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"Welcome back to the world of the livi-ah never mind."

Aeris' eyes refocused, the remembered pain of the stab wound causing her to twitch. If it was the last thing she'd do, she'd shove that thrice damned sword up his ass....

Sephiroth smirked at her violent thoughts, expression and her useless struggling against her binds. "Just in time for the show."

Aeris recognized the powerful heartbeat, the warmth of the transcendent lights surrounding them now amidst the Lifestream pulsing around them like blood. They were at Planet's core, it's very heart and soul.

"Why?" she asked the consciousness around them. "Why have you turned against me...?"

Guilt flickered a moment among the turbulent liquid, and it was the only reply she would get.

Sephiroth smirked quietly. "As I told you before, you silly little girl." The Lifestream's churning got more violent, the last time Aeris seeing a reaction like this being when Meteor nearly smashed into Midgar. "Survival."

Finally did it all make sense to Aeris, and she realized just what 'survival' meant.

Sephiroth had convinced the Planet that it was better that all life be transformed into one 'perfect' race that would not threaten it's existence.

Despite the fact that it's woes were first started by Jenova, the Planet had decided to deal with the devil it knew and provide the power needed to spread the Tartaran Virus via the Lifestream.

The bitch and her son had planned everything flawlessly.

"But the humans earned their right to exist!" Her eyes were twin flames, her outcry more toward the planet than to the silver haired demon before her. "They have changed their ways and things are almost as they were...!"

"For now." Sephiroth interrupted with chilling finality. "They will forget the lessons of their second chance. Greed will overpower Honor and Respect of the planet just as it had during the time of Shinra, for humans easily forget their place. This is the only option left and you know it deep down Aeris!"

Aeris didn't bother to answer, instead glaring at Sephiroth while wracking her mind for some means of escape. The Planet was also silent, save for the churning energies gathering around them.

Sephiroth however, smiled back.

(Slow building guitar solo from Pushing the Sky's intro begins.)

Premium Spirit Productions Presents....In association with Square Pictures….

(As the words appear and fade with the first lyrics the view spins from Sephiroth's smile…past fluffy clouds and stops on what appears to be the night sky with countless stars.)

Don't wanna be the one to pop your cherry, girl

(View abruptly zooms in with beginning of the driving beat, and we can see it's actually eyes. The eyes of way to many creatures of all sizes to count, a army marching at dusk across the Midgar continent in a dark sea of teeming flesh.)

Just jump a train that will bring you back to mama's side

(The massive foot of the Obsidian weapon narrowly misses a few of them, all it's features obscured by the shadows of the setting sun save for baleful yellow eyes, marching with them in slow careful steps…countless other flying creatures, from dragons to even bite bugs all flying in formation beside it. All shown in a grand sweeping shot of the camera as the chorus sings…)

Knock on, knock on

Knock on the sky

You keep on knockin' better ask yourself why

Knock on, knock on

Buyin' a one way ticket out of your mind

Knock on, knock on

Knock on the sky

You keep on knockin' better ask yourself why

(Hellmasker, perched on Obsidian's shoulder, sword pointed and laughing maniacally…)

You keep on pushin' and you will see my chilly yellow eyes

Only one more time

(Toward Cosmo canyon.)

Don't wanna get your teddy bear mad at me, girl

(Zoom in on Cosmo Canyon, a bustle of activity as they make the final preparations for the attack they know is coming. Tifa is seen escorting the children and noncombatants to the safety of the bunkers and tunnels. Zakaeris

in a backpack looking out with excited eyes and reaching out at the people rushing by. )

So get your pretty slippers on and dance out of here

(During the chorus we see Red and Barret fortifying the walls and defenses and making sure the makeshift army of Bannon industries Solders, ex-SOILDER and ex-SHINRA military, Cosmo canyon warriors and every able bodied man or woman that can fight are armed. Cloud is seen conversing with the platoon and naval leaders about the battle plan and Shera is seen over looking some odd looking machinery with seats for one pilot… )

Knock on, knock on

Knock on the sky

You keep on knockin' better ask yourself why

Knock on, knock on

Be happy living in your nuclear life

Knock on, knock on

Knock on the sky

You keep on knockin' better ask yourself why

(The camera zooms into her eyes and back out again from Lucrecia's eyes as she stands on the top of the Shinra tower, arms crossed and hair whipped about dramatically as she watches like some vengeful goddess…)

You keep pushin' and you will feel my frozen beastly bite

Only one more time

(Midgar beginning to glow slowly brighter below her as the camera pans backwards and away from her as she spreads her arms out wide as if to embrace it…the words of the title appearing as we pan until all we can see is the city of now brilliant light and wisps of Lifestream dancing around it's borders….)


