Chapter two: Going Buggy

"Class! Guess what! A NEW STUDENT IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!"

"Teacher, you know we threw our last teacher out the window."

"Oh, Otto! Such a joker! YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"There was a joke?"

"ANYway, the new student should be here soon! Isn't that wonderful???!!!!!!"

Letheo suddenly looked up, eyes full of innocent terror.

"You not gonna beat the poo outta him, wight???"

The teacher stared at the little monster-boy. Oh, how corrupt these children were! She must help them understand the true meaning of Christmas!!!(Or something like that.)

"Letheo, darling, we don't use words like that. Could you tell me that again, using different words?"

"Ok! Are you going to beat the living -censored- out of his -censored- fat -censored-?"


"Theo, teacher lying on floor. How come?"

"Dunno, Tarrie. Maybe she no like my words?"

Before Tarrie could reply, there was a knock on the door.

A boy came in.

"Hey! I'm Boa, and I like paterzem, that's Theo and he has scales, that guy dere, he's Piggin Cob, he no like worms, that's Christy Curry, he's a smarty pants, that's Jingo, and he has weird ears, and that's Otto, and he's good at hide an' seek. Oh yeah, that girl, she my friend Tarrie, and she has a tail. Who are you?"

"I Leeeeeeeeee-man Vol! I Like bugs A LOT!!!!!!"

"Ewww, BUGS!!!!!" Tarrie and Boa ran to another room of the royal school.

"I do like members of the insectae class well enough..." Christopher Carrion did not really like any living things, but he kept that fact to himself.

"Well, wanna catch some bugs? We could let them crawl on us!"

Letheo and Malingo made their exit at this point.

"Ummm, not really. I mean, I must respectfully recline, please?"

Vol growled.

"Nobody wanna find buggies with me!!!!!"

Christopher felt guilty.

"I'll come, but none can crawl on me, alright?!"

"Ok, Chwisty Curry!"


"B-b-but dat's too hard!"

"Deal with it, cretin."

Vol didn't know what a cretin was, but the important part was that they would find... BUGS!!!!!!!!!!

He ran outside, nimbly jumping over the unconcious teacher.

And came back an hour later, covered in ants.

"Vol, honey! You can't leave without permission, sweetie!"

"Told you she was dumb," muttered Letheo, who was in timeout.

"NOW MISTER YOU SHUT YOUR MO- I mean, Letheo, darling, dumb isn't a nice word."

"You mean it's like the words -censored- and -censored-?"

"YOU LITTLE- Yes, it's just like those words."

"Ok, den. You are really stupid, how 'bout dat?"

Before the teacher could get even more upset, she noticed Vol.


"Hey, Jingo, teacher on floor again."

The next day:

"Lemme go! Me promise no catch buggies!"

"No, stup- I mean, darling. This is teaching you a lesson."

Poor Vol was then dropped in the vat of bug poison, killing many ants, five crickets, two cockroaches, and a scorpion. And nearly killing Vol.

"It's in my EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Boa and Tarrie comforted Vol, and then decided something must be done.

"Teacher, teacher! I'm gonna fall in the ook! He-elp Me-ee-ee!!!!!!!!!!!"

"BOA! Let me save you!"

The teacher jumped up on the rim of the vat, reaching for Boa. Boa jumped as far across the vat as she could. The stupid teacher followed her.

Boa was safely caught by Otto and Vol, but the teacher fell in the gross liquid.

"There goes another one!"