Chapter 1 (Red Eyes)


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Here I am, running, just running, from the only family I have ever known.


"Can't you do anything right!?" my father yelled, hitting me.

Why me, Isabella Swan? Why must I be put through this? What have I done?

"I hope you plan to clean up the spilled water, you bitch! First you kill Renee, and then you make a mess." He hit me again.

Oh, that's what…

Yes, I killed her. When I was born there was a mistake and she died, and it was my entire fault. It's my fault Charlie is now drinking like this. It's my fault, and I deserve it…

Charlie kicked my ribs and a shot of pain ran through my body. I could only think of one thing: I had to run!

I quickly ran to the door and out of the house. It was very late, and being only seven-years-old I didn't know what dangers might lurk in the forest. I knew only that they could not be worse than the ones in the house.

End flashback

So here I am, running, just running, from the punishment I deserve. The trees howled, and I could hear the howls chase and eat mice in the dark. I even heard a crow land on a branch, like my senses had become one hundred times more attuned. But I kept running. I ran till my lungs burned and my knees buckled, making me trip all over the cold snow and pine leaves.

"Why me?!" I yelled to the sky, my tears now flowing from my eyes.

"I just want to die!" I screamed, then heard laughter.

" … you're so young, but I could help you with that," said a sweet voice coming from the trees. A woman stepped into the moonlight, and I gasped. She was beautiful! She had a cat-like stance and red hair. The only part of her that proved she was dangerous were her dark RED eyes. I didn't think twice as I ran to my right.

"Aha ha, ha, ha, ha!" The monster in human form laughed from each side of me. One second I would see her to my right, and then to my left the next.

"What are you!?" I screamed to the now-chuckling laughter that came from all over.

"Why, have you not guessed?" she asked as the laughter died down. Then I tripped. No, I didn't trip; something cold grabbed my leg, tripping me.

"A vampire," she whispered not inches away from my face. I knew not to scream. No one would hear me, and if they did they would not bother to help. So I ran again. Faster and faster, taking in breaths as if I was drowning. All of a sudden the scenery changed. It was no longer trees but a field, and at the end was a big white house.

Go to the house,I thought, and ran to the front porch, opening the door and running in. I fell on the white carpet, knowing that I could not run anymore. For some reason the vampire didn't follow me in and I felt safe. Safer than I had felt in years. I caught my breath for a few minutes, and then got up to explore the house. I knew from the look of dust it was abandoned. There was a living room with couches, and the biggest TV I had ever seen. The kitchen was awesome too. I walked up the stairs and saw a long hallway. I walked down it, looking at each room as I went. The first looked like a library. It was full of books, and even some scrolls! I looked over some books that were two hundred-years-old. There was a big desk in the center, and behind it was a wall. Just a wall. But it had marks and picture hangers on it.

I moved on to the room across from it. That one was a bedroom. It was so big! With paintings on the walls, it seemed like the type of room that royalty would live in. I moved on to see another bedroom with another big TV and lots of video games, and on the other side a make-up kit! The room across from that was very pretty, with a book shelf and a huge closet that held numerous clothes. My favorite part of each room was the giant window that was the entire back wall.

I walked into the bathroom, and found hair products, shampoo, and conditioner. I turned on the water, and pulled out a towel and put it on the side of the tub as I stripped off my clothes and let the warm water wash away my pain and worries. When I was done I went into the clothes-full room and put on some pajamas. Then, getting sleepy, I went to the last room.

When I opened the door I found myself stirred by a faint sent. I walked in and found it was not a bedroom but more like a living room. It had a black leather couch with a small gold blanket and pillow. It had that same glass wall, and lots of CD's with a CD player. I plopped in a CD and listened to a soft melody come out. I looked at the CD to see that it was Debussy, Clair de Lune.

I went to the couch and curled up, falling asleep smelling that amazing sent.

The Vampire's P.O.V

I watched the little girl go into an old house, and was about to follow her when I caught a sent.

Other vampires

It was faint, but you never know how territorial they can be, or when they are going to come back. I thought for a second before deciding to leave the girl. If she wasn't killed by the other ones, I would come back for her when she would be more of a treat. I headed up north to find a better meal, but knew that I was not about to get that girl off my mind.

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