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This is not how one night stands are supposes to work! You sleep with the guy and never see him again, hit and run. Yet here he is, back in my life, but not as I left him. He is now engaged, to the one person who I never would have expected. Anger was bubbling inside me, I couldn't control what I was about to do.

"Can I speak to you alone for a second?"

The wicked bitch of the west narrowed her eyes at me, I smiled. "Wedding plans silly, not for your ears."

She laughed and threw her hands in the air in a how-silly-of-me fashion. I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the laundry room. I threw him against the dryer.

His face was shocked, "Bella, I'm engaged now. We can't be doing this." He let out a low chuckle.

I shut the door so no one could hear. Anger and hate were in my eyes, when he noticed my expression he stopped laughing.

"Did you get engaged to my sister, before or after we slept together?!"

No, this is not how it's supposed to happen.


"You may kiss the bride," the preacher said.

I put on a smile while my best friend leaned in and kissed her new husband Jasper Hale. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for her, but this is the fourth wedding I've been a bridesmaid for. After what our friend Rosalie put us through last year, we promised ourselves we would never get married. I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were sitting at one of the tables with cream colored table cloths. Not white, but cream. I made the fatal mistake of calling them white.

I was helping Rose with the last minute preparations, the night before the big day. She was a nervous wreck. We walked into the reception hall, everything was beautifully set up.

I turned to her with a smile, "I see you went with the white table cloths, they look nice." I thought she was having a panic attack. Her eyes went wide and her breathing quickened. She clutched on the front of her shirt for dear life.

I grabbed her forearm, "Rose, Jesus! Are you okay?"

"They are not white! Do they look white to you? Oh God, no! This isn't happening! I specifically asked for cream!"

I let out a nervous laugh, "Did I say white?" I tapped my forehead in a how-stupid-of me fashion. "What I meant to say was, I'm so glad you didn't go with the white, because that would just be horrible." I gave a timid smile hoping she wouldn't catch on that I was lying. Of course Rose wasn't even listening to me.

Her panic quickly turned into anger, "I knew that witch of party planner was out to get me. I didn't call her fat; I just implied that, her suit didn't flatter her body shape. I was trying to be nice, what does she do? "

Here we go, I thought. She always thinks someone is out to get her. "Err, join a gym," I offered half heartedly.

Rose narrowed her eyes at me; she looked like she wanted slap the smile off my face, for not taking this earth-shattering event seriously. "She's trying to sabotage my wedding!"

I put my hand on her shoulder, "I don't think she did it on propose, Rose."

She let out a frustrated huff as she shrugged me off. "She's not going to get away with this," she said matter-of-fact. She started to pace around the room, dialing and re-dialing the wedding planner's number.

I took a seat at the table and stared and the center pieces. As I picked at the silk flowers, I wondered why anyone would put themselves through so much stress. For what? A few hours of happiness? Soon, reality will sink in and they won't even remember what it was like to be happy. Besides, everyone will be too drunk to remember what color the table cloths were anyway!

Rosalie stamped her stiletto heals, snapping me out of my negative thoughts. "Don't you give me that, no hablo Ingles crap! I know you can understand me."

So there I was, sitting at the newly covered table watching Rose and her hunky husband dance along to some horrible wedding song. Soon all the couples joined in on the dancing. Wouldn't you know it, Alice and I were the only two left sitting down.

I downed the last of my champion, "I'm never in my life getting married."

Alice tipped her glass at me, "I'm with you!" She took a big sip, then she slouched down into her chair. "I mean look at them! All happy, I give them three months until they're divorced."

I stole another full glass from the eighty-five year old woman sitting next to me. She doesn't need to be drinking anyway, I thought. I raised my glass in the air, "To never getting married."

She laughed her musical laugh, and clinked her glass against mine. "Cheers, to the last single bitches!"

That pact was short lived. Soon, she met Jasper and everything changed. Now I'm the only one who is still single and alone. My smile faded as I watched the joyful couple break apart, I've never seen Alice so happy, she looked truly happy. Alice and Jasper danced down the aisle hand in hand, everyone followed clapping and cheering. I laughed to myself; I bet fifty percent of them are just happy to get to the reception where the booze is located.

I hung back for awhile, not ready to engage in wedding conversation. I took a seat on the church steps, letting the heat from the sun sooth my body. I gazed down at my bouquet; it was over the top, just like Alice. I let out a laugh and tossed it aside. I'm never getting married, I thought as I put my hands to my head, shielding my eyes from the bright sun.

"Excuse me, are you Bella?" A smooth voice asked. I didn't recognize the voice, and I snapped my head up in surprise. The best man was standing in front of me. His body was blocking the sun, which caused a yellow aura to form around him. His hair and skin were glowing in the light. My breath hitched at the sight of him.

