I am writing this with Pocky Kitty, who is my best friend in real life. We thought these stories up one day when we were high on (you guessed it) Pockys and Wasabi. Also kitties.

Abarat Preschool

Regarding Letheo and his Scales

Boa was lying on the floor of the preschool when the new student walked in.

"Hi! My name is Boa! I'm a Pwincest!!! I like paterzem!" Boa called out happily.

"I- I'm Letheo. When I gwow up, I gonna be a 'sassin!"

"Ummm.. okee-dokke..." Boa didn't know what an assasin was...

"Are you cool?" This was from Malingo, called Jingo by his classmates.

"Yeah! I scales!"

"You got scalies? Can we thee?" This query here was from Tarrie, Jimothi's little sister and Boa's best friend.

"OK!" Letheo happily obliged.

And revealed a dissapointingly normal looking foot.

"Letheo, Those are toenails. We all have them." That was the teacher, a thoughouly exausted woman from Yebba Dim Day.

Letheo pouted with small tears welling up in his eyes.

"They was dere yeterday!!"

"Letheo, that was a dream. We all have them." Again, the teacher.

Sudden comprehension dawned in Letheo's eyes.

"It were dose vitamins! Dey take away my scales!" Letheo proceeded to throw a temper tantrum.

After an hour of time out, Letheo called out with sudden joy, "My scalies! Dey back!"

"If you lying again, we don' wanna see," said Otto, the strongest class member.

"Not lying den OR now! Come thee!"

"Letheo, we don't want to see your toena- Oh my!"

Letheo proudly displayed two bright green and purple feet.

"Woooah... you so cool..." Princess Boa was amazed. Nobody else had scales...

"AAAAUUUGH!!!!!!!! HE'S RADIOACTIVE!!!!!!!" The teacher was really losing it.

"Oh shut up dummy."


"Dis teacher suck. Me hate her."


"I propose that to solve this awkward situation we throw this stupid dummy-headed teacher out the window."

"Wow, Chwisty Curry!!!! You smarty pants!"

"My name is CHRISTOPHER CARRION, anyway is it a good idea?"

"Yes, it's a very good idea. Let's do it before she kills 'theo."

Indeed, Letheo was in imminent danger, as the teacher was attempting to hit him with a very large broom.

SO, to make a long story short, Otto tripped the teacher, Jingo and Tarrie pushed her over, Chris heaved her, and Boa was left holding the teacher up to the window.

"Boa, sweetie! Don't let go!"

"What's in it foh meeeeee?"

"Um, um, PATERZEM!!!!! Lot's of paterzem!"

Boa thought this over.

"Hmmm, no thanks." With that she let go of the teacher.

As the poor woman crashed to Earth and screamed, Boa said thoughtfully to Letheo, "You know, there are some things money can't buy."

The end of adventure one!!!!!!

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