Author notes: I know I said that I will return at the end of 2008, but for now I only want to put this chapter of a future story I'm writing, this may or may not be finished so don't have high hopes or hope that I would update soon. Also if it's allright, I'm making a few alterations to the Animorphs plot.

Disclaimer: Power Rangers belongs to Saban/Disney and Animorphs belongs to K.A. Applegate.

Just to give setting: Animorphs(just so you know I'll be using both books and TV series), it's AU and for Power Rangers, it's set during Chase Into Space and Power Rangers In Space. Yes I know Justin's the central hero, but hey, he was the one left behind on 'Chase into Space' okay, I definitely would have chosen any other ranger if Justin went into Space so PLEASE DON'T ME! And please understand.


"I have to get the Escafil Device to Earth and Dimitria and her team of heroes can secure it." Elfangor worried as he piloted to Earth and trying to evade Visser Three's bladeship.

"The device shall be mine Andalite!" Visser Three bellowed as he tried to shoot Elfangor's ship.

"This is going to be one bumpy ride, but soon I shall meet my son one more." Elfangor thought.

Power Chamber ruins

"No, this can't be happening" Carlos said as his Turbo powers diminished.

"Alpha" Justin called out and the rangers pulled Alpha out.

"No the Power Chamber's destroyed. What are we going to do now?" He said solemnly.

"We have to go to the Cimmerian Planet." Carlos said.

"We promised Dimitria to protect Earth." Cassie argued.

"From who? Divatox is gone" Carlos said.

"We have to stop Divatox before she comes back to Earth." TJ said.

"Yo I have to get this out." Alpha said as he tried to dig through the rubble. Soon the rangers helped out.

"What is this?" Justin inquired.

"This box holds the Power Decoder. It contains all the secret codes" Alpha said.

"Wait, I know a way, but it's a long shot." Justin remembered.

Nasada space centre…

"That's it Mission control." Justin said as snuck around hoping to get a word with the commander.


"Do you think Justin's in trouble?" Cassie worried. Suddenly their communicators beeped.

"This is TJ" he said feeling relieved to hear Justin.

"The Shuttle's ours." Justin said.

"Allright." The former Turbo Rangers said.

"Let's go." TJ said.

Shuttle launch pad.

"Whoa" some of the rangers said.

"Come on" TJ said running to get inside the shuttle.


"Where's Justin?" Carlos wondered.

"Justin won't be coming for his own reasons." Justin said over the communicator.

"What reasons?" TJ asked.

"He said he wanted to stay with his father." Cassie said. TJ nodded in understanding.

"Goodbye Justin." Carlos said right before the shuttle took off.

"I hope this turns out allright." Ashley said. Meanwhile the rangers, being too wrapped up in their own concerns didn't see Elfangor's ship fly past.


Justin watched on as the Shuttle took off into space.

"Good luck rangers." He said before walking home. As he walked on home feeling helpless to the events around him, a golden retriever ran by, at first Justin wanted to go after it but continued on. As he kept walking a dark-haired boy not much older than Justin's four friends ran by neatly knocking him.

"Sorry" Tobias called out running past him to get to Homer. Soon after four other teens ran by namely Jake, Cassie, Rachel and Marco calling out his name.

"Okay, this is getting weird." Justin said before deciding to run after them. Soon after they all kept running towards the direction of the power chamber ruins.

"I wonder what they would be doing here." Justin before he caught up to Jake and the others.

"Hey you're that genius kid Justin from Science class." Jake said.

"Yeah and you're Jake Berenson from Angel Grove High." He replied.

"Okay, so what is this?" Justin wondered before he saw a spaceship fly and crash land near the Power Chamber ruins.

"Whoa." Marco said before they all hid themselves.

"That's nothing." Justin replied. Soon a hatch opened and Elfangor walked out.

"No I feared this would happen, the United Alliance of Evil has won and it's only a matter of time before the Yeerks would make short work of them. I hope the Power Rangers are all right and will save us all." Elfangor thought before he fell.

"Let's help him out." Tobias said instinctively moving to his father.

"What's that over there, six young humans, I knew it the Power Rangers, maybe all won't be lost and this power will help since by the looks of things they are depowered and will use this for the time being. And Tobias is a Power Ranger, Dimitria was right to choose him. After all he might have my fighting instinct" Elfangor thought mistakenly thinking that the soon to be Animorphs are the Power Rangers. (Easy mistake right readers? Thinking that 6 kids near the power chamber are the Power Rangers.)

"Jake give me your jacket." Cassie said as he tried to help Elfangor.

"No the wound is ." Elfangor said.

"Who are you?" Justin spoke up.

" I am Andalite War Prince Elfangor. Your world is in danger from something far greater than Lord Zedd or King Mondo " He said.

"Huh?" the Animorphs said.

"I know what you mean, Dark Specter?" Justin asked.

" No far greater, an alien parasitic species known as the Yeerks. " Elfangor said before explaining everything about them and how they can't trust anyone as they could be controllers.

" Only through this power can you stop it. " Elfangor said before bringing out the Escafil Device.

"What is it?" Jake asked.

" By touching this cube, you will gain the ability to become any creature you touch. Hurry they are coming. " Elfangor said before each of the 'Power Rangers' touched the cube. However when Justin touched the cube a spark of electricity went to his Turbo key and morpher and restored it.

"No way!" Justin said.

" It appeared that the cube also restores morphers as well as giving you the ability to morph into animals. Now go! " Elfangor told before Visser Three's bladeship landed. The Animorphs then hid somewhere and watched the events unfolding.

" Well, well, well, it appears that Divatox has defeated that Dimitria's legendary team of heroes, Elfangor. Like them, the Andalite race will soon fall along with the entire United Alliance of Evil! Then everyone will learn what evil is! " Visser Three bellowed in thought speech.

" Never! " Elfangor yelled before Visser Three morphed into a creature and grabbed Elfangor and ate him.

"No!" Rachel yelled. Visser Three turned to look.

" Get them! " Visser Three yelled.

"I wish I can morph. If only I could get myself alone." Justin thought.

"Split up I'll meet you guys at school tommorow." Jake whispered as each of them ran home. Justin in the meantime made his way through and found himself in a position where any move he makes he could be seen by the Hork-Bajir. He knew there was only one way out and a grin formed on his face.

"Allright" Justin said before moving into his morphing position.


"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

"Hey stupid guess who's back!" The Blue Turbo Ranger said before moving into a stance. The Hork-Bajir ran towards him and Justin triple spin kicked and used a punch combination on each of them.

"Turbo Blaster!" he yelled each of the Hork-Bajir and they all fell to the ground. Justin ran off before the human controllers arrived.

"What in Kandrona's name did this?" Chapman wondered as he looked at the unconscious Hork-Bajir.

"Power Down! Glad to be back in action, sort of." Justin said walking home.