((Sorry for the long wait. ; I have been busy working on D Gray Man one shots on my other account. I'm sorry. This is a very short chapter because I haven't had the time to write, being thrown at with so many tests and such. Anyhow, I hope to update sooner. ))

The day was so gloomy. A picture perfect setting that reflected the villager's feelings. Rain poured down from the murky gray sky in buckets.

Yuki was decked out in all black as if in mourning for herself. For the death of her old life was ebbed away by the choice of a powerful pure-blood vampire so high in ranking. She was so sure of herself that she'd become nothing more than a silhouette. Yuki Cross was the blood slave now. A woman to satisfy the dark thirsting pleasure of bloodlust.

Yuki glanced at Zero, who stood beside her at the village gates, awaiting Prince Kaname. His silver hair clung to his pale head while droplets bled from the tips of his hair. Zero Kiryu's black tunic and brown breeches were soaked to his skin.

The weather was best suited for such a bad situation that neither could emerge out of.

"Yuki?" Zero spoke up, noticing her eyes upon him.


"Try not to worry so much. Somehow we'll get out of all this mess. I promise."

"Thank you…" Yuki whispered, sulking still inside herself.

"I keep my promises, you know. I tend to keep this one."

"We look like we're going to a funeral," Yuki changed the subject, "We're as good as dead ourselves when we are with the vampires." Her eyes closed. The memory of the rogue vampire the night before scared her. How much does it hurt to be bitten? Being a blood slave, she'd have to be bitten numerously. Yuki's hand abruptly grasped her neck with a sharp gasp.

"What's the matter?" Zero looked at her with concern.

"Nothing…Nothing at all…" Yuki sighed. She let her hand slip away from her neck. She had to stop thinking about it. There was absolutely nothing she could possibly do to fix the current circumstances.

It was for her village. She had to be their confederate.

Two figures emerged from the fog that was cast around the village like a barrier. They were tall figures, standing erect with pride. As the lanky figures reached toward them, Yuki could only then make out the two.

The figure on the right, the taller of the two, was Prince Kaname himself. He wore a black cloak over his gaudy pricey clothing. Strands of curled brown hair peeked out from underneath the hood of his cloak.

The other vampire beside him resembled the vampire that had attacked Yuki just a night ago. But she had a gut feeling that it wasn't him. This vampire too had himself a fine durable cloak.

Man, did we strike out on proper attire, Yuki thought, biting her bottom lip.

"Yuki Cross, it is a pleasure to see you…" Kaname frowned, noticing how wet she was. He peeled off his cloak as he strode over to her. "Here…" Kaname whispered to her as he pulled the cloak of his securely over her drenched body.

Yuki shivered for the action sent shivers down her spine.

"You must be cold…" Kaname commented with concern.

Zero glared hatefully at the attention Kaname was giving his wife-to-be.

"Let us get going. I promise you a change of clothing and something warm to drink…" Prince Kaname smiled.

Inside the vampire castle, Yuki felt so uncomfortable. Once inside, many pairs of unfamiliar eyes watched her carefully. She was sent to her new permanent bedroom before Kaname bid the maids to get her warm attire.

Now the maids had come and gone. Yes, Yuki was warmer and dry, but she felt odd in the prince's chosen attire for her.

Yuki was now wearing a white dress which ended at her thighs. The bodice pinched her breast. The cream-colored laces were pulled abnormally tight. Her feet were cushioned by soft cream slippers. The maids had tired her short brunette hair up into a neat bun atop her head. Before they left, one maid had clipped a single gold shackle around her right ankle.

What did the vampires think she was anyhow? A pet? She was a human with her own mind and decisions, dammit! No one was going to make her property! She was settling peace between the races, not becoming the peace treaty.

Not too long after, the maids returned, telling her that Prince Kaname Kuran has asked her to join him in the dining room for some warm delicious food. It was more of a demand than a request. Yuki's stomach growled as they all brought her toward the dining room. Yuki faintly wondered what she was going to be fed.

In the large comfortable dining room, Kaname Kuran sat himself at the head of the table, drinking red liquid from an intricately decorated wine glass. He glanced up at her arrival, eyes traveling down her slim body. "A much more suitable attire. White for your purity. It fits you, Yuki Cross…"

"Where's Zero?" Yuki inquired, not spotting her friend anywhere in the vast warm room.

"He's resting in his own room…" Kaname smiled sweetly, making the blood in his glass swirl as he moved the glass around languidly. In actuality, Zero was resting in one of the dungeon cells. But the prince found it unnecessary information to tell his Yuki.