Dragon Senshi

A Dragonball Fanfiction by Aoikami Sarah

Chapter Two

Dende was not surprised to see the seven women arrive at the lookout. He stood very near the edge and calmly watched them as they crested the lip and touched down in front of him. Mr. Popo stood at his side and worried his hands.

"I'm glad you came," Kami said. "Please, follow me."

The women did so and Bulma was the first to speak up. "Dende, how are you and Mr. Popo not affected by this?"

"Ah, well I checked with Korin and Yajirobe and they seem to be unaffected as well, which leads me to believe that those of us living in the upper atmosphere have not been exposed to the mirror's shards."

Bra stopped walking. "Whoa, wait. You assume we know what's happening, don't you?"

"You don't?" he asked in surprise and stopped walking as well. God held his hands behind his back. "A particularly nasty demon has found a niche in Satan City from which to spread its influence around the world. She is called the Snow Queen. She has resurrected a demonic mirror and shattered it, sending the microscopic shards flying in all directions. Only men are affected by their power and instantly become her slaves."

Pan bit her lip. "That must have been what Trunks got in his eye!"

Dende nodded. "If nothing is done to stop her within twenty-four hours she will use her power to encase the entire Earth in demonic ice."

Bra made a face. "Is that all?" she muttered sarcastically.

"But there is a glimmer of hope, Miss Briefs," Dende replied as they entered the palace. "Have you ever considered that before your extraordinary friends were here on Earth there have been times in the past when situations like these have arisen?"

Bra blinked at him. "No, actually. I always thought that Dad and them sort of invited trouble!" she laughed until her mother glared at her.

"Indeed," Kami agreed. "However, in times before them, the guardian of Earth has had to bestow power on others."

Bulma stopped walking. "Oh, no. No, no, no. You're not suggesting…?!"

Dende stopped in front of a pair of doors decorated with dragon-shaped handles. "I am, Bulma. With the experience and skills you seven possess, you are the perfect volunteers for this mission."

"Mission?" Marron asked, tilting her head to one side. "You mean we have to fix this?"

Before anyone else could protest Pan stepped forward. "Where do we sign?"

Dende smiled appreciatively. "Right this way, Miss Son."


Torches along the walls sprung to life and illuminated a long room lined with six rusted and decrepit weapons. A rusted sword sat in a stand at the back of the room. In front of this were seven tiny Dragonballs on seven pillow-topped pedestals.

"Oh, Dende! We're saved!" Bulma cried when she saw them.

"Those are not the mystical Dragonballs you are accustomed to, Bulma," he corrected her. "Those are the keys to an ancient power much older than that. When my predecessor was installed as guardian he struggled with his memories of Namek and would eventually create actual, working, wish-granting orbs but before then he made these." Dende motioned to the row of tiny Dragonballs. "If you accept them, you will become Dragon Senshi and gain their power and these weapons to aid you in retrieving your friends and destroying the Snow Queen."

Videl folded her arms and pouted at the condition of the weapons. "What's the catch?"

"Catch?" Dende asked. "Other than the risks you will surely encounter in fighting men as powerful as the Z Warriors, there is no catch. In fact, if you are successful, I believe the Dragonballs will reward you."

Eighteen eyed the weapons warily. "I suppose we have to do what we can. It's either that or Earth becomes a popsicle, right?"

Kami nodded. Pan was the first to step forward. Spurred by her bravery, her grandmother followed and soon each of them stood in front of a Dragonball. They looked to each other quickly for support and reached out. When they touched the orbs light issued forth and enveloped each of them. Their clothes transformed into uniforms of white with different colored trim and the weapons on the walls sprang to life, shed their rust and flew into the hands of its master.

Bulma touched the #1 ball and received a bow and quiver full of arrows. Videl touched the #2 and got a tall pole-arm with a large blade affixed to one end. Marron touched the #3 and was given a set of short-handled sickles. Pan instinctively gravitated toward the #4 ball and the broadsword which had rested in the center of the room came to her hand. Bra received a set of daggers with her #5 Dragonball. Eighteen was given a weighted chair with the #6 and Chi-chi was surprised to see that the #7 ball gave her a large set of mallets.

When the transformation was complete each woman had her Dragonball placed at the neck of her costume. They marveled at each other for a moment before Bulma caught sight of Chi-chi and couldn't help but laugh.

