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I think my pairings are going to be: NarutoxHinata, SasukexSakura, ChojixIno, NejixTenten, JariyaxTsunade.

What the things change in typing means:

"character talking"

'character thinking'

"Naruto talking to kuuiby"

"Kuuiby talking to Naruto"


The blond staggered out of the trees muttering to himself, "I have to keep going, I have to make it to fire country." "Kit, Slow down your going to hurt yourself." The kuuiby said concerned about the boy's health. "I can't I have to keep going I can't stop until I get to Fire Country, I can't." "Ok, but don't blame me if you hurt yourself after all your still not healed completely from that battle and all that torture." "Just shut the fuck up you stupid fox…just…shut…up………" He fell forward on his face. He had made it right past the Fire County border.

"Hinata, we're done lets turn around." Kiba said to his teammate as they finished scouting the Fire Country border. "You go I have to check over here first, no one other than me dose." She replied. Kiba sighed, she had been vary persistent in saying that she needed to scout the Fire Country border after Naruto had disappeared. Not even Tsunade could persuade her otherwise. She had also gotten more solitary sense the news, she had really loved him and when he had just disappeared on Jariya's watch she had beat the Sannin within an inch of his life. She jumped off. Then a ten minutes later as he was about to head back he heard Hinata yell, "Kiba!" 'Oh, shit!' was his only thought cause Hinata hardly ever called for help unless she absolutely needed it.

Hinata jumped away from Kiba. "Brashingan." She said almost tonelessly. To her surprise she saw something that looked like a guy but it had a tail. She speed over to the place it was at and it seemed to be unconscious. It had only pants on and they where pretty tattered up until the knees. She pushed it over on its back and gasped. In front of her was a face that looked a lot like Naruto's. It had ears on the top of its head that looked like wolf ears and the whisker marks where more pronounced. He had scars all over its chest and face. His canines where a little larger and his hair was spiky and wild at the same time, 'Just like Naruto's' She thought reaching out to touch his cheek but just as she was about to her wrist was grabbed by one of it's clawed hands.

"Who are you? Where am?" He growled twisting her wrist slightly, getting up and lifting her up off the ground slightly. He had bright blue eyes with red around the iris. "I'm Huiga Hinata and your right across the edge of Fire Country." She said grabbing her arm. "Please, let go, your hurting me." He let her go and she landed on her feet rubbing her wrist. "Who are you and what are you doing in Fire Country?" She asked him, as he seemed to look around. "Dame Fox doesn't even know when where in Fire Country…" He mumbled some things under his breath. "Excuse me!" She said. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto and my business is my own." He said looking around some more. 'Naruto-kun' she thought. She ran up to hug him but found herself pinned to a tree in a flash his hand at her throat, choking her.

"Please, Naruto-Kun don't you remember me? I was the shy girl, the one that gave you that case around your neck." She said noticing the small medicine case held around his neck by a shoelace. "Hinata? How did I describe you before I fought your cousin." "You…you told me I was a weird, shy girl." She choked out trying to pry his hand from her throat. "Hinata!!!!!" He released he hold on her neck and she fell to her knees. Then before she knew what was happening she was engulfed in a hug and she felt Naruto's body shudder.

"I…I'm soooooo s…. sorry Hinata-chan, c…can you f…forgive me???" He asked between sobs. "There, there of course I can Naruto-kun, of course I can." He pulled away tears still on his face. "Really, Hinata-chan?" "Of course Naruto-kun." "Thank you, Hinata-chan." Then his eyes when wide with pain and he coughed up some blood. He fell forward, "Hinata, don't leave me…please I don't wont to be alone anymore…" He fell unconscious. "Kiba!" she yelled putting one arm under the blonds arm to help support him. "What his it Hinata?!" He asked as he arrived.

"Help me get him to the hospital he's got internal bleeding and I don't know how much longer he's going to last." Kiba looked at the person Hinata wonted to help and was about to question her when she sent him a glare saying, I dare you to say anything, I'll kill you if you even open your mouth. He gulped she could be scary when she wonted to be. "Hie." The first thing he noticed was how light the guy was and he was taller than he himself was, 'All his ribs are showing, what the hell happened to this guy?' They where going really fast and they would arrive in the hospital in ten minutes.

"Tsunade-sama, what are you doing here?" Sakura asked seeing her sensei standing at the nurses' station. "I needed an excuse to get out of that accursed office, this was my best bet." She said. "It's been exactly three years…" Sakura said. Tsunade knew what her student was talking about. Naruto's disappearance affected her almost as much as it had affected Hinata, although the Huga heiress had taken it the hardest. "I know Sakura and we're still looking we still have Jariya and some ANBU out there looking for him, if anyone will find him it is Jariya, he never knows when to give up." 'And that's the reason I'm dating him.' Blond hokage though. She had finally said yes to one of his offers to take her out to eat and found that it was rather pleasant so when he asked her out again she said yes. 'The knuckle head asked me out for our entire life without even letting up at all.' She smiled at the memory.

She was interrupted when Hinata and Kiba came bursting into the hospital dragging, well, something in between them. "Tsunade, he's hurt, internal bleeding, and he's a Konoha ninja, he's Naruto!" she yelled tears streaming down her cheeks. Tsunade didn't need to be told twice, if there was any chance that this was Naruto she had to help him. The entire time she treated him Hinata didn't leave his side and she gave a death glare to anyone who told her to, even Tsunade herself.

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