I'm not really sure about this one, but it's the first posted I've ever done and i'm hoping it good!

Summary : The 3rd Hokage send Naruto to an orphanage to grow up properly, but he was stolen but some thugs who couldn't have kids. He grew up as a mini-thug and when he's 'parents' are killed, he wants revenge...

Chapter 1

From the tender age of 4, Uzumaki Naruto was badly abused and mistreated. In an attempt to allow the small boy a normal life, Sarotbi Shibata - the 3rd Hokage - decided to send him to an orphanage outside the Leaf Village. Unknown to the 3rd, Naruto was stolen from orphanage by brutal criminal who couldn't have children. Naruto (now known as Naru)grew up a criminal and when the Wave Mob Boss killed his 'parents', he wants revenge...

Goes on as the series minus Naruto

H. Sakura[what is her last name!!!?, Uchiha Sauske, Dodo Sai andHatake Kakashi were travelling to the lands of Waves on a C-rated mission - protect the Bridge Builder ??. Because of short sun-shower, the once strange puddle was over looked.

Soon they were being attacked - Kakashi leaves to find a good spot to view his students while the over take their spots in the protection circle around the Bridge Builder. The attacker - 2 Missing-Wave'Nin - quickly decided Sauske was their biggest threat now that Kakashi had run off. One whipped out an iron chain which he professional wrapped around the Uchiha, immobilizing him. He then wedged both ends of the chain in nearby tree - so Sauske couldn't move at all but the ninja could attack the others too.

Now, with only 2 inexperienced ninja's protecting the Bridge Builder, the nins went all out. They had determined that Sai was the next strongest and before anyone could reacted - including Kakashi - the nins double attacked her. Lopping her head off cleanly. This action caused Sakura to faint in shock and Kakashi to drop down from the tree. He now stood in front of Sakura's unconscious form.

"Bring it," he hissed.

The nins paused before charging at Kakashi - double attaking again. Within 15 minutes, Kakashi was unable to stand properly - they were younger than him and definitely had more stamina. Just as the nins were about to give the killer bow, a pale white hand came out of nowhere and wrapped themselves around one of the nin's neck. On the other end of the black and orange-cladded arm was a rather small blonde with a pure white bandage-like-wrap around his head. The nin found himself staring into dull striking blue with strange bloodred streaks.

There was a dead silence as all of them watched the stranger.

Tightening his grip slightly, the blonde muttered, 'You're in my way. . .Move.'

Obviously the nin couldn't move due to the grip 'round his neck. The blondestranger's face crinkled in to a tiny frown before swiftly tossing a fullgrown man over his shoulder. The nin landed on his neck - breaking it.

There was another dead silence - they were all shock.

The over nin abandoned his spot, going straight for the blonde. Unfortunately for the nin, the blonde had him gutted within seconds.

Meanwhile, Sauske was in total shock. This kid has to be about my age. . .but - how. . .?! How can he be better than me!? How?!!