"Move Jon!" Isabel yelled as she shoved her father out of her way, a little harder than anticipated, flying him into the wall 15ft away. Oh no, not again, Isabel thought to herself as she ran up the stairs, tears falling down her red cheeks.

"You fuckin' Mutie!" Jon yelled as he tried to get up.

Isabel slammed her door shut and locked it. As she walked over to her bed, she could feel the room heating up. No no no no no! She thought, crushing her head in her hands. "Why me?!" she yelled, getting up off the bed to pace around her room. Well, I'd rather it be me than my child, if I had one, or ever get to have one, she began to trail off, until a big THUMP caught her attention. "What the," she said, walking to her door, cracking it open.

"Yes, I have a mutant you need to take in for the cure," she heard Jon say to someone on the phone. "Female, 18, about 5'3. House, 6599 Mitchell Lane," she heard him report.

"Great, He's turnin' me in," she said to herself as she grabbed a suitcase from her closet. As she walked to the closet, she heard the garage door slam shut. She stood there for a moment, and then figured it out. He's leaving. She thought and continued to pack.

She peeked out the door to see if he was really gone. He was, so she started to walk downstairs. Not a second later that she walked out the door, the police and SWAT team came bursting through the front and back door. Isabel was pinned, so she quietly went back into her room and locked the door. She walked over to her bed and sat down, thinking of what to do. Then she got it. Her head shot up and she leaped off the bed. She picked up her suitcase and threw it out of her window. She turned around and faced her door. Concentrate. She kept telling herself. "Wait, I've got NO idea on how to do this!" she said to herself as she stared at the door. Anger, she thought to herself, that's what triggers it.

Just as she was about to get angry, she heard a rock being thrown up at her window. She ran over to it and peeked out. She opened the window. "Elijah!?" she called, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"Come on!" the boy called as he looked up at Isabel through the window.

"What are you doing?!" She called as she looked back at her door.

"Getting' you outta here!" Elijah replied. "If that's ok with you."

Isabel shook her head. She couldn't believe a 15 year old kid was helping her escape. But she was ok with it, since he's her cousin. "How?" she called down to him.

"Um. I don't know yet, but I'll figure something out!" he said and ran off.