A Final Fantasy VII fanfiction by Sentora

Final Fantasy and its characters belong to Square. Just borrowing them for this crazy fic. The new ones belong to me, so ask nicely if ya wanna use 'em ok? Pushing the Sky is also borrowed, from Yoko Kanno and seatbelts of Cowboy bebop fame!

Chapter 8: Konya wa Hurricane. (There's a hurricane tonight.)

"Prelimanary test of Tatarean Strain Transfusor complete. You can shut it down now Missus T."

It was an ugly, alien thing: Jenova flesh spreading like a cancer and fusing seamlessly with the machinery of the Midgar power system to create Lucrecia's little toy. Reeve was both fascinated and disgusted at the sight of it as he toiled on the innards of it and the system he designed years ago, making sure it synched against his will.

Not that he didn't try sabotaging it.

"Reeve, readjust the backflow before it causes a fatal feedback."


Oh how he tried though. Every engineering trick he knew and some he made up on the fly. But Machines betray nothing. They worked or they didn't, simple as that. So no matter what he did, it could not hide from Elena's talent. At one point he gave her a mild glare, not stupid enough to do anything with Reno right there.

Then again, Reno was being distraction enough.



"Don't you Elle me bird boy!"

"Why don't you go make it legal since you sound like an old married couple already?"

Reeve had the pleasure of making them both turn scarlet as they whipped around. "YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!"

He chuckled and went back to work, humming the wedding theme. Feh, if they could wreck his building and force him to work on some doomsday weapon, then he could nag them proper until he figured a way out.

"…Even though Reno has a point…"

Dragons growled less scary than Elena just did at him.

"Old man…." Reno said warningly, then sighed and looked at Elena. "Elle, I know you want to help and all, but you're doing enough making sure this tataran plain banfussor…"

"Tatarean Strain Transfusor." she corrected.

"…whatever you said works. That's more than enough and…"

"…Even if it's saying you're weak. He just has your best interests at heart. Right Reno?"

"You can work with a broken jaw Reeve…" Reno threatened while Elena fumed.

Reeve wiped his hands of oil and sighed. "So you are committed to this, both of you."

A frosty silence was his answer. Reeve continued on, making a little adjustment while he had them distracted.

"Oh I'm not condemning you." Reeve pressed on. "Lord knows I'm not one to…" he looked at them, sadly smiling at Reno's scowl as he held Elena almost as if to protect her from his words. Her eyes were downcast, not looking at either of them. "…being as I made this same decision at your age when Shinra hired me."

Reno growled warningly.

"It's not betrayal you tell yourself." Reeve went on as if he didn't hear. "You're making a better world even if they don't see it. A world they won't have to suffer or die. They will understand later. That's one of the reasons, isn't it Elena?"

"Shut up Reeve…"

"Not even if you broke my jaw, Reno." Reeve said as he turned back to the machine and continued working. "If you won't tell her your real reasons why then I will." A little twist here and an adjustment there… "He knows before the night is over, you may have to face Rude if you stayed to fight beside him. He doesn't want put you in such a situation."

Elena looked up at Reno, his expression giving him away. She only burrowed deeper in his embrace.

"…I know that."

Reeve looked at them, ignoring the death glare Reno gave as he protectively stroked her hair…

"Stop trying to make her feel guilty asshole!"

…As well as the heat of Reno's reply, instead hearing the silent plea to leave her alone mixed within it.

Lucrecia's using you both, damn her.

"Only reminding you of how much she's willing to sacrifice for you, meathead."

"And I do it willingly, Reeve." she fired back, her brown eyes blazing into Reeve's calmer ones. "Don't think you know us so well."

