Bella's POV

It's hard to concentrate on what I am going to tell Edward as I'm vomiting my brains out. I knew exactly what is happening to me and he is still completely clueless.

He believes that my current condition isn't possible – not that he even knows yet. He probably thinks I am just feeling ill, but it's much more than that – I'm pregnant. That is what I'm trying to work up the nerve to tell him. However, I can't exactly tell him anything when I'm spending a majority of my days with my head over the toilet seeing my food for the second time.

Finally there was nothing left for me to throw up. Although, the nausea still lingered. I have no idea why they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day.

Then I felt a cool hand rubbing my back and I turned to see who it was. It was Edward – my husband, my love, my life, my soul. He had pained eyes; he hates to see me suffer in any way. And I hate to see him torturing himself in this way.

He helped me up from where I kneeled in front of the toilet. Before he had time to ask me if I was okay I turned on the faucet and washed my face with some cool water and then grabbed my toothbrush and started to scrub away the flavor of my vomit. Just the taste of the mint made my mouth salivate and made me gag a little.

After I gagged Edward began to rub my back again until I turned around to face him and his liquid topaz eyes were upset. "Bella, love, is there anything I can do?" He asked desperately. This would be a perfect time to tell him but I just stood there and shook my head like an idiot. Same old me, I'm such a coward. I pushed away the hair that clung to my sweaty pale – paler than normal – face, it is one of my many nervous gestures and Edward knows me so well he picked up on it immediately.

"What is it?" He asked his eyes boring into mine. I bit down on my bottom lip and then pressed my lips together. I've been thinking about telling him for weeks when the fact finally occurred to me and when I'm finally faced with the chance I can't even tell him. He seemed to be urging me forward with his eyes extremely curious to know what was locked in my mind.

I looked into his eyes finally with enough nerve to tell him when I heard Alice scream "EDWARD!" I'm so stupid! Of course Alice would have seen something. But I have to say she has horrible timing. Edward looked at me for a moment and before he had a chance to go and see Alice she was already in the doorway with a wide smile on her face.

"Go on, tell him!" She said to me so hyper she was bouncing up and down. Edward's gaze flickered back to mine and he asked, "Tell me what?" Alice evidently eluded answering this question as his gaze flicked from her to me once again; she wanted me to tell him. "Well…um…there's going to be a new Cullen soon." I said touching my belly lightly. His eyes moved to my hand back to my eyes and his eyebrows furrowed, "that's impossible." He said. "It isn't." I answered.

He looked at Alice and she nodded still smiling. "Really," he asked her skeptically and she nodded smiling brightly. "A family," he thought aloud with a small smile on his lips.