"We need Dinozord Power Now!" 'Jason' yelled before each of the famous zords appeared.

"Aren't they destroyed?!!" Justin said, turning his head towards the Zeo Rangers.

"We saw the Thunderzords destroyed before our very eyes, how could this happen?" Rocky wondered.

"That, is one of the many wonders of stolen technology, and it gets even better." 'Jason' said in such an emotionless way before pulling out the Dragon Dagger and played a very familiar tune.

"What the..." Tommy said watching the events transpiring as Dragonzord emerged from Angel Grove Lake.

"You're going to pay for this!" Tommy yelled at 'Jason' for taking his zord.

"You're going to pay for not giving your bodies away!" 'Billy' yelled before the MMPR jumped into their respective Dinozords which then transformed into the megazord.

"This is going to be interesting battle, better watch it from a safe location" Visser 3 said to himself before pulling out a device allowing him to teleport.

"So you wanna play rough slug?!" Trey shouted. "I summon the power of Pyramidas!"

"I hope the zords are still active" Katherine said.

"Let's find out" Tommy said.

"We need Zeo Zord Power now!" The Zeo Rangers called in unison.

"Red Battlezord online!" Tommy called out.

"Check it out!" Rocky said looking up in the sky. It was none other than the super zeo zords which are still active after all these years.

"Justin, think you rescue the Space Rangers?" Adam asked before him with the rest of the Zeo rangers jumped into their zords.

"You bet" he replied.

"Initiating Zeo Megazord sequence!" Rocky called out before the megazord was formed.

"Zeo megazord power up!" Rocky said.

"Feel the wrath of the Yeerk Empire Triforian!" 'Jason' bellowed before playing a tune from the Dragon Dagger. The MMPR Megazord along with Dragonzord attempted to strike Pyramidas but it was met with intensive firepower from the Golden zord.

"Hahahahahaha! Beat that filthy insect!" Trey shouted.

"Let go of our friends!" Rocky yelled before the Zeo Megazord punched and kicked both the Megazord and Dragonzord. Meanwhile Justin and the Alien Rangers were having the time of their lives taking down the very retarded Hork-Bajir guarding the space rangers.

"Hey stupid!" Justin called out, before spin-kicking two Hork-Bajir in one go.

"Destroy him!" One of the Hork-Bajir commanded before his minions attempted to take down Justin using a Dracon beam.

"You missed dinosaur!" Justin laughed since he missed being blasted.

"You're going down!" The Hork-Bajir said before a whole bunch of them lunged at the Alien Rangers.

"Not today" Delphine said. Suddenly the Alien Rangers punched and kicked as fast as lightning resulting in flying Hork-Bajir in every direction.

"Aaaargh!" The five Hork-Bajir screamed as they fell to the ground.

"I always thought Hork-Bajir were dim witted" Aurico said feeling relieved.

"No, Aurico it's those idiotic Yeerk bugs" Corcus stated.

"Obviously, as they are nothing without an extra body" Aurico realised.

"Now, I gotta free the Space Rangers" Justin said before running towards the tied up rangers to set them free.

"Not so fast human" A human controller warned, pointing his Dracon laser at Justin's head along with the rest of his controller buddies. "One wrong move and your..." With a loud snap to the head, the controllers fell to the ground.

"History" Corcus said to the controllers.

"Thanks Corcus" Justin said feeling relieved.

"Let's free the rangers" Tideus reminded.

"TJ" Justin worried as he shook TJ's head before he awoke.

"Justin, boy am I glad to see you" TJ said before freeing and waking the other Space Rangers.

"Is everyone allright?" Andros asked. Everyone nodded.

"Guess I don't need to know who's a Yeerk" Andros said as he looked up at the megazord battle above.

"Do you think we should help them?" Ashley asked.

"Knowing the Zeo Rangers, they'll be fine" Andros said.

"Take this you vile worm!" Trey yelled before Pyramidas fired several blasts at the megazord causing it to fall. Meanwhile, the Zeo rangers were attempting to restrain Dragonzord.

"Aww man, it's too powerful!" Adam said before the Dragonzord fired an array of missiles.

"I hate to do this, but..." Tommy said before the Red Battlezord rapidly struck Dragonzord, resulting its fall.

"I have one more trick human" "'Jason' said. "We call upon Titanus!"

"Holy cow!" Rocky said.

"Oh no" Tommy said seeing Titanus appearing.

"Feel the power of the Yeerk Empire Triforian!"'Jason', screamed and laughed maniacally, almost equal to that of the Batman villain, The Joker.

"You know Tommy, Kimberly, in a way actually wanted this to happen, she wanted a way to never see you again after she wrote that letter, she never needed you anymore, you're like a child's toy to her, fun at first, but boring later. That's why she moved on. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA" The Yeerk inside Kimberly mocked as the Ultrazord came together.

"That's low" Kat said. "Tommy, are you okay?" Kat asked in a sincere way. Tommy didn't answer, he felt a burning rage rise within him, he never hated anyone or anything like this before. He was literally out for blood.

"Tommy, we have to create the Zeo Ultrazord now, so I, I mean we can take the pleasure from defeating these parasite morons!" Trey yelled.

"Good idea" Tommy agreed gritting his teeth in pure anger. "Initiate Zeo Ultrazord sequence" he said before Pyramida transformed and the Zords joined together forming the Zeo Ultrazord.

"You've lost" Trey said.

"We'll see about that Triforian," 'Jason' said.

"Lock on and fire!" The MMPR called out before their Ultrazord fired upon the Zeo Ultrazord.

"Zeo Ultrazord fire!" The Zeo Rangers called out before a massive array of laser fire attacked Titanus.

"Whoa!" Carlos said as he along with the rest of the rangers on the ground shielded their eyes from the intensive laser fire frrom the megazord battle above.

"Noooooooooo!" 'Jason' screamed as the Dino Zords fell apart and causing the MMPR to fall out of their zords.

"Face it parasites you're outnumbered!" Trey yelled.

"Leave your hosts and we will spare your lives" Delphine warned.

"This isn't over Triforian" 'Jason' said before the MMPR and their zords teleported.

"Looks like these guys are going to put up a fight" Aurico said. The Alien Rangers nodded in agreement

"Now where is that injured Andalite?" Trey wondered.

"He's with some friends of mine" Justin said.

"Friends, like those animals surrounding the Andalites?" Cassie(PRIS) asked.

"Justin what have you been up to, while we were gone, and how did you get your powers restored?" TJ asked.

"I'll explain everything at our place," Justin replied. "Come on." He said to everyone.

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