I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, "Err, yes. That's me."

He smiled a beautiful crooked smile, "Al wants to take pictures now."

Great. I slowly got up looking around for my flowers. Where did I throw them? I awkwardly spun around trying to locate them. I probably looked like a dog chasing its tail. The best man, I believe his name is Edward, let out a low chuckle. He bent down and picked my flowers off the floor.

"Looking for these?" he said handing my flowers to me.

I reached out to grab them from him, but stopped. I caught sight of his piercing green eyes. They were so deep I swear I could see into his soul. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't help but wonder what he looked like without his clothes. I blushed at my thoughts. I could feel heat rise up to my cheeks.

I blinked, snapping myself out of his gaze. "Err, thanks."

"Isabella Marie Swan!" Both Edward and I jumped with surprise. We both turned our bodies to face a very angry bride. "If you don't get your cute butt over here-"

"I'm coming!" I yelled back.

After four weddings, I'm really getting sick of wedding cake, the smell of flowers and especially taking pictures. I put on the best smile I could muster.

God this dress is killing me! I thought as I plastered on a fake smile taking my place next to the newlyweds. I was wearing a peach color, full length gown. Alice thought it would look even better with a corset, so basically, I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

"Aren't they just a lovely couple," grandma said clapping her hands together with delight.

I sighed, "Yeah, just perfect."


I didn't eat at the reception; I was feeling sick to my stomach. There was a rotund man to the left of me, shoving every bite of food he could into his mouth. I swear he didn't even come up for a breath. I rolled my eyes at him as I downed my glass of champagne.

After dinner I found my way to an empty room and changed out of the God awful dress. In an attempt to take off the shoes of death, I lost my balance tumbling over the arm of the coach, falling flat on my back. I hate weddings! I slipped into a simple blue strapless dress and blue flats. Alice would kill me if I walked back in wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I put my hair into a pony tail and walked over to the bar. I took a seat next to Alice's uncle and I think her first cousin twice removed. I waved to the bar tender, to get his attention.

He came over and gave a bright smile, "How are you, tonight?" After seeing the look on my face he changed his tone, "What can I get you?"

"Vodka and tonic," I paused. "Up," I finished. The bartender put the vodka in front of me and gave me a questioning look. "Cheer up," he said. "It can't be that bad."

I smiled, "Thanks." I took a long sip; I was starting to feel a little better. I was about half way through my third drink when Alice's Cousin Bill, no Jack, maybe his name is Richard? I don't know, he got up and left, leaving the seat next to me open.

My cell started to ring; I pulled the slick black phone from my pocket. I tried to read the caller ID but couldn't make out the name.

I flipped it open anyway, "Hello?"

A high, squeaky voice came through the ear piece, "Bella, sweetie!" I moved the phone from my ear, to prevent permanent damage.

"Hi mom," I said not so thrilled.

My mother and I have a very different relationship. We were never close; she married her current husband Phil when I was four. It wasn't Phil that bothered me it was their daughter or my half sister, Kerry. She's the complete opposite of me, blonde, perky and perfect at everything she does. She's their little girl who can do nothing wrong. My mother and Kerry are like carbon copies of each other. I feel as though I'm the black sheep in the family. Kerry for some reason believes that we're the best of friends, but I can't seem to figure out why.

"Are you coming to dinner this Sunday?" she asked for the hundredth time in a week.

"Yes mom, I already told you I was coming," I said a bit annoyed. I waved the bartender over, by shaking my empty glass. He nodded and made me another drink.

"Don't get cranky with me," she shot back. There was a pause and her tone softened, "Will Mike be coming with you?"

Someone took a seat where Kyle or Joe was sitting; I was too frustrated to care who it was.

"No, I told you we broke up!" I took a long sip of my drink, starting to feel a major buzz. I've never handled my alcohol well. I remember back in high school, I woke up in a powder blue tuxedo, next to a guy in my prom dress. He was clutching a fun pack of pudding.

"I was hoping you would come to your senses and take him back," she said. "We loved him."

Sometimes I wonder if they loved him more then they loved me. He sucked up to my mom, always telling her she looked like my sister. One of the reasons we did break up was because of Kerry.

I ran my fingers through my hair, "Ma, he kissed Kerry!"

There was a long pause, "He was just trying to get to know your family."

Is she kidding? "So he stuck his tongue down her throat," I yelled. I was started to feel tears in my eyes, and people were starting to stare.

I lowered my voice, "I don't want to talk about it, I'll see you Sunday."

I shut my phone and slammed my drink. I repeatedly banged my head on the bar, moaning. How could I possibly be related to these people?

"Rough night?" a very familiar smooth voice asked.

I slowly lifted my head; there was Edward with the same crooked smile plastered on his face. I looked down at my empty glass and frowned, "Uh, yeah." I turned to him, "It's Edward, right?"

