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Chapter One

In my story Joey and Serenity are twins born to Frank and Molly Wheeler. Because of the stress on her body Molly died giving birth to the babies and Frank is left to raise them by himself.

He was scared to death of taking care of the babies and then one day a woman came into his life and she pretended to care about him and the babies and soon she was living there and then that's when things started to change and her true personality came out and she started doing things that would disrupt their lives so badly that it nearly cost Joey his life, and Serenity disappeared and this bitches name is Silvia Keller.

Frank panicked and he called the police and when they got there they discovered what she had been doing and as they tried to arrest her, Silvia tried to escape but was finally caught found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison for her abuse of the children, but the whereabouts of Serenity is never discovered, until one day a new enters Domino High under the name of Serena Walker and all hell breaks out. Find out why?????

After the trial of Silvia Keller, Frank and Joey try to get their lives back in order but they still wouldn't stop searching for Serenity.

Roland who was Seto and Mokuba's older brother and head of Security at Kaiba Corp. and with Seto's help being CEO of Kaiba Corp. he had the sources to have fliers printed and when Roland offered to help Frank by having fliers made up with Serenity's picture on them, Frank thanked both Roland and Seto for the help and the fliers are distributed all over Domino and they were even sent some to Tokyo and even to America. Now they had to wait and see if anyone has seen her.

Frank thanked them for their help because he knew that Roland and Seto only wanted the best for Joey and Serenity since at one time Mokuba had been taken hostage and Frank had helped in the search and when Mokuba was found, it was Frank that held him in his arms reassuring the young boy that he was going to be alright.

It has been two months since her disappearance but they still hung on to hope that she'll be found, even though the longer she's been missing the greater chance she won't ever be found. All of Joey's friends are even helping by giving him their support and to him that means the world.

Solomon Motou and Professor Arthur Hawkins were away in Egypt on one of their digs when Solomon thought that he saw Serenity Wheeler but when he approached her and said her name the young lady just smiled at the old man and said "My name isn't Serenity Wheeler." Solomon apologized and she went on her way.

When they got back to Domino, Solomon didn't know if he should tell Frank about seeing a young lady that looked just like his daughter or not, but he called and asked Frank "if he could come to the Game Shop because he had something to tell him."

Frank and Solomon had always been friends and they had been there for each other whenever there was a personal crisis in either of their lives so Solomon knew that he had to do the right thing and tell Frank about seeing that young lady in Egypt.

Frank arrived at the Game Shop and as he walked up to the door he heard his son call out "Hey dad wait for us." Joey and Yugi were coming home from school and Joey always walked Yugi home ever since those bullies started bothering him.

As they walked into the Game Shop, Solomon was standing behind the counter and he smiled and said "Hey, boys there are cookies and milk in the kitchen why don't you both go get some while I talk to Frank for a minute."

You never had to tell Joey twice about where food was, he could eat twenty-four hours a day and still not gain any weight. So he and Yugi went to the kitchen and got some milk and cookies while Frank and Solomon went into the living room and talked. Solomon shut the store while they were talking because he knew that this was more important then the Shop.

When they sat down Frank looked at Solomon's face and he knew that this wasn't going to be something very good. Solomon then said "When Arthur and I was in Egypt last week, I thought that I saw Serenity there but when I approached the young lady and called out Serenity she turned and smiled at me and said that her name wasn't Serenity." Then he pulled a photo that Arthur snapped of this young lady and Frank stared at the photo and he said "That's my little girl, there's her birth mark on her cheek."

About that time Joey and Yugi came from the kitchen and he heard what his dad said and he ran over and sure enough that was his sister. Joey then said "When is she coming home?"

Frank then said "Son, this girl says that her name isn't Serenity and I think that somehow she's been made to forget who she really is and until we can find her she'll always be someone else.

What they didn't know was that when she was taken from her home, she was given a drug that would make her forget who she was and if she wasn't given an antidote then she'd never remember who she really is.

Somewhere in Egypt was a young lady who lived with her Aunt Della and her Uncle Bruce and they loved her and she loved them, but they were getting up in years and she would have go live in Domino with their Nephew Maximillion Pegasus. She didn't like the idea but she knew that they both were getting to old and so she agreed with the move. So they are on their way to Domino and her new life. When they arrived at the Island where Pegasus lived and he saw this young lady she reminded him of someone but right now he couldn't place her.

Soon she would be going to Domino High and her path and Joey's would cross and what would happen then???

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