Chapter 18 (Things that go bump in the night)

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Edward and I got out from under the table quickly as the family came into the dinning room. Emmett laughed as Edward helped me out.

"Now, what were you doing down there?" He asked.

"Shut up!"

"And I always thought you were afraid of the things that go bump in the night." Emmett said under his breath, which caused Rosalie to smile.

"When will they be here?" Carlisle said, getting to the point.

"5 minutes."

"How numerous?" Jasper asked with an authority in his voice. He was in Major mode, much like in his past.

"2" Alice replied with that blank look in her eyes.

"Let them come!" Emmett said, flexing his muscles.

"The future just went blank!" Alice yelled, growling. Alice was so fierce in her tone that I winced.

"The whole house smells like Bella. We can't hide her." Rosalie pointed out, and it was Edward's turn to growl.

"They're here early." Alice gasped, and we all walked out the front door. We were standing there looking out into the forest as 2 figures emerged. The first was a boy and I paid no attention to him for I was glued to the red head of the small coven. She looked at me and smiled.

"Why hello again." She said and smiled at me as Edward growled.

"And look. The human has a pet." She added with a laugh.

"Who are they?" Rosalie asked me in a whisper that I strained to catch.

"I don't know the boy, but the woman attacked me the night I found out about this house." I explained.

"She's our property." Carlisle defended me.

"Oh, but I clamed her before you. And I can prove it." She said and took a few steps forward. Edward tensed up and she stopped.

"Look on her right ankle." She said and Edward tore his eyes away from her to pull up my pant leg and he saw the hand mark, the bruise that hadn't healed. Victoria had tripped me in the woods on the first night and for some reason the mark never left. (Go to the first chapter if you want and it will say that Bella tripped and she saw a hand print of a bruise on her ankle.)

At first I had thought it would disappear, but after a while I realized for some reason it had never gone away, and that frightened me.

"That's my power. When I hurt someone, that scar never fades. And when I bite someone, they never turn into a vampire. Instead, they burn in that fire for eternity." She smiled and most of the Cullen's flinched as they remembered the fire of their change, thinking of how it was hell alone for 3 days and the pain it would be to have to go through that for eternity.

"She's still ours." Edward growled.

"Do I sense a little love?" The male asked and the female burst out laughing.

"Awwww, how… perplexing." She said with a gleam in her eye.

"I have a deal. I will battle you for the death. Just you and me. The winner takes the girl and if you win, my coven will move away from this town forever."

"What are your names?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm Victoria and this is Laurent." She said and stepped forward.

"I'm Carlisle; this is Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and Bella." He Carlisle gestured to each person in turn, and she smiled.

"So, her name's Bella. Well I don't have all day… okay, I do, but I want to get this over with. I've been waiting to eat her for some time now." She was pushing the Cullen's patience, and Edward growled before stepping forwards some more.

"Edward, don't." I begged, grabbing his arm. He couldn't. If he got hurt it would stay with him forever.

"Bella, don't worry about me. Please, just stay here for me. Promise you'll be here when I come back." He said and kissed me quickly before walking off. He didn't tell me he loved me; he didn't need to because he was coming back. He was going to come out of this alive.

Victoria and Edward circled each other. Both looked each other in the eye. Then both were gone and I heard a big crash like thunder or 2 boulders hitting each other. Then they were both in each other's previous spots. Victoria was rubbing her head.

"You better then I thought, but also incredibly stupid at the same time. James NOW!" She yelled and I felt something grab me from behind. A hand was on my throat and I was moved to the edge of the forest. My back was against a hard chest and I had never seen the Cullen family look so scared, so hopeless. And that's how I knew I would need to be strong and give them hope.

"This is my mate, James. He has the power to block others abilities from harming him." Victoria explained with a smile.

"Scared, love?" A masculine voice said just below my ear as a tongue licked my neck slowly.

"I don't get scared by small threats." I replied firmly, even though my heart thumped faster.

"Oh, I'm a small threat am I?" He asked as his grip tightened around my neck, hard but not enough to cut off my oxygen.

"The fact that you tried to prove yourself as something more by holding my neck tighter proves it. And the only reason powers don't work on you is because you don't think." I said, and smiled. Emmett smiled back and I winked even though the rest of the Cullen's looked worried.

