Author's Note: A bunch of other people do a billion one-shots, so I will too. This is sort of a background story, so when I get bored with my others, I make another chapter of this one. Every one has the theme of a flower, but separate names nonetheless. And a caution, chapters may involve cavity educing fluffiness, saddening angst, dramatical drama, and hysterical humor!

Flowers of Meaning

Flower 01: Apologies Mean Nothing

Hyacinth (purple) - I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me

"Ino, I said I was sorry."

"I said you're forgiven."

"You're still mad at me…" He trailed off, examining his spouse's face. Sitting at the desk in their room, she was trying desperately to ignore him. The blonde tapped the pen in her hand incessantly, a clear signal telling him to vanish. He did not want to see her when she was mad.

"I said," she began after a deep breath. "You're forgiven. Now go away," she gritted her teeth. "I have a lot of work to do and right now, and your distracting me."

Shikamaru merely stared at the woman -- the same woman he knew was concealing rage. "I know that tone in your voice. Ino, your still mad. And I said I was sorry." How difficult she was being was frustrating him.

Ino peered toward the doorway he stood in. "You are forgiven, Shika-kun. Now I beg of you, go away."

The man had to admit, he'd be upset to. The day before, he'd left the house bright and early, coming back at the dead of night. Smelling of alcohol and perfume, what was any sane woman suppose to assume?

Naruto was a very energetic one, Shikamaru had realized. And the loads of fragrance Sakura used when out on the town baffled him. It was only natural that he would smell of the same thing.

So, while he sat at a bar, wishing he could go home to a loving wife, a drunken Naruto appeared before him, spilling the contents of his tumbler. Shikamaru twitched. He knew no fun would come out of 'partying' with Naruto and company.

"Ino," he spoke softly. "I'm sorry. It's not like I really did anything, other than arriving home late. And the smells, those were just coincidental." He sighed, Troublesome matters. "I'm sorry."

The woman slammed her fists on the desk, glasses falling from her face reddened with anger. "'Coincidental' you say?! You came home, in the pitch black of night, 'coincidentally' smelling like a woman and alcohol! And then you say you were 'coincidentally' dragged out to a bar by Naruto who 'coincidentally' spilled beer on you. How the hell do you expect me to believe that bullshit?!"

"The most important element in marriage is trust." Maybe this girly mush that woman tried would work on her.

"I am trustworthy! You are a damn liar!" Okay, so maybe it didn't work on all woman. Ino stood from her desk, closing the space between her and the man. "What have I ever done except be a good, loyal woman to you?! What the hell more could you possibly want!?"

Blue eyes flashing, Shikamaru was by no question intimidated. She stood before him, poking his chest. "I said I've forgiven you! So leave the subject alone!"

"I'm… sorry."

Eyebrow twitching, she slammed the door in his face. "Have a good time masturbating for the next two months, jerk!!"

The man was still wincing at the slammed door. In that moment, Shikamaru made two conclusions.

One, that he would never again go out with Naruto.

And two, that apologies do nothing for the average married man.


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