Snow Queen


"Why are you so angry? Is it because you're in pain?"

Kai's words echoed in my head again and again. Yes I was in pain. This form of a bear pained me but I was more than used to it. This pain I felt was more primitive and deep.

He knows I love her. She knows that too. She likes to use it to torment me, hoping one day she'll snap me like all the others. But I won't give her that satisfaction.

Kai begged me to let him go and for a moment I nearly did. She has high hopes for this one and he doesn't know that she just using him. But no matter how much I wanted to I couldn't. I don't want to displease her because I love her too much. How I wish that when she enchanted me she had made me hollow and emotionless.

Like her.

She is Winter, her nature cold, calculating and cruel due to the fact her heart is made of ice.

I often wondered what it would take to melt a heart so cold.

I can't resist her no matter what she does. I can't stop loving her. This is the worst pain for any being. The pain of loving someone and knowing that they would never love you in return.

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