He raised his hand to the bartender, "In the flesh." The holder of the drinks appeared in front of us. Edward ran his finger through his hair, "Beer, please."

I jumped in, "And other..." I paused. I couldn't remember what I was drinking. "Pink thingy."

His forehead creased, "No more for you, I'm cutting you off."

I put on my best sober voice, "What? Why, I'm not even drunk."

"How many drinks has she had?" Edward asked, raising an eyebrow.

He shrugged his shoulders, "Less than ten, more than four."

My mother is driving me to drinking. She could drive a Mormon to the bottle. I pushed my bottom lip out, "One more, please?"

He sighed, "Fine, one more." I smiled at my triumph.

"Edward, can I ask you a question?"

Edward tipped his bottle back, and then nodded, "Ask away."

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

Edward didn't answer right away; he looked to the bar tender for help. He just shrugged and went to his other customers.

"I think, you're a very attractive woman," he finally said with a smile.

"I bet you wouldn't think that after you've met my sister!" I put my hand on his thigh, "You know she's stolen every single one of my boyfriends! My parents love her more than they love me."

"I'm sure that's not true," he said softly.

"It is! She's smarter, prettier and more successful than me." I sat for a minute to think about what else she has that I don't.

"And, she has bigger boobs than me!" I yelled. Edward's eyes went wide in shock, at my outburst. Then I proceeded to pull down my dress to show Edward what I meant. He let out a nervous laugh, and put his hands over mine to stop me.

"Whoa, let's not show them to me right now."

I felt a surge of anger toward him; I knew he didn't think I was pretty. I whipped my body around to face Alice's uncle, "Do you want to see?" A huge smile spread across his face. He slowly nodded a 'yes' with a toothy grin. Before I could do anything I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my body. Edward lifted my off my seat and carried me outside.

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, "Hey Shrek, put me down!" He let me down, but I lost balance and fell to the cold concrete. He quickly picked me up, "You're really, really drunk."

I crossed my arms, "No, I'm not!"

His arm was still around my waist to keep me upright, "I'm taking you home. Where do you live?"

I pointed straight ahead, "This way." We started walking, "Wait no, is it the other way?"

He gave me a sympathetic look, "You're staying at my place tonight. I'll drive you home in the morning."

The ride to Edward apartment was hazy, but I do remember I couldn't keep my big mouth shut.

"…I lost my virginity at church camp."

"…I hate the color pink with a passion. Yet, Kerry buys me a pink sweater for Christmas, every year!"

"…She's truly evil, you know. She acts like were best friends. Granted she doesn't know I'm aware that she's slept with all my boyfriends!"

"…The doctor said it was normal, but really, how much hair can a woman have?!"

I just kept talking. Edward sat there not saying a word. For some reason I knew he was listening to everything I said. When I couldn't get out of the car by myself without falling, Edward took it upon himself to lift me out of the car like a child.

He carried me up to his place, much to my dismay. He carefully put me on his bed and told me to wait while he got me some clothes to wear. I undid my dress and dropped it to the floor. Just when the blue dress hit the floor, Edward came strolling back into the room. He abruptly stopped when he saw I was just in my white lacy bra and matching panties.

He lifted an oversized t-shirt to block his view. "Bella, what are you doing?"

I didn't say anything. I just stood there while he wrapped the shirt around my front. He sighed, than our eyes caught. I was lost in his gaze once more. I couldn't control what I did next. I leaned in and brushed my lips against his. He tasted so good, I wanted more. I lifted my arms up, dropping the shirt to the floor and deepened the kiss. He pulled away breathless.

"Bella, we can't do this, you're drunk."

"Edward, I want you." I didn't let him respond, I brought my lips to his. Our tongues danced as he guided me to his bed.

His eyes were full of hunger, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

I smiled, taking his shirt off, "Stop talking."

I felt my body dissolve into the smooth sheets of his bed, his sent filled my nostrils as his toned body moved against my not so flat stomach. His hips were grinding against mine, my legs involuntarily parted wider and wider. His hands roamed all over my body, working their way south.

He stopped at the hem of my panties, teasing me. I wanted him, needed him.

I moaned with pleasure, "Please." I didn't have to ask twice, he smiled and lowered down inside me. My whole body vibrated with electricity. Edward trusted, deeper and harder. My breathing hitched as my eyes shut tight, as I was felt my edge approaching. My hands dug into his arm, as I arched my back in pleasure. He reached his climax and collapsed on top of me.

My blood was racing through my veins, my whole body was numb. Edward was now lying next to me, his breathing evened out. I turned to face him, my eyes were getting heavy.

He brushed the hair out of my face, "Sleep now, beautiful Bella."

I closed my eyes; guilt was already starting to rise. What did I just do?