Danny, throwing his backpack over his shoulder, walked up to his best friend, Tucker Foley.

"Hey, Tuck. Where's Sam? She's usually here by now." He grinned, leaning against the locker.

Tucker, who had been engrossed in his PDA, turned it off and stuck it in his backpack. He smiled at his longtime friend, adjusting his hat.

"I don't know, dude, I--" He suddenly stopped, and his arm fell to his side.

"What? What is it?" Danny asked. Tucker took him by the shoulders and turned him around.

Danny yelped.

"What is she wearing?!" Tucker exclaimed, letting go. Danny didn't answer.

Sam was wearing a shirt with metallic lettering.

For one thing, the shirt was pink.

For another thing, the words were red.

For another thing, Paulina had worn the same shirt yesterday.

For another thing, the words said,

My Parents Think I'm Studying.

That was soooooooo not Sam.

"Sam?!" Danny cried, trying to look away. He couldn't.

She giggled.

She giggled.

"Sam?!" Tucker echoed, standing beside Danny.

"Hey, guys, do you like my new shirt? Paulina gave it to me, yesterday." Sam smiled.

Danny gulped, feeling like he was swallowing sawdust.

"But, but, what?!" Tucker said incredulously.

She cupped her hands around his ear and whispered something. Danny grunted with jealousy.

She pulled back, and Tucker had a look of bewilderment on his face. Finally, he started laughing.

"Tucker, quit it, or you'll get detention!" Sam chuckled. His laughter died down after a minute, as he tried to catch his breath.

"G-G-Good plan, Sam." He said, chuckling for a moment before walking away.

"Why couldn't you tell me?" Danny asked, giving her a pouting face.

"Don't give me that look! You'll see soon enough." So he stopped, and they walked off to class.

Danny growled at a dude that had seen Sam's shirt and had hastily given her his phone number. As she stuck it in her pocket, her seventh one that day, Danny asked,

"What is with this? Just because of that shirt, they want to be your boyfriend?" She chuckled, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"No, Danny. They want a date. Don't worry, I'm not going to call them." He smiled, taking her hand in his two.

"Promise?" He asked. His cool breath flowed over her face, her warm cheeks. She smiled weakly.


"Um, I'm going to...go a different way today. Sam, didn't you want to ask Danny something?" Tucker grinned. He ran off, to home.

"What did you wanna ask me?" Danny asked, turning to her.

She grinned nervously.

"Do you want to go study at your house?" She smiled, gaining more courage when he blushed. He took a glance at her shirt, then back up at her face as he smiled.

He leaned toward her, his lips brushing her earlobe as he purred,

"Of course."

They walked to the Fenton's home, hand in hand.

A little while later came Jazz's voice,



Not like that, it's a K plus story, chill out. Hee hee, I have the same shirt, but not the same colors. If you can guess the colors of mine, I'll give you a preview of one of my stories. Lexi, you can't answer, since you know it.