"Be quiet!" the grandmother shouted back. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Dende put his hand on her shoulder. "It's alright. I know the weapons are unwieldy but I believe they are all acceptable for hammerspace."

"Hammerspace?" Bra asked, her scientific interest piqued.

Kami nodded. "Observe." He took the mallets from Chi-chi and a black circle appeared next to him. "Simply place the item into hammerspace like so," he said and slipped the mallets into the circle and the disappeared. "And when you want them again, do the same. Just think about hammerspace and it will appear." The circle appeared again and he was able to pull the mallets from it.

"Whoa that's cool," Bra tried it out with her daggers. "Not that I need it. I can just tuck them in…" she felt around on her costume for a pocket. "Oh, no pockets. Heh."

Dende took a deep breath. "I think you ought to get going. You have only twenty-one hours remaining."

Pan tucked the heavy broadsword into hammerspace and led the way. "Let's go!"


When the newly-made Dragon Senshi arrived outside the steadily growing ice-castle they met with no immediate resistance. The castle was huge and resembled a castle from a certain famous theme-park done up in clear, blue ice and about ten times the size of the original. They approached it from the front and crossed over a frozen moat. Ahead was a tunnel that led to the castle gates.

"This is weird," Marron said as they entered the tunnel. She rubbed her arms as the temperature dropped. "Where are all those guys from before?"

"Oh no," Videl gasped. "They're in there!" She pointed to the tunnel walls. Each block of ice was nearly ten feet tall and contained a human form. They all looked up at the structure and exclaimed their dismay. There had to be thousands of men trapped in the ice.

Pan gritted her teeth. "So this is the Snow Queen's work, eh?"

"My Gohan and Goten are in there, too?!" Chi-chi cried. "I'll take her apart!!" The other women had to restrain her or she would have charged right in on her own.

Eighteen was the first to reach into hammerspace for her chain weapon. "I think we just got our answer, ladies." The castle gates opened and six men walked out to greet them.

"Uh-oh," Bra reached for her daggers. "They got Uubu, too."

Pan grasped her sword. "It's seven-on-six though," she said. She realized that Goku was the only one missing and looked to her grandmother. "Gramma?" Chi-chi dropped her mallets. "Gramma, keep it together. We have to do this!"

"I can't fight my boys…!" she said in dismay.

Pan grasped her shoulder and thought of a plan. "Everyone! Do not fight your own man!" They seemed shocked at her words but listened to her. "Bra, take Goten. Gramma and Marron, you take Uubu, Bulma takes Gohan, Mom you take Krillin, Eighteen take Trunks and I'll take Vegeta. Got it?!"

Bulma boggled. "You can't possible defeat Vegeta!"

Pan lifted her broadsword as if it were only a butter knife. "I can with the dragon's powers. Can't you feel it?"

Bulma frowned. "Pan, I'm almost eighty years old!"

Marron ran up to the tunnel wall and kicked it. It shattered and fell letting the sunlight brighten the tunnel. "I'm not strong either, Bulma but look at that. We can do this. We have to do this!"

She made a face and hesitated.

"Bulma," Chi-chi said, picking her mallets up off the ground. "She's right. This is terrible and we may get hurt but we have to do what we can for them."

Bulma wiped a tear from her eye and nodded. The Dragon Senshi walked toward the castle gates and their approaching enemy.


The Z Warriors began attacking immediately and indiscriminately as if they were nothing more than marionettes. They fired energy attacks at first and when they got closer attempted hand-to hand combat with the women. Not wanting to do harm to their friends, the Dragon Senshi found it hard to use the weapons they were given. Eighteen, Videl and Pan fought with their own similar skills. Marron held up her sickles and dodged Uubu. "Stop!" she shouted and finally swung one of the bladed weapons at him. It sliced into his forearm but rather than cutting him open and making him bleed, the weapon seemed to do some sort of magical attack that caused him to wince and leap away from her. Marron blinked, looked to the sickle and grinned. "Guys!" she called. "Go at it with the weapons! Check it out!" She charged Uubu and slashed away at him. Bra cried out but when she saw the effect she calmed herself. Uubu seemed weaker with each swing.

