Tales of Legendia

Opening: A Nightmare

To my readers,

Well I've been playing Legendia, I got a copy for x-mas and have been playing non-stop. (Non-stop really changes though, when you work full time and live on your own) I just finished the "main game" and have gotten into the character quests, but despite not being done I thought I'd throw up a fanfiction to show for my efforts. Hope you enjoy it.

Kasan Soulblade.

He slept; but the sleep of the innocent was no always deep or untouched by horrors. His eyes were scrunched up, his face twitched in response to dreams that grew fangs and claws and attacked his subconscious. Curled in a tight ball he writhed. At last, when chimerical claw and fang broke through the shell of his stubbornness and met the tender meat of his mind, he uncoiled with a high pitched scream. Small arms cut through the air and hit a soft quivering mass. His stubby feet pushed against the pulsating warmth around him.

And his actions were met, like always, with an annoyed chorus of "ORS!"

"Pippo!" whined one voice from the family cluster. "Stop thrashing!"

"I didn't do anything to you," Rippo groaned, as he rubbed his now tender nose. "Why'd you hit me?"

The rest of the "O" family who'd been bludgeoned in Pippo's fight with the nightmare agreed with Rippo it seemed. With a few whimpers those awoken rolled over, curled into tight balls, and closed their eyes. Only one remained, awake, and not disgruntled with the nightmare stricken Oresoran. She was an old Oresoren, with a few cloud hued whiskers and tufts granite colored fur. Her lake bottom black eyes locked on his, and she smiled, showing a few cracked and worn teeth.

"I didn't mean t… to…" Pippo whimpered as a familiar wetness gathering around his eyes.

She nodded in mute understanding, and then put one clawed digit to the side of her snout.

The "shhh" wasn't said, but shown. Pippo sniffled and swiped at his eyes. He managed a smile and nod of his own, which in turn made her smile widen. With the twitching of two fore claws she told him to take a walk so to out distance his bad dream.

Pippo nodded, then twisting to his feet he stretched and padded to the door.

A sharp clack of paw on paw made him stop. He turned with a little sigh tickling his whiskers. If Mother's glare could have had words it would have said "Don't you dare leave without your coat." Since you couldn't say words with eyes she temporized by pointing to a cast off coat. Walking on the tips of his hind paws, Pippo made a squeak ridden path over a smooth stone floor to retrieve Rippo's red coat.

Satisfied, Momma O nodded. Her form was lost as she then sank back amongst the brown sea of intertwined Oresoran limbs. Between the night's shadows and the curled mass of sleeping family she was all but invisible.

Squeaking under his breath, Pippo padded out of his family's shell shaped home in perfect illusionary silence.