The Talent He Knows Not

Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort stood across the field, staring at the other, waiting for someone to make a move. Harry's emerald green eyes stared into Voldemort's ruby red ones. The Death Eaters all waited behind their master, wands drawn, but hanging at their sides. The students of Hogwarts and the Order of the Phoenix stood behind Harry, wands held in a similar manner. The only sound was that of the squid in the lake splashing the surface of the water to chase away a bird. The two groups were waiting for what their leaders would do next. No one moved. Even Colin Creevy had enough sense to avoid taking a picture at a time like this. Then again, he quickly snapped a picture before returning his camera to a pocket in his robe. Lucius Malfoy's eye twitched.

"So, Tom, are you ready to be defeated for once and for all?" called Harry, smiling confidently. Voldemort sneered.

"How could a boy like you ever defeat me? You are not more powerful than I, no creature alive is." Although Voldemort said this, he was becoming increasingly worried. The Boy-Who-Lived had a smug look on his face that was unnerving him.

"I have the power you know not, Tom." Was Harry's response, and he slowly reached into his robes. The Death Eaters waited tensely, wands raised, prepared to cast a curse at the first sign of danger to their master.

Suddenly, Harry pulled his arm out of his robes, revealing a puppet on his hand. The flesh colored puppet, equipped with long white beard, and purple robes that went down to the boy's elbows with silver stars and moons glittering on it. A tall purple hat was perched on the puppet's head. Everyone on the lawn recognized the puppet as a representation of Albus Dumbledore, twinkling blue eyes, and mini tin of lemon drops glued to his hand included. Voldemort's red eyes widened in horror.


"Yes!" shouted Harry in triumph, "I know that you are pupaphobic, and the power you know not is ventriloquism!" with that Harry began walking forward, the puppet on his arm bouncing, and waving back and forth. A voice, high pitched and sounding remarkably like the actual Dumbledore came from the boy.

"Hello, Tom my boy! It's been such a long time since-" but the Dark Lord was already fleeing through his followers, who parted ranks to let him through as he fled, screaming in a rather high-pitched voice.

"Nagini! Save me Nagini!" were the last words heard before the previously feared Dark Lord fled into the Forbidden Forest. There was one last shriek as he came in contact with the line of Dumbledore puppets hanging in the trees several feet into the forest, creating an impenetrable wall, and then there was silence. Nobody moved. The Death Eaters sighed in defeat. The Order of the Phoenix stared in amazement at what having access to the Dark Lord's mind had shown Harry, pupaphobia indeed. The Hogwarts students stared, mouths agape at Harry, who had begun conversing with the Dumbledore puppet. Everyone walked away, giving him up as insane, leaving the boy talking to his puppet, and the previously feared Dark Lord Voldemort lying in the Forbidden Forest where he had fainted.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, and no copyright infringement is intended, I am just borrowing her genius.