"Let's do it!" Bra agreed and brandished her daggers at Goten. In a few minutes, the women appeared to be winning.

Pan sliced the magic sword in to Vegeta's arm again and he fell to one knee. "Ok guys, when you have a clear path, make for the castle! We have to take out this Snow Queen!"

"Oh?" a voice like wineglasses vibrating peeled through the tunnel. Standing at the gates was the Snow Queen herself. Her crystal gowns flowed around her. She looked down on the Dragon Senshi with cool contempt. "I have underestimated you," she said and pointed her finger at them. The men suddenly stood up straight and their eyes became totally white. The Snow Queen laughed coldly and retreated into her castle.

Videl tried to stick Krillin with her pole-arm but it had little to no effect on him. "Whadda we do now?!" she cried. The Z Warriors attacked and soon only Pan, Videl and Eighteen were left standing. Pan clutched her sword in her left hand, her right arm broken and bleeding. Videl panted and was beginning to panic.

'What do I do now?' Pan thought and closed her eyes as Trunks and the others closed in on them. 'Someone, please tell me what to do!'

'You're not gonna like it,' a familiar voice echoed in her head. 'But it'll work. You hafta trust in the power of the Dragon.'

'I do!' she thought back.

'Then take the sword and run them all through with it.'

"What?!" Pan asked aloud. Her friends wondered at her as the tried to fend off the men.

'Do it, Pan! You can save them! You've gotta trust me!'

"I do!" she cried. "I will." She set her jaw, wiped back tears with the back of her right hand and charged at Trunks. The sword slipped easily into his abdomen and he fell to his knees. Pan panted and screamed as she swung around for her next target.

"Pan, what are you doing?!" Videl cried.

She and Eighteen could only watch as the younger woman flew at each Z Warrior and dispatched them, the last of which being her own father. Pan pulled the sword out and fell next to him. Eighteen and Videl helped the others first and six Dragon Warriors looked around at he carnage and wondered. Chi-chi stared at her sons and slowly approached her granddaughter. "Why, Pan?" she asked and picked up the Dragon sword.

Chi-chi fell silent but inside her head she saw her husband smiling. 'Goku-san!' she cried. 'You're back!'

He shook his head slowly. 'I'm long gone, Chi-chi. I'm sorry. I work for Shenlong now in the spirit realm.' He put his hand on her shoulder. 'Trust Pan. Everything will be alright.'

"Goku-san…" Chi-chi wept as she regained consciousness. She crouched down and shook Pan's shoulder. "Wake up, Pan-chan. We still have a demon to get rid of." She put the sword in her right hand and closed it over the hilt.

Pan stirred and with her Grandmother's help, got to her feet. She held the sword up and pointed it to the heavens.

"Awaken, you are protected by the power of the Dragon!" she cried and the Z Warriors stirred.

Trunks saw the state his fiancé was in and ran to her. "Pan! Are you ok?!" he asked.

She lowered the sword and seemed to come back to herself. "Wow," she breathed a sigh. "That was awesome. Are you ok, Trunks?"

He laughed at her. "Are you nuts? You're arm…!"

Pan looked down at her injury. "Yeah, Vegeta broke it. It's ok though. I'd love to explain everything but we still have to destroy the Snow Queen, come on!" She called to everyone and they walked toward the gates. Vegeta blasted at them, trying to get them open and began to order his Z Warriors to act when Bulma spoke up.

"I know you boys are used to this and everything but this isn't your game. We're dealing with a magical being and we've been given magical powers. We'll take care of this."

"Che," her estranged husband scoffed. "Don't be stupid."

"No," Bulma corrected. "You're the one who's being stupid. Look around you," she said and motioned to the castle walls. "Each block contains a human life. If you destroy this place you will kill an innocent person." She pulled an arrow from the quiver on her back and fired it at the gates. The ice melted away and a young man slipped out onto the icy floor. "See?"

Vegeta grumbled but the others agreed and simply followed the Dragon Senshi into the throne room. Bulma giggled. "This is so exciting! I haven't felt like this in years!"

"It is pretty cool being a hero, isn't it, Mom?" Bra agreed and giggled with her when she saw the disgruntled look on her father's face.