"And how much more you have to give Elena?" Reeve pressed on, ignoring the threat on his life by Reno's eyes. "Just how much more can both of you give?"

Both just glared at him hatefully for a moment…but Reeve knew he had an effect…

…Not the one he expected though.

Elena squirmed out of Reno's embrace, took four steps away from them, and turned to give both of them a glare that should have had a biohazard warning.

"Reeve, quit acting like I was ever a porcelain princess like Aeris. I've stolen, cheated, withheld evidence to murder, and even killed long before I turned twenty. You're a fool to think I'll back down so close to having everything I wanted just because people will get hurt."

Then to Reno, who the glare intensified for as she thumped him in the chest hard with her fingernail.

"As for YOU, lover…I'm NOT one of those love starved twits in Rude's romance novels. I'm gonna stand here and fight and you're just gonna deal with it bitch."

Reno opened his mouth…

"And if you think locking me in our room or knocking me out will work, don't even think about it."

…shut it a moment. Tried again…

"One more word and you'll sleep in the tub tonight."

…kept it shut this time and glared.

She ruffled his hair and giggled, softening. "So cute."

He actually sulked. "So bossy."

"I'll let that one slide." she kissed him, Reno forgetting the argument as he kissed back…

Behind her back, Reeve made a whipping sound.

"You worry more about adjusting that regulator! I SAW YOU!"

It was Reeve's turn to sulk as he did was he was told. "How does she do that…" he muttered.


Two hours. Two hours until Detonation.

Lucrecia allowed herself a Hojo like cackle. The bastard was right about madness being so…liberating…

She looked to Cosmo canyon from where she stood, slyly smirking.

"I sense your approach Vincent." She cooed. "So filled with righteous anger and vengeance like the fool you are."

Her ears twitched, senses alert.

"You don't deserve to be reborn, and I will enjoy watching Chaos and his brothers tear you apart." the smirk deepened. "Now…how will you approach…through stealth? A frontal assault or…ah."

She increased her vision to the level of a hawks…the approaching Highwind just barely visible.

"Heh…never took you for…" her aura flared as she steeled herself. "…one to repeat history!"

The Highwind increased speed…Lucrecia preparing to blast it out of the sky before it neared Midgar…

…eyes widening as the Highwind unleashed everything it had toward Midgar…each missile separating into smaller ones until there were far too many to count…

…Lucrecia cursing as she replied with an energy barrage of her own…shooting down as many as she could…some managing to strike throughout the city…

*Attempting to destroy Midgar?!*

In the chaos she spotted the answer…two missiles larger than the others…

…one shattering as it entered the city …releasing it's hidden cargo of Vincent riding Cloud's motorcycle onto the freeway leading to Shinra Tower…His cape flowing in the slipstream like crimson wings as he went full throttle…

The revelation cost the stunned Lucrecia, one of the real missiles engulfing her position in flames.


"You're crazier than a shithouse rat you know that?!!!"

Yuffie grinned at Cid's yelling on her mike. "Hey, it worked!"

"You had the easy part! I'm hauling ass back to Cosmo, be at the pick up point or your scrawny ass is walking back!"

The second missile had crashed somewhere in the towers upper floor, Yuffie and Rude making steady progress toward the signal of Reeve's hidden tracer. Vincent would be running interference for Chaos and his brothers for them at the same time…

"Wait." Rude rumbled, stopping their approach.

Even if it was handy for a free ride up the stairs, this 'Magitek Armor' Shera wrangled the plans out of Leviathan for was murder on her poor stomach. Rude, however, was rather enjoying the tyrannosaurian, materia powered tank. Yuffie swore he was going out of his way to run over every crushable thing in his path like a kid, grumbling about Men and puking over it's shiny black armor.

"What is it?"

"Reeve's tracer is moving toward our location." He stated calmly. "Rather quickly I might add."


Yuffie didn't have time to warn Rude as she jumped off…the golden streak smashing through the wall and into him…both tumbling back to earth. Yuffie managed to grab the railing of the upper floor and pull herself over just as automatic fire tracked her, Elena reloading just as Yuffie ducked into the 20th floor exit.

"Not that easy, Yuffie." She tapped into the still functional security system, activating the guard drones with orders to capture…