Father, Things Are Never As They Seem

A potc fanfic by omgxiixluvxhc

This idea came to me when I was in the shower, it was originally going to be a WE story about if AWE never happened, but had a great idea on how to spin it. I'm not the only one that thinks Norry shouldn't have died, right? Here's what I believe could have happened if things rolled a bit different…

It was mayhem as the crew of the Empress scurried across barely sturdy lines that it was being towed by. I looked at my former fiancée and demanded she begin her trip over as a crewman advanced towards me.

"Back to your station sailor," I said quietly. I looked oddly at him as he mumbled something about part of the crew part of the ship.

"Prisoner escape," he then exclaimed, "All hands!"

"Belay that," I bellowed drawing my pistol along with my sword.

"James," Elizabeth called back to me. Firing at the tow cables I fought back tears, my escape was ruined, I faced death and nothing more. The crewman advanced and took out his sword, stabbing me straight in the leg. I screamed in pain as he removed his sword for another blow. Doing the only logical thing at the moment I allowed my self to collapse over the rail of the ship into the dark water. Using the remaining strength in me I swam back to the Empress and was helped aboard.

"You Mr. Norrington are a mess," Elizabeth stated as we walked below deck. A while later my wound was dressed and I told my companion everything about where I've been the past few years.

"And after I rose to Admiral, Beckett insist I take a wife, for my own purposes," I told her, "I didn't even get to say good-bye before I was brought aboard the Dutchman."

"The last thing Andrea told me was that she needed to tell me something important."

"You really must have loved her," Elizabeth replied. I nodded trying my hardest to suppress my tears.

"I am wanted by the law again, I can't waltz right back into Port Royal, Beckett's probably setting a price on my head right now," I shout.

"James, we ourselves are not strangers to losing someone we love," my companion stated. Life had to take a turn for the worst, I will never be able to see my beloved Andrea ever again.

A/N: Specific info: Now take everything from after Norry's death, make him not dead, and make everything else happen as it does in AWE (I contemplated saving Will but then decided not to). After AWE Norry stays with Lizzie, and no this ISN'T and NEVER WILL BE norribeth. Its WE, the way it should be! Story will twist greatly after this chapter, jumping many years...