Take care everyone.