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Chapter 5. Threats and Sketches


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I didn't understand what was going on. How could she not remember me. She wasn't lying, that much I could easily tell, she obviously didn't remember me.

How could she not though!? I saw her crying over me, even though it hurts to think that she cried because of me, she at least remembered me.

That day was probably the worst of my life. Bella was so distant, a blank look filled her eyes, where once there was a bright light filled with her love, compassion, and love of life itself. She seemed like a zombie, like she wasn't really with it.

Maybe seeing me caused her to repress her memories of us. Maybe she was so traumatized that her body decided to forget the pain.

What ever was the cause of her memory loss, I would get her back, no matter what.

It hurt so bad that she didn't remember me. What's worse is that I couldn't seem to find any emotion in her eyes. Every time I thought I would get a faint trace of emotion, it was washed away before I could identify it. She looked, well, dead on her feet. He hair had lost its shine, her whole face seemed more sunk in, more pale if possible. In the sun you could see what the result of my leaving her really did.

I couldn't believe that my leaving caused her more pain. I just couldn't believe that she would be worse off without me. She deserved much, much more than me, someone who could care for her.

What's worse is something felt off. Now I was currently driving down the lane to my house. Could almost feel it in the air. Something was wrong, I just couldn't tell what yet.

As I got out of the car, a horrible smell of wet dog hit me; werewolf.

I snapped my head towards the direction of the smell, it came from the forest.

A large boy came out. He had russet skin and only wore pants, flaunting off his muscles. I glared at him and stopped breathing, for the stench that came off of him was foul.

The werewolf stepped forward and spoke in a rather annoying voice,

"Bloodsucker." He simply stated.

"Mutt." I replied in return he simply snorted.

"I'm not here to play the name game, I'm here to warn you." He spoke quietly, in a voice that was clearly stressed with his concentration, probably on not morphing this second.

"Oh really?" I snarled in return, this dog was getting on my nerves.

"Yes. Stay away from Bella, she doesn't like you anymore. She's under our protection now." He spoke like a little child, arguing a fruitless point.

Who did he think he was; sire he was big for a werewolf but certainly not the leader. As soon as he spoke the words Bella some disturbing images of her came into his head.

"You have no authority over me, pup! Bella is the love of my existence and she loves me too, so acting like a jealous love sick mongrel will not help you! Furthermore if you ever think of my Bella in that way again I will rip your throat out before you even know what's happening!" I shouted at the now shaking dog.

He slowly started backing way into the forest before replying,

"Oh, and I wouldn't be so sure she loves you." He finished with a smirk before running off through the forest.

How dare he! Bella loved, me, or at lease she used to. How would she feel now? Even if I could get her to remember she might hate me still. Where would I go from there!?!? Oh god, I'm such a monster! Bella will never talk to me again, and now I'll have to deal with an arrogant werewolf! Boy I've made a mess of thingsā€¦


The day passed by uneventfully in my peaceful state. I had stated doodling absentmindedly on my notebook, I didn't realize what it was until I had finished. It was a drawing of a tall man, with dark eyes. He had dark hair that hung in disarray just a little bit past his eyes. He appeared to be pacing nervously.

He was so familiar, and yet I couldn't place him. I tried for about two minutes before I forgot what I was doing and went back to doodling.

During lunch I sensed someone sit down next to me, only after a few minutes did I notice it was Edward.

I felt a spark as I looked into his eyes, his beautiful butterscotch eyes. I felt I almost knew he was for just a moment, but then it was gone.

"Hello Bella." He acknowledged me with a nod. He was so beautiful, especially his bronze hair, the way it was always so tousled; like he had just gone for a run.

I took out my previous drawing, deciding I wanted to sketch some more. I was about to start drawing when the paper was abruptly whipped out of my hands.

Edward was now staring at it with rapt curiosity. His eyes narrowed slightly and he asked me,

"Bella, do you know who this is?" somehow the answer I had been looking for all day about who the man was came bubbling to my lips,

"The mediator, why?" I asked.

Edward's jaw dropped and he looked terrified and horrified at the same time.

This actually got my attention and I stared at him curiously, waiting for an explanation. Also at the same time wondering how I knew who he was.

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