Ignoring His Wishes:
part 1

Ella POV

Dinner was the most excruciating hour and a half of my life. It wasn't the fish, it was the talk, which was much worse than I could have ever anticipated and the greatest part about this it was awkward beyond belief. Yeah, I've had health class and yes, mom has already talked to me about it in her way about six years ago. I am seventeen, am going on eighteen for crying out loud. My father just took it upon himself to refresh my teen memory to tell me things are not to be taken lightly.

I'm still a virgin. Does he really need to pipe this out again? I voiced that and he said that is precisely why he's talking to me about this. "Think before you act, Ella, this isn't a game." He told me and mostly I wasn't listening just nodding at appropriate times and taking a great interest in chewing my food. I had to reply to the last comment. "I am your daughter," in a whisper that he could only hear, "do you think I would do anything without thinking?" I asked and that was the end of it.


I jumped from bed and dressed in a simple black strapless dress for a bit of a change from my ripped jeans and t-shirts. I slipped on a pair of black suede boots and did my hair letting the silky curly bronzy-brunette lock flow down my back. My pale skin was in great contrast with the black dress making me look paler than normal – whatever – I put on some black eyeliner and smoky eye shadow.

I skipped out of my room and down the stairs at amazing speed. My hair was trailing in the air trying to catch up with my body. I stopped in the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fridge and ate it slowly. I thought while I took small bites.

I hope I'll see him today. I haven't seen him since the accident. I can't believe he saved me that makes me want to kiss him even more. Oh God…the kiss…the way his lips were moving so sweetly with mine. Just the scent of him, God, he just, God. I can't even think coherently when I'm miles away from him. How can one guy make my world go from boring to chaotic? He has secrets and that only intrigues me more.

"Ella? Ella, Ella?" I finally heard and my eyes lifted from the floor where they were glued while I was deep in thought. "Huh?" I asked. It was uncle Jasper. I was a bit flustered and tried to cover any hint of longing, lust, and worst of it…love. I don't need my family trying to be more overprotective…I would end up in an all girls school.

"Your father wanted me to drive you to school." He told me and scowled a bit as I shuffled through my emotions. I settled on being slightly nervous and groaned when he announced that. I grumbled under my breath, "I'm seventeen and my father treats me like I'm five. I could have gotten my license a year ago. I would have gotten a job if it was about being responsible." I am responsible I barely ever do anything really wrong and yet I'm stuck being chauffeured around.

"It's not that he doesn't trust you." Uncle Jasper told me and I scoffed. "He is just concerned with your safety." I rolled my eyes at the rest of his statement. "I'm not a porcelain doll." I said and that was his turn to roll his eyes, "you can still get hurt. Compared to the rest of us you're just as breakable as porcelain."

Edward POV

Ella and I are back home. The car ride was silent, beside the music blaring from the speakers. Ella turned it into her favorite rock station and made it impossible for a conversation and kept her gaze carefully on the blurring scenery.

I wish I could have offered more than that useless speech. She really should know that we really hadn't told her everything about how the transformation could occur. How if she not only was the happiest, but any extreme of any emotion could trigger the change. How she was even more fragile than a house made completely of glass.

Once I had the Volvo parked in the garage, Ella quickly bolted from the car and into the house within seconds. I heard her bedroom door slam as I stepped through the threshold myself. She was upset with me and very embarrassed, but I had to talk to her. I remember her mother also cringing from the same scenario; Ella was practically shaking with embarrassment and frustration her deep brown eyes with their gold flecks darkened a bit around the edges. Her cheeks stained scarlet and her foot was tapping.

"What's the matter?" Bella was the first to ask as the rest of the family entered the living room. "I just talked to Ella over dinner," I told her leaving out exactly what the topic was about and she raised an eyebrow. "Would you like to elaborate on how you mortified your daughter? I have never seen her look more like Bella used to when she was human." Alice put in and I could see Bella was thinking and then she came to a conclusion she knew not much embarrassed Ella and she knew what the one sore spot would be. She also knew me far too well.