Eighteen whipped her chain weapon at the doors to the throne room and a hole big enough for them to walk through melted away. They fanned out and saw the Snow Queen herself seated on her throne. She regarded them with the same look of disgust and superiority and got to her feet. "So," she drawled. "You managed to cleans the mirror shards. Good for you."

"Well do more than that, you ice-queen!" Bulma shouted and aimed her arrow at the demon's heart. She pulled the bow back and everyone cheered her on but the arrow slipped from her grip and clattered to the floor. Bulma crumpled and fell on top of it.

"Mom!" Trunks and Bra shouted.

Chi-chi stared, slack-jawed. "She didn't even lift a finger!"

The Snow Queen laughed. "I didn't have to! That old woman's heart just gave out."

Vegeta growled and fired off a huge and spontaneous energy attack that the Snow Queen must have known was coming. She three up a thin shield of magic ice and laughed some more.

Trunks cradled his mother's body. "She's dead…" he whispered. "This can't be happening!"

Pan grimaced and stepped next to Bra who was shaking with rage. "Your weapons are the best for this. Go ahead, Bra. Do it."

"With pleasure," she replied through her clenched teeth, put one of her daggers between her fingers and flung it at the Snow Queen who was surprised to see the blade slip through the ice shield and burrow into her chest.

The demon gasped and clutched at the point of entry, but it dug deeper and deeper. Her dress and hair became limp and started to melt. "No!" she cried. "I was so close! All those men were going to pay for hurting me!" She tried to reach for the heroes and fell down the steps to her throne as she did so. Her body melted away but something was left behind.

Videl stepped forward as she saw it move. "It's a human being!" she said and jogged over to help her. The young woman was soaked to the bone and shivering but she came around when Videl picked her up. "Are you alright?" the older woman asked and tended to her. The throne melted revealing a massage chair. The walls melted revealing the original store walls of the electronics store in the Satan City Galleria. Left and right men tumble from the ice and regained consciousness. A din began to build as people wondered how they got where they were.

Vegeta stood with his arms folded and stared at his wife's lifeless body. Trunks looked up at his sister. "This isn't fair…" he said quietly.

Bra was about to answer but a light coming from below her chin distracted her. "What the…?"

"You have Dragonballs?!" Trunks cried.

Pan tucked her broadsword into hammerspace and touched the four-star ball. "Not really. No way," she gasped as a message was transmitted through the magical orb. "That's our reward?!"

Bra did the same and she too gasped. "We get one wish each!" The other women followed suit and grinned at each other. "I know what I'm using mine for." Bra knelt down next to her mother. Wide-eyed, Vegeta took a step towards her. "I wish my mother…" she thought about the wording carefully, "was a living Saiyajin!" Her father and brother looked to her in shock. The number five ball stopped glowing and Bulma stirred. Her appearance had changed drastically from a graying old woman to a healthy middle-aged woman with a tail.

"Trunks… I thought I was…?" she wondered and sat up on her own. She wondered at the way her spouse regarded her. "Vegeta?"

He reached out his hand and helped her to her feet then pulled her into an uncharacteristic embrace. She laughed, delighted and hugged him back.

Eighteen touched her number six Dragonball and lowered her head. "I know what I want my wish to be," she said softly and smiled at Krillin. "I wish my husband and I were twenty-five year old humans."

"But Teena…" Krillin began to protest, thinking back to his own failed wish.

"I think somehow I'll get my wish," she said and the number six ball stopped glowing. Krillin flexed his newfound muscles and laughed then looked to his wife. "See?" she said. Eighteen looked distinctly different. Her eyes were a bit rounder, her skin a bit pinker. She hugged her husband tightly.

Pan drew a deep breath and touched her number four Dragonball. "I don't have anything I could possibly wish for because I have everything I want right here," she said and the ball stopped glowing. The others did the same and their weapons disappeared and their special uniforms were transformed back into the clothes they wore to Pan's party hours before.

Marron looked at her watch. "Five hours and six minutes - not too shabby!"

Chi-chi dusted her dress off. "And no popsicle for a planet!"

The women laughed. The men looked confused and started to question what had happened while they were under the Snow Queen's spell.

"Don't worry about it," Pan said, hooking her arm through her fiancé's and leading them back out of the mall. "When you guys are tied up the Dragon Senshi will always be there to pick up the slack!"