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Harry x Hermione

HARRY: Oh My Dumbledore, I feel sexually repressed. Ginny isn't giving me ANY!

HERMIONE: HARRY! Want to come to my house for a sleepover?!

HARRY: Is it okay with your long-term boyfriend, and my best friend since, like, forever, Ron?

HERMIONE: Who's gonna tell?


-at Hermione's house, in her bedroom-

HERMIONE: I can't believe my strict, no-nonsense parents allowed me to have a boy sleep over in my room.

HARRY: OMD! Your room is pink!


HARRY: This changes everything I see in you! I love you!

HERMIONE: Even though you are like my brother, and I, like, only see you in that way, I suddenly find that I am attracted to you as well!

HARRY: Let's make out!

-they make out-

RON: -randomly shows up- What the Voldemort?! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?!

HERMIONE: Ron, I don't, like, love you anymore! I love Harry!

HARRY: Sorry, mate.

RON: That's ok. I'm going to go back to Lavender, even though she has major anger issues, and gets jealous over the littlest things. Or maybe I'll comfort Ginny, even though that's incest.

CROOKSHANKS: Now everyone's happy!