"Don't look worried. His Victoria probably told him not to kill me." I grinned. James laughed.

"How did you work that out?" He asked.

"After all these years, she must want to kill me slowly. It's common sense, dip-shit." I said and saw something deep in the woods behind Laurent.

"And you're not the only one that can make a sneak attack." I said as the wolf jumped from behind Laurent and landed on him. In the state of shock Edward pulled me from James as Emmett jumped on him. Alice was happily dealing with Victoria. Edward caught me looking at small Alice taking on Victoria and laughed.

"Alice, Jasper, Emmett, I have the best fighting strategy. Jasper was a major so he knows how to fight. Emmett has his strength. I can read what moves they're going to make, and Alice can see it coming." He explained. The Cullen's seemed to know what he was talking about, so led me back in to the house, so I didn't have to see them finish the vampires off. I looked back when I heard James yell.

"Why weren't you afraid of me?" I couldn't help but smile as I turned around to see him facing 3 vampires.

"I decided that I'd enough of fear for an eternity." I replied, and finished walking into the house. Edward covered my ears and sung my lullaby just in case I could still hear. I still heard a few screams and started humming along too. A few minutes later all went quiet and Edward removed his hands from my ears before disappearing and reappearing with sweat pants that could only be big enough for Emmett. When we walked outside, Edward threw the pants to the wolf, who caught it with his mouth before running off. I looked around to see a big bonfire in the middle of the yard.

"How did you know I was going to attack?" A man with a strange haircut and bags under his eyes asked. I recognized him as Sam. He had been sitting at the very back on my dad's side of the courtroom.

(Ha! I bet you thought it was Jake! Well I hate to burst your bubble but Jacob turns into a werewolf when Bella is 18 and at the moment she is 16. Sam was turned the day the Cullen's came so he's a new werewolf himself. The Elders heard about the adoption thing and went to make sure nothing went wrong.)

"I read the Vampire Encyclopedia and remembered that there were only 2 things that could kill a vampire. Other vampires and werewolves. When I saw you it cliqued what you are." I answered honestly and he nodded.

"I had picked up their scent. Well if you don't mind. My girlfriend Leah's having her cousin Emily over for dinner and I can't be late." He said. (Ooooo, Sam's about to meet his soul mate and Leah's about to get hurt!

P.S Jake will now not turn into a were-wolf because the Cullen's didn't stay long enough! Isn't it strange how fate and destiny can change because of something as small as how people meet?)

"Thank you for your assistance. We could have lost someone very special." Carlisle said and Sam beamed.

"I knew the elders were over exaggerating when they said how evil you were. I'm glad I could help and let's hope our bond stays this strong. Don't loose that mouth of yours Bella!" He said with a wink and I blushed as he ran off laughing.

"Well, the dogs get kinder every year." Emmett joked and we laughed as Esme watered down the fire and Jasper took the ashes and scattered them in a nearby river. We walked inside and I felt tiered and energetic at the same time.

"You should take a shower and sleep now, love." Edward said and I nodded.

"Tomorrows a new day." I smiled.

"Tomorrow you're a Cullen." He replied with a larger smile.

"And for the rest of eternity." I said as his lips met mine. It was the most passionate and both out breaths came in short gasps. When we pulled apart the family was standing there with their arms open for a group hug.

This is it. My story's getting the happy ending it deserves. I have a loving mom and a caring dad, understanding siblings and the love of my life. Now whenever I ran, it would be to get closer to my everything.

So here I was, running, just running, into the arms of everything I love…


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Well you probably want to know more about what they do after so here's a small summary.

Bella and the Cullen's go to a small deserted Island for a long Vacation after the funeral. Bella and Edward are closer then ever as the family soaks up some sun! (And some how Bella still doesn't get a tan)

After that they go to Canada and own a farm with big open arias. Bella learns to Horseback ride and Emmett grows strongly obsessed with beavers. (Much to Rosalie's disproval)

At this point it had been a year and a half and Edward proposes to Bella! They get married on the beach at night and spend their honeymoon in Chicago! After that they go to Denali and Bella is turned into a vamp with the power to control other vampire's powers! As for the rest of eternity… It was a happily ever after…