"Edward, you didn't," Bella said her topaz irises meeting mine. "I can't believe you did that to her. Talked to her about the one thing that no daughter would ever want to discuss with their father. Believe me, I remember." She groaned and sat on the couch. I backed away into the kitchen and Jasper walked in after me.

"She's mortified, Edward," Jasper said in a soft tone. Ella will get over it, but before then I need a favor from Jasper. I relayed to him my plan to find out exactly how much of a threat this Stephen Harris, may be.

Jasper POV

Ella walked from the car. I took off and parked the car in a place far from the high school and ran back to it and kept hidden in the woods sifting though the pool of emotions. I could see Ella and she walked right up to a boy with black hair taking him by the hand and taking him to an unseen location.

She was nervous, had a twinge of longing as she must have been looking over his physique, and there was also love. Her last emotion was so strong despite her young age. She was absolutely positive of her feelings for this Stephen Harris. His emotions were more intriguing and infuriating. He was in awe of her and also there was a hunger there that I am far too familiar with. He yearned for her in more way than a human boy would…he's dangerous.

He's a vampire.

Ella POV

I hopped out of the car smoothing my dress with my hands as I stepped out and my boots touched the cement. I saw him and I fought not to break into a run. His honey brown eyes surveyed me, he allowed some longing leak into his gaze, since he wasn't just an observer or a wisher, but a keeper of what contains all my being – my heart and soul since one can't be without the other.

"How are you feeling," Stephen asked. I smiled seductively and the look was back in his eyes. I took him by the hand and opened the door to the empty art room. I planted a kiss on those lips. His lips moved with mine and he secured my waist tightly to him. My black dress's hem lifted about an inch as he straned me closer to him, it went from above the knee to mid-thigh -- I don't really care all that matters is his lips on mine, the world ceases to exist beyond his lips. When the kiss ended I was breathing heavily. "That answers your question, right?" I said breathless.

He smiled then lowered his lips on mine again. I wrapped my arms around his neck straining closer to him still and yet it felt nowhere near close enough.

The bell rang and we exited the art room and I walked hand in hand with him to history. I heard Lacy Crowley whisper to Jennifer Newton, Matt's twin, – blond utterly irritating twin – and yes she is just as big an annoying person as him that takes a hell of a lot. "It figures she gets him. I guess beautiful people belong together. She sure didn't take any time to snub Matt and do this dude, what a slut." Wow…turning down her brother and keeping my virtue longer than she could have ever managed made me a slut? I never would have known. I laughed inwardly.

Then I heard Lacy reply in her ditzy popular blond way, "Cullen's such a bitch, she can only hold onto him for so long before her beauty, gets boring and when he does get bored I will be waiting. She's really not that pretty anyway, and have you seen her clothes? They are either ripped or black, what is she suicidal or something?" I heard them giggle, and then I walked into history still holding onto Stephen's hand.

He took his seat and I took the one behind him and I was fuming. Suicidal? I don't really care what they said about me I'm nowhere near suicidal, but if the blonds have a plan to try and steal Stephen, which wouldn't work if they tried. I would become homicidal. I smiled to myself as I pictured breaking both of their perfect noses.

Jasper POV

"HE'S A VAMPIRE!" Edward screamed in my ear after I had informed him of what I have found out. "Edward, calm down, nothing is going to happen, while I'm here." I reassured. "She's in love with a fucking vampire how can I relax. He's dangerous; he could hurt her before you even have time to react. I'm coming to get her right now." He said. "Edward," I tried to persuade him to do otherwise, but I already heard the dial tone.

"Dammit." I flipped the phone shut and waited for Edward's arrival maybe I can discourage him when, I can actually calm him a bit whether he wants to or not. I don't know how good it will do against his fury and I didn't even tell him of the longing I picked up from this boy…just for Ella. How will he react to that?

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