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Chapter Nine

Seto flew Frank and Joey to the Island, where Croquet met them at the helipad and drove all of them back to the Castle, where he told them "Mr. Pegasus and Serena are waiting for you in the Library."

As the maid let them in and showed them to the Library, Joey was afraid of what was going to happen between him and his sister. As they entered the Library Serena was standing next to Max and as she saw Joey her expression lit up and he smiled back at her and as Serena came over they held each other and tears filled the eyes of those there.

Joey then stood back and as he looked at her he wanted nothing more then to have her say that she was going to be coming home with them when they left but that's not what she said. Serena looked at Joey and she said "I'm not that girl that was taken from her home all those years ago, I'm Serena Walker and no matter how much you and our father wishes that girl no longer exists."

Joey's expression went from happiness to shock to anger and he said "How in the hell can you stand there and say that when you know that you're Serenity Wheeler!"

Serena stood toe to toe with Joey and when Frank was about to step in Max whispered "Let them alone, they have to get this out into the open if they are to ever going to heal." So Frank stepped back and let them go at it.

Joey wanted to grabbed and shake her because she was saying that his sister never existed and that wasn't true. Serenity was real and she was his sister. He then said "My sister was real and did exist and you're her and you can't deny that."

Serena was about to punch him in the face when she stopped and then she said "Joey, I'm not saying that your sister never existed, what I'm saying is that ever since that night she stopped being me and I stopped being her and Serena was born. I don't know what those people did to me to make me forget, all I know is that now some of my memories are coming back and yes I remember you and Frank, but that doesn't mean that I can't think of the woman who loved and raised me wasn't my mother. She loved me and never stopped even when she got so sick that she could no longer care for me and that's when her brother my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Della came to live with us. They are and will always be my family the only family that I remembered."

Tears filled Joey's eyes as he listened to what Serena was saying and then he pulled her into his arms and they fell to the floor holding onto each other and as they cried for all the hell they both had gone through something was being reborn, they were finding each other all over again and it was the best feeling in the world.

Frank, Max and Seto were all crying about this time because they all knew that the barriers were coming down and that Joey and Serena were now getting to understand each other and soon they would be able to love each other as brother and sister again.

When Joey and Serena stopped crying they wiped their faces and began to laugh and as he helped her off the floor she said "I love you and dad, but right now I'm still discovering who I am so I hope you won't take this the wrong way but I'm going to stay here on this Island with Max and Croquet until I know who I really am. I want to visit you and get to know both you and dad, but I just can't live with you not yet."

Joey kissed her and they walked over to Frank who embraced his children and as the healing tears fell down their faces, Max and Seto knew that in the near future they would become a family again and that was a good thing.

Serena then held out her hand and Max walked over and Joey shook his hand and he said "Thanks for being her for her." Max smiled at Joey and he said "You're very welcome as you will always be welcome here."

Joey looked at Seto and he nodded his head and Seto walked over and that's when Joey said "Serena I want you to meet someone that is a very special friend of mine, his name is Seto Kaiba and if it weren't for him and my other friends well I would of gone out of my mine years ago after you disappeared."

Serena smiled at Seto and as he walked over to them she kissed his cheek and she said "If your Joey's friends then you're my friend too." Seto smiled and he said "It's nice to meet you" and then he kissed her cheek.

So from that time on Frank, Joey and Serena got to know each other better and soon she was spending nights at the Wheeler house and sometimes Joey would spend the night on the Island. Serena never changed her name and she will always love her mom, Aunt and Uncle and especially she'll love Max and Croquet because if it wasn't for their love and understanding she wouldn't be able to finally and learn to love her brother and father again.


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