Name: Rain Winters
Age: 16
Hair: Black and short(comes just above the shoulders
Eyes: Blue
Personality: You are very shy and have a very cold attitude
Clothes: You were baggy white clothes so that you don't draw attention to your curvy body
Markings: You have a tatoo of a snowflake around your belly button
Powers: You have the power to control snow and ice

On with the story...
You are walking down the street with your black cat Kiko and your Alaskan Husky dog Lutari when you bump into a boy wearing a straw hat.
You: "Oh I'm sorry." you say shyly
Boy: "It's ok. Hey have you seen a man with some swords, a man with a big nose, or a reindeer around here?"
You thought about it for a minute and remembered seeing the reindeer earlier.
You: "Did the reindeer have a blue nose?"
Boy: "Yeah, why?"
You: "Because I saw him just a little while ago."
Boy: "Oh thanks can you help me find him. I'm lost. By the way my name is Luffy. What's yours?"
You: "Oh, my name is Rain Winters, and I'll help you find your friend come on if you want to."
You are walking down the street when Luffy starts to run.
You: "Luffy whats wrong?"
Luffy: "Come on Rain I found Chopper!"he yelled as he approached the reindeer. You ran up to Luffy out of breath.
Luffy: "Hey Rain are you okay?"
You: "Yea..,Luffy..,just..,out.,.of..,breath.."
Luffy: "Oh okay. Well do you want to meet my crew?"
You: "Sure"
Luffy: "Well this is Chopper"he says pointing to the reindeer.
You: "Hi Chopper."
Chopper: "Hi"
Luffy: "This is Rain"
Chopper: "Hi Rain."
You: "Hi"
Luffy: "Hey Chopper can you help me find the rest of the crew?"
Chopper: "Sure"
With that they both took off with Luffy dragging you behind him. You come upon a run down house and see a few people. Luffy stops pulling you. You look up to see all the people staring at you. There was a man with green hair and swords, a man with a big nose, a blonde guy with hearts in his eyes, a red haired girl, a girl with long blue hair, a man with black hair and an orange hat, and a man with red hair.
Luffy: "Hey Rain this is everyone. Zolo, Ussop, Sanji, Nami, Vivi, Ace, and Shanks."
You: "Hi everyone"
Everyone: "Hi"
Luffy: "This is Rain and she will be joining our crew."
You: "What?!!"

!On with the story!
You: "What, who said anything about me joining your crew?"
Luffy: "Oh yeah, well i kinda just assumed you would so would ya?"
Sanji: "Yeah beautiful, will ya join us? I'd love to have ya here on the ship with us."
You: "Oh um, I don't know"
All of a sudden you feel someone come up from behind you and wrap their arms around you. It was Trace, you didn't see him come up behind you.
You: blushing "Umm, Trace what are you doing?"
Trace: "Who me nothing. So will you come and join my little bro's crew."
You: "Umm I guess, It couldn't hurt."

You suddenly hear a man screaming your name.

Man: "Hey Rain get back here!! I can't believe you, you little bitch!!!!! I'm going to kill you"
You realize the man is some guy you met while working at the restaurant that you didn't want to remember. He was your ex-boyfriend, and a very abusive ex-boyfriend.
You are now 15, your family has yet again betrayed you and left you to fend for yourself and to live on depending on someone else. Which means Tejiri, your boyfriend is your only chance to make it without ending up in a brothel. You walk back to Tejiri's apartment, tired and nervous. As you open the door you hear the familiar ring of Tejiri yelling.
Tejiri: "What are you doing coming home at 12:00 you little whore. You sleeping with some other guy. Huh? Answer me dammit"
Your eyes fill up with tears and then tears streak down your face.
You: "No Tejiri. I was just working late i have my half of this months rent so i'll be able to cover it"
Tejiri: "Liar!!"
He stands up and smacks you hard across the face, causing you to slice open your lip. He then preceeds to kick you and hit you. After a couple hits he stops and then rips of your shirt and skirt. He then moves down and takes off your bra and panties.
Tejiri: "This will teach you to sleep with some other guy"
You: "Please no"
Tejiri: "Shut up, don't fight back, cuz i'll just hurt you even more"
You start to cry as he takes your innocence away from you and it hurts so bad your entire body just tenses up. You hated him even more than you hated your family, there was no escaping him. You just lay there and hope that it ends.
End Flashback

Tears start to stream down your face again as you remembered what he did to you.
You: "No Tejiri, stay away from me"
You started to run but he suddenly grabbed you arm and threw you to the ground. You cringed in fear waiting for the blow, but instead